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dated a couple of days after puppy birth -- @Dawn, @Stone, @Brook

aditya couldn't stop looking at them. he'd lay as close as he was permitted, not wanting to crowd dawn. . .but unable to rip himself away. they were hers, sure, and would always be hers. . .but in a small measure (and since DNA had a say, but of course he didn't know that) they were his, as well.

a brown boy so dark as to be almost black, and an agouti girl of multiple hues. they both were beautiful, blessed, perfect. how could he ever leave?

he could never leave again. he thought of vidya, suddenly—but those had been different circumstances; her litter would have a father. dawn's would not. and though she was more than capable of single-parenting even the most strong-willed of pups, he wanted—needed—to be here for her, and for them. there was no choice in it. he was rooted here, and he was glad of it.

adi crept on his belly closer to the whelping den, laying his head just inside, his nose pointed toward the pups at her belly. how are they doing? he whispered, smiling.
June 16, 2019, 04:15 PM
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she is roused from her fitful slumber by Adi's voice, and blinking, she pulls herself from semi-sleep. she adjusts herself around the pair, considering the both of them before applying. "still alive." she doesn't know if they're too small, too big, sick or healthy, but they're alive and she realizes now that's a pretty amazing thing to be for one so small. they breath and squirm and cry out, and she's sure of one thing. nudging the male, appearing almost inky black in the low light, she tells him certainly, "this is Stone." it's the first time she's said it aloud, and it feels official, now. she's not sure regarding the girl - a few names flicker through her mind, though she's yet to decide on one. her gaze returns to Adi, wear smile gracing her lips for an instant.
June 17, 2019, 12:51 PM
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Probably a cameo.

The child twitched and squeaked as he sat against his mother's warm body. He did not have ears capable of hearing their conversation but he wriggled with a little bit more enthusiasm as Dawn spoke his name; little limbs reaching out to kick at the lump that was his nearby sister, toes splaying and retreating like a spooked slug withdrawing from touch. He tucks his wriggly feet against his chest and coughs, clucks, rooting for a teat as his antics awaken him out of a half-sleep.
June 18, 2019, 02:19 PM
Cameo from me. <3

She was disturbed from her slumber momentarily, but just as quickly fell back asleep. Brook dreamt of warmth, sustenance, peace, and comfort. Those were all the things she knew, save for brief moments of discontent when she was hungry or there weren't warm bodies surrounding her on all sides. Back she went, dreaming of all good things in this world.
June 20, 2019, 09:44 PM
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his mouth curved wryly. thank god, he jested, although the sentiment was more than truthful. the birth had been terrifying, and aditya had spent the days following in constant anxiety that they'd slip away, join their stillborn siblings in the afterlife. that they were still in this world was nothing short of a miracle, in his eyes. he'd never take it for granted.

stone, adi repeated, nodding. i like it. it reminds me of, ah, shale's name. strong and simple. oh, shale. a ghost from his past that would never return, claimed by the fire. perhaps dawn's uncle's spirit resided in this boy; who could know but him? it was a thought that struck his fancy, at least, for now.

his gaze settled on the girl. he'd never been good with names, and he knew that these pups weren't his to name, anyway; their conception had been an accident—a happy one, but an accident nonetheless. he'd done none of the work save for the onset, and even then, it had been some pumping and dumping and hey, presto! children, two moons later.

i'm sure whatever name you'll find for her will be just as beautiful, adi murmured.