Twisted Slough le moineau a volé
All Welcome  July 11, 2019, 02:57 PM
One overnight at the plateau and she had come to some sort of resolution. A tempting idea that had baited her unspoken for a length about her subconscious. What if, it enticed. What if, what if, what if—and to what end she had not considered until sunrise had greeted her. When daylight had splattered itself across her face beneath the canopy of thin trees, she awoke considering it again.

What if she simply went and wandered, what if she simply just went to see where the path went and see if anyone particularly noticed she was astray. If any had picked up so keenly and swiftly on her unhappiness to question where she had gone. Phoebe was not the sort to stray but when things seemed particularly overwhelming in one locale, avoiding it altogether seemed a reasonable course to plot.

And so she had departed the plateau, wordlessly trekking off in some random direction.

By the time midday had crossed, the slough had revealed itself to her.

Revealing, however, was not the word that she would associate with such a place. Suffocating and dense, she was unaware of her predicament until the place had literally swallowed her whole. Dark, dank, almost decrepit by the way it overwhelmed her; the place had a stink to it and nary a good thing to it. She regretted this in a slow display, muddied and frustrated as she pressed ahead. It was not so unmanageable yet that she had lost her sense of direction, and she had managed this much without so much of a peep to trail her.

How far would get before anyone particularly cared? And that was presuming anyone noticed.

She pulled her foot free of mud with a distinctive squelch, and then again and again, ever onward.
July 13, 2019, 03:44 PM
Tradesman I
Perhaps next time, when Wraen decided to adventure in unknown lands, she would pay more attention to her surroundings and less on her very unhappy state of mind. The swampy area right next to the Grouse Thicket had seemed innocent enough in the beginning and she had wandered in it without having any second thoughts about the place. Until the mud had become deeper and stickier and the trees had closed around her, making progress forwards more difficult by a minute. 

And finally it happened so that she slipped, fell and, when she tried to raise to her feet, she realized that it was impossible to pull her fore-paw out. It had got lodged between mud, rocks, fallen tree debris and what-not. "Well, this sucks," she told herself, half-sitting/half-lying down in the mud. It took a while, until she heard that someone was approaching and with hope in her voice she called out to, whoever it was: "Hey! Can you help me, please!"
Yesterday, 08:51 PM
Careful steps help to manage her through, though the mud was truly a hindrance to all it could grasp. It was an exhausting affair, rife with bits just as dismaying as they were aggravating. She wavered between wishing she had never set foot in the place to thinking she was beginning to gain a mastery towards wandering its expanse, only to go back to the former when the latter seemed to spite her.

It was a slow, gradual thing, but Phoebe began to find more solid terrain by trial and error. The plant matter helped in this regard but only so much; she still sank, but perhaps not to quite the ordeal as her original attempts. Better to end up just above an ankle than to the knee and the like and her steps became more sure-footed as she learned.

Yet it would seem that she was not the only one to fall prey to the not so alluring pull of the territory—a voice called out to her, a figure unseen. It lent her pause and she listened, near startled by the fact that someone was in fact out there when she had gone things alone for a while. She had been about to open her mouth and call back to them when she thought she had found the she-wolf.

"Oh no," she said to herself in a whisper.

There was no hesitation in the steps that would begin to carry her over though her struggle came reborn. She sank in the mud only to pull herself free and sink another half and it was there that she felt aggravation bud and aim directionless. It flashed across her muddied features in a blink, aimed right for the stranger and her foolish predicament, not once minding at the fact that Phoebe herself had been stuck in similiar not more than twenty minutes prior. This thought alone was enough to temper her resolve; she had no right to be angry.

"Can't you free yourself?" she said in her struggle, only then finding some solid purchase between them to hoist herself to. "This place is a nightmare." Once again, she wished she had never come, but there was little time for that and she shook her head to dismiss the prior question, mud flicking off her muzzle.

"Are you hurt?" Perhaps an even more pointless question, yet the situation required her to ask. She couldn't see how the she-wolf was ensnared there beyond limbs deep in muck, and thought there another reason altogether. Not that she readily saw anything that could have aided her here, but it didn't mean the swamp was void of herbs and other manner of cures.