Grouse Thicket And winter came...
Private  July 13, 2019, 03:04 PM
Tradesman I
@Rannoch and @LiffeyΒ 

After a half-hearted attempt at hunting the resident birds the place was named after Wraen gave up. She was both hungry and indifferent to the empty feeling in her stomach, her body demanded that she does something to solve the situation, but her mind was still in the moping mode. She was deeply unhappy and even the hope that a farewell from Maia had not been of a "forever" kind, could not persuade to change something about the situation.

Eventually she grew tired of battling her way through the thicket, choosing to take the nearest path that led out of it and ended up in a little clearing, from where she had a good look at Heron Lake Plateau on one side and the distant forest, where the Redhawks now resided, on the other. There she sat, lost in her miserable thoughts and looked absently in the distance.