Blackfeather Woods till i'm swept up by the shape of all the symmetry
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Lone Wolves

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i ᴛ    ᴡ ᴀ s    ᴛ i ᴍ ᴇ    ᴛ ᴏ    l e a v e ,

         &          jazira had skulked in the hospitality of these shadows for as long as she'd dared; for a little longer than she might've been allowed to dare. she'd kept away from all those occurences that'd been both of late and ever-recent: several births  - some of pestilence, others not -  followed by wails for the absent, the leave-takers, and then ...silence.

         it was a silence that she knew well; a silence that she understood early. It was a silence that ushered her to make way from the felled, humming woods, to leave in the way those others had. yet, russet paws sifted into a halt, an uncertain halt, a wavering halt  - could she truly be so terrible as to not bid her host farewell? With everything aside that'd happened?

         the duneborn moved before her thoughts did; moved before her lissome throat could follow her eyes that followed the webbing paths behind her. the thing that perched in her sorrel-pale breast wasn't fear, not quite ...but more-so trepidation when there was  (seemingly)  nothing to trip over.

         so jazira let out a croon reminiscent of hume's owl, for the Nona who'd so benevolently let her linger herein.
July 11, 2019, 12:48 PM
Blackfeather Woods
Jazira had been scarce ever since her entrance into the pack. Not to say she hadn't been around, but Maegi hadn't formed much of a relationship with her. Still, the call rang out, and she answered, tail swaying behind her in greeting as she approached the woman. She lifted her chin in query when she pulled to a halt.

Hello, Jazira, she said, friendly but businesslike. What's on your mind? She assumed this summons was to discuss something, after all. She wondered if she could inveigle the woman into going out and recruiting for Blackfeather.

Perhaps. . .but she would see once the conversation began.
July 11, 2019, 10:31 PM
Lone Wolves

        when maegi arrived to her summons, shorn maw lifted in question, the sorrel she-wolf canted her head in likewise greeting. ‘Nona, i ...’ faltered, with a little irritable huff for herself, to get the words out, ‘i’ve come to leave. w-well, that is, i’ve come to leave, but not without voicing my gratitude for your hospitalities.’ a bit of an awkward lull, then, ‘so... ah, thank you, Nona.’ another lapse skulked between them, almost tittering, before jazira offered: ‘i would like to seen the sea of this place, and i’ve been told that salt usually lies north. i’ve wondered if my kin are there.’ 

        ‘but, well, i could... could repay your hospitality with a, uh, drive? if that’s what it’s called here. recruitment droves, drives.’
it was all she could really think of, lest they linger in off-kilter quiet. ‘i understand it’ll be a bit... odd, i suppose, that i’m not the member I thought i’d be. but i will do my best to get a good word in for blackfeather, if you’d like?’ this was a bit better than a stuffy goodbye, right?
July 12, 2019, 03:06 PM
Blackfeather Woods
It was disappointing, of course. Maegi couldn't help but let her face fall at the news, though it wasn't anger so much as weariness that twisted her features. They all left, right? If Ramsay had deserted her, if Mou had deserted her, surely this woman had no qualms. Yet Jazira seemed nervous, and respectful enough, and even volunteered to help recruit, which was nice.

And she couldn't fault anyone for wanting to explore. The sea is nice, she remarked, keeping her more volatile feelings at bay. I lived on an island, once. It's beautiful there. She hoped Jazira could find her family without much issue.

Thanks for letting me know, at least, Maegi went on, a little sigh escaping her as she spoke. And for offering to recruit members to the pack. It's not ideal, to lose another wolf here, but we'll manage. Best of luck.

She heard out whatever the woman had to say next, waiting for her cue to exit. She had expended her emotion on other wolves. Now, all Maegi felt was. . .emptiness.
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Lone Wolves

        The sea is nice, and I lived on an island once, and It’s beautiful there all served to further pique the sand-viper’s interest. her ᴇᴀʏɪʟᴀ had once told her that if their dunes went awash with salted-water — that was what the sea was. they’d told her that if an oasis were in the heart of it — that was what an island was. and for her (once?-)Nona to have lived in such a place before ...there was an appreciation jazira felt for her, indeed.

        were she closer with maegi, the sweet serpent might’ve been more empathic as to that loneliness that was festering; as it was, though, she’d kept to herself in these gloaming woods, and thus hadn’t the inkling of such. 

        rather unfortunate, really, but ...she’d come to bid her farewell, and she’d done just that, hadn’t she? still... ‘i will come down, and visit, once the new year comes?’ it was an offer, and invitation; a hope, like hoping to dry cacti of its precious wells for nourishment.

        in the end, though, jazira did eventually make her adieu, and part from the trendies of blackfeather.

        ...but not without one more ‘thank you.’

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