Wheeling Gull Isle xiiii. but tonight's just beginning
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@Connor @Lokie @Padma @Condatis @Rosencrantz @Daegon @Akavir @Komal @Basil first foundation thread, this is an unofficial claim of the Isle so it is considered mandatory if your toon is pledged to AS. :) (First round will end on 7/16)

Fate had smiled upon them for the nomads reached the shore at low tide - when the landbridge between the mainland and the distant isle was revealed. The exile's weary and cracked paws would thank her as they trekked determinedly across the bridge - for the simple stroll was immensely more welcome than an arduous swim. 

An idyllic beach greeted them on the other side as evening lengthened into twilight - the first stars beginning to twinkle in a dusky lavender sky. The soft chorus of waves crashing against sand brought a smile to her face, one-eyed gaze rising to the inland forest that awaited exploration. What few scents lingered were old, stale - the land was uninhabited, just waiting to be claimed.

At last, the wisp faced her recruits - raising her brows eagerly as if to say, what do you guys think? 

"I think this could make a good home for us," the celestial voiced her thoughts softly, tail wagging almost shyly as she waited to hear her comrades opinions on the terrain.

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"Common." "Lirean."
July 11, 2019, 04:46 PM
The journey across the water wasn't hard but odd to the giant male, the water level wasn't going to be a problem to him due to his size but the fact that there was a landbridge to this island astounded him. The cinnamon male had been raised on the mountains and knew nothing of the ocean and beaches but he was willing to learn, but it would be a long path in order for him to get used to it. The group had arrived at the island, it took a moment for Connor to take at the moment that they were actually here. The salt water reached his nose and filled his nostrils with new scents, he was quite curious about the new place that they had landed on and he was ready to explore it.

Rhaella addressed the group that this would be a good home, the large male had to take a moment and think about it. Well it seems isolated so it would be difficult for incoming packs to raid us, the borders might be easy to patrol and I am not sure on the prey here, but all in all, it does seem like a good fit! he concluded with that and turned to Rhaella, "me and Lokie could assist with checking out the place," he offered, it became a norm that he would automatically volunteer Lokie, the pair were inseparable. Though he remained respectful to Rhaella since she was the leader and he made sure to make himself look as he was awaiting her approval, and he made sure he didn't overstep his bounds since he was only making a suggestion to her. He was eager to check every corner to get a good feel of the place to make it home, to him, it's better to explore the unknown then to go into it without knowledge. Though Connor made sure to keep his excitement in check as he remained professional about it and looked at his best friend Lokie with a warm smile, hoping he was on board.

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July 11, 2019, 05:51 PM
Ocean cornered them onto an island. Salty seawater filling the air, his nostrils as he took in a heavy breath. He had continued to follow the woman with the stars in her pelt - there was no turning back now. He was here after all. He had spent all this time traveling with them. Perhaps this would give him purpose as opposed to wandering the unclaimed lands alone. Something more to life than to sit around waiting for something to happen.

As she turned to ask the group what they thought, Rose sat quietly in the back, once again. He had no opinion. One place was better than none. He had no preference. Although if he were to say anything, anything at all on the matter - he would admit he had grown to enjoy the salty air. 

Quietly he sat for everyone to give their two-cents. He was in no hurry to run off and claim any kind of den or to explore. He had plenty of time for that; as for a den, he probably would wind up taking the last one available after everyone else had taken their pick.
July 11, 2019, 05:54 PM
Lone Wolves

Don't mind him... He's just watching a bit from afar.
Freedom on his paws had felt good, but overwhelming. Akavir had slipped away from the creek, not truly bothering with a goodbye as he maintained no true relationships there. Talos remained there, and he considered offering his sister a goodbye—but he knew it was unlikely with her dismay for her family, his presence was not likely to be missed a great deal. Perhaps, after some time and space, the yearling would make his way back to check on her. Perhaps then they could begin to bridge the gap that had come between them all.

He had traveled past the mountains and the valleys—forests, rivers and seemingly never ending skies had been his guide. It was a scent unlike any that had drawn him to the ocean, and his dark paws had traversed a bridge across the salted waters, never before having seen such a massively impressive body of water until now.

He had lost track of time as he loped along the shorelines—the bridge had gone, and now returned, as the the sun began to fade and night descended. The rugged wolf crept forward, contemplating his passage back across the wilds when a group of others caught his attention.

Pausing abruptly, Akavir felt his hackles bristle in uncertainty, his bright eyes squaring over the individuals of the gathering with careful consideration. He hadn’t come across anyone since his dispersal, and he wasn’t sure if he had just been caught trespassing or not.
July 11, 2019, 06:50 PM
He remained quiet as his eyes scanned the group as he started memorizing their faces so he knew who was who. He also surveyed the territory as Rhælla asked what they thought of it. In his mind it was decent it provided one entrance which was a plus in the event another had ill will towards them they couldn’t be ambushed.

“Common” “Lirean”
July 11, 2019, 09:15 PM
Lone Wolves

The journey to the sea was one he kept quiet on for the most part. He was either close to Rhælla or completely separate from the group and no inbetween as he watched everyone and gathered internal notes on their demeanor and behaviors. None of them seemed to mean any ill will and so he left them to their own devices while he tended to his and made sure Rhælla didn't get hurt while she took the reigns. She was incredible at leading, how she effortlessly guided them all and had so many following her had him a bit stunned and at the same time he was bothered. Connor and Lokie seemed good enough men but they weren't leaders and the other wolves were like him, quiet and observing while keeping to themselves. He wasn't sure what to make of the forming pack and he wasn't sure he quite wanted to stick around even though he would miss his little talks with Rhælla. As they crossed the bridge the scent of the sea brought him out of his thoughts and as Rhælla suggested they make this their home he shrugged "Its secluded and private with a big source of food and access to the mainland but we don't know about the fauna or how much prey is on the island either. Perhaps we should all explore so we get a bigger picture rather than just going off first appearance" he suggested to her, forgetting that he was supposed to be following her. He didn't think his opinion would be brushed aside though and as such looked to her and then briefly at Connor, knowing the male had suggested patrolling.
July 12, 2019, 07:05 AM
Living on a mountain, Lokie had never been surrounded by so much water. It looked like it could just envelope and swallow him and he'd be lost forever. His usual carefree and happy attitude was put on the back burner as they crossed the land bridge. He eyed the water, jumping and pushing into Connor as the waves threatened him. He wanted to get across as quickly as possible, but he also didn't want to leave his friend's side. 

He took a steadying breath as they reached the island. Lokie turned and looked at the water as if it was still a threat, but he was safe. He retreated a few steps and took his usual place next to Connor, nodding in agreement that they could check out the place. Yeah, anything to get him further to the heart of the island and away from the seas. 

His eyes scanned over the other wolves. They mostly seemed reserved, though Connor looked pretty excited. In his look about, he caught sight of a wolf that wasn't part of their group. He faced the stranger, and while he would normally bound right up to him, Lokie held off this time. He did, however, bark in greeting to the male.

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