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Making an assumption on his location based on this thread, please correct me if I'm wrong! All welcome but preferably family. I would like this one kept to a faster pace if possible since it's my only relevant thread atm! Backdated to approx. July 21st.

Upon falling from the mountain, Dragomir's spirit seemed to peel away from his body. He felt like he was floating above his mortal skin, watching it bounce brokenly down the slope without suffering the sensations himself. He watched as a day and a night passed before his body was found. Lucky, that; a curious brown bear had passed horrifically close to him and his assailants from the day prior were still prowling the vicinity. It may have meant the end of him if either located him first. When at last Vercingetorix and Aurëwen found him, Dragomir's breath was a feeble stir in his chest, while the greater part of him surrendered to his fate.

In that strange spaceless place where he felt his spirit was floating, he was surrounded by images of his past lives, a thousand-thousand reminders that he had lived and died many times before this. Death was not frightening. Death was warmth and the soothing of all his worldly pains, the erasure of all his emotional turmoils. Death was like coming home after a long time away and being greeted by all your loved ones and your favourite meal, piping hot on the table. Death was an old friend's embrace. Dragomir did not fear death in the end; he floated in blessed memories he could not hope to recollect in any life, peaceful and whole.

But his death frightened the living. His death frightened Vercingetorix and Aurëwen, who both were making silent bargains and pleas with whatever gods they knew, or maybe those they don't, that he would live. His death frightened the tireless healer who instructed them to take him to the caves, where she would work her craft to stave off its shadow from him. In the quiet of that space within his mind where his spirit had fled to escape the agony of living, Dragomir heard them calling him. They need you. And he knew he must not let go as he so badly yearned, and so he fought for his life, slipping in and out of consciousness without registering much of what was going on around him for several days.

When his eyes rolled beneath his eyelids that day, the absence of sensation lifted. He no longer seemed to watch himself from afar, but was back in his own body. The pain slammed into him with the force of a whale; he scarcely could draw a breath before it hissed back out in an agonized wheeze. The simple fact of existing hurt more than anything he had ever experienced. It was enough that he wanted to flee back to the silent haven in his head where he was safe and warm, and he would do that soon, but first he laboured to open his eyes.

Dark. A slant of light through an opening, out of sight. The glimmer of wet rock. These images, identical to the ones he had seen last before falling, identical to the cave he had been tortured in, lanced through his brain with such poignant pain and fear that, in spite of hardly having the energy to breathe, Dragomir screamed.
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        When their ailing son cried out for the first time in what felt like eons, Aurëwen abandoned absolutely everything to skip through the riverlands like an erratic star;
        chords remained hoarse, just about useless, until she was able to rush through the wounding caves and see her broken boy, ear-splitting, bleary-eyed wails clawing up from his own deadened throat.

        Near as she dared did she hover, whispering, eyes bright and whetted, Méne, Anarinya, mennen sís.”

        At present, it didn’t matter that he was enduring episodes that had been so achingly close to her own— she could reflect on these black parallels later. “He must be removed from ze dark,” came her voice, clear and bright and bell-like, eliciting for some godsdmaned healer from whatever depths they toiled away in now to come and help! “I am not made to carry others, I need—“
        In these moments, who she truly needed to call for was Vercingetorix; but her scattered thoughts could only surmise to Someone strong.
August 04, 2019, 06:30 AM
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even in sleep, she remained hunched over with her softened features angled towards the cave entrance, liable to be woken by any comings and goings. the last few days had seemed detached from reality, and time seemed loose and able to drag on or slip by in short bursts. she spent all the time she physically could by her brother's side, unable and unwilling to leave him again. 

his scream wakes her violently, and she jolts to her feet, features already set into something between and grimace and a snarl. alarm washes over her in waves and she blinks, recognizing Aure immediately before moving closer to Drago, peering at him as her hackles flare. she blinks up at her mother when she speaks. "together." she suggests, though waits for her mother to take the lead - he seems so fragile, still, she is wary even to touch him. "Drago - it's me, Isi." she whispers to him, heart pounding in her chest still. she doesn't know what else to say, or do, only that she will not leave.
August 07, 2019, 08:01 PM
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His mother and sister were both quick to arrive, but Dragomir could not see them. He saw only the quartz cave hidden among Silvertip's cliffs, with Sanguinus and his dark shadow flanking the only way out. These were just smudges of shadow in the cavern but they manifested as figures to Dragomir, who shrieked and began to drag himself forward, cracking a dew claw in his haste. Aurëwen and Isilmë might as well have not been there at all.

NO! NO! cried Dragomir, desperately seeking to escape the cave and the haunting memory of his tormenters with it. Something told him if he only go out of the cave, everything would be okay. His broken legs were useless behind him as he hauled himself forward, panting against the excruciating pain of it, and pausing only when his sister's voice breathed Drago - it's me, Isi in his ear. He paused, his hackles rippling, and slowly blinked in her direction. He knew she was there, and recognized now his mother as well, but it was like he was seeing them through a fog.

Working his tongue roughly against his dry chops, Dragomir wheezed a quiet, trembling Isi? The whole of him was shaking; he had one foreleg extended toward the cave entrance, almost as though pleading to be removed from this place. Mama?
August 07, 2019, 08:28 PM

        Through Drago’s wailing, her daughter suggested they shoulder him together; eyes were hard and bright, almost quartz, as they fell pensive upon her shrike. Together — perhaps they’d find the strength they needed to move him that way? The silver had parted scarred lips to affirm that alternative when a croak of Isilmë’s epithet and a wisp ofMama?” ensnared itself in the catches of her anxious ears.

        She didn’t know— she didn’t know whether or not she should gather him up and take him from this murk first; or, if she should kneel by his side, tell him I’m here, she didn’t know— Balaur mea,” she murmured, tentatively sniffing towards him, wanting nothing more than to press kisses to his brow, his cheeks. But not yet. “We must remove you from ze caves first. And then...”

        There was no time to waste  (as much as she longed to.) Drawing alongside, she was able to work what upper half of his body that she could; eyeing her pale shrike of a daughter, needing her to tend to his other half before they dragged him out and into the light.
August 08, 2019, 12:49 AM
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Pups fed and left in @Ira 's capable paws, Speedy made her way to the den where Dragomir was recovering after stopping to gather some plants from the herb den. She wanted to check on his progress and change the poultices on his wounds. She still worried about whether or not he would recover, especially since he had yet to wake, but as long as he held on, she would keep trying everything she could think of to help him.

When she neared the den, she heard some kind of commotion inside, and she hurried to the entrance, dropping the plants and running towards Aurëwen when she saw what was going on. She had welcomed the mother's help, and so far, she had been more than grateful for her assistance, but Speedy couldn't help but feel slightly angry at the scene playing out in front of her. Whatever joy she may have felt at seeing her patient conscious was overshadowed by her overwhelming concern. What's going on? She asked worriedly, moving to the side opposite Aurëwen to help Isilmë support her brother's weight. He is still too fragile to move; it could cause more damage. There was no anger in her voice, only concern. He was nowhere near ready to move, and Speedy feared doing so would only cause him more harm.
August 10, 2019, 02:38 PM
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her heart beat quickly in her chest, and her lungs felt stiff, uncomfortable as her brother cried out. she moved nearer, hunkering low, completely unable to imagine his pain but hating the idea of it all the same. he said her name and she moved beside him, planting a kiss on his trembling forehead quickly. "yes! it's me, Drago, we'll-" she broke off with the arrival of Speedy, and at her words, frustration mounted. 

"he's hurting! can't you see? he needs to get out." but the woman moves to help her all the same, and together, the three manage to carry-drag him out of the caves. it is an arduous process, and she tries not to focus on the damage they must be doing to her brother and only on moving forward. when finally the stone around them drops away, and the three women lower him, the girl moves to her brother's side once more. "is that better?" she doesn't bother to ask if he's ok. she knows the answer.
August 10, 2019, 03:23 PM

        It would beckon more damage, but it was necessary to her son’s peace of mind... or whatever remained of such, still yet to return to his conscience. The silver bore the asië’s words and the current task at paw with a grimace, scars wreathing upon the taut face. And then they were shifting in togetherness, on and on and on, until light embraced the quartet in cascades — before they came to settle the inkling beneath an unassuming gathering of vine maples.

        Only then did Aurëwen part from her dragon, a searing, gauzy film of anguish flitting across his mauvey figure; the lacerations; the hinds; and she turned her marred crown to Speedy.

        “This copse should be enough to treat him in, for ze time being.” A critical eye went to the entryway of those caves, “If you or your aides should have to...” a shiver broke out of her own, shadows flickering in her eyes, “let me know first, please. Returning him there should only be a last resort. Please.”
August 10, 2019, 05:16 PM
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Aurë and Isi being there helped to ground Dragomir, who felt slightly better for the first time since the incident. It wasn't enough to still the trembling in his muscles or the pain-induced nausea that washed over him whenever he tried to move, but it kept disruptive flashes of memory from clouding reality. They understood right away that he needed to be taken from this place where stone weighed oppressively all around. Besides the obvious negative association, the sunlight would help him heal, too.

They began to help drag him, and he hissed and cried out with pain as his broken legs bumped along the ground and his ribs screamed in protest. arrival of a strange made his rate of breathing skyrocket again, but a quick glance told him this was neither Sanguinus nor his shadowy accomplice. The woman's tone was kind but admonishing. He raised teary eyes to her face and gasped, please! She had to understand, he couldn't be in here...

Aurë and Isilmë didn't heed her expert advice, however, and dragged him out into the sun. The cave mouth yawning nearby would forever serve as a grim, haunting reminder, but Dragomir could cope with that as long as it didn't mean having to be inside it... at least, he felt certain he could with what bravery his sister and mother lent him. On his own? A different story. They settled him down and he whined sharply as his bones were jostled, but when Isilmë asked if it was better, Dragomir replied with a shaky and faint, yeah.
August 10, 2019, 08:58 PM
As if his family's pleas hadn't pulled enough at her heartstrings, she could hardly look into the injured boy's teary eyes and deny him what he so desperately wanted. She worried about his psychological state as it was, so if this would help his mind, then it would also aid in his healing. Okay, she gently answered, leaning carefully into Dragomir to help shoulder more of his weight.

The move outside was torturous for her; she winced any time his broken legs or chest brushed up against anything, so she hated to think what it must have been like for him. Slowly and as carefully as they could manage, they moved him from the caves and into a fairly dense thicket. When Aurëwen spoke, Speedy shook her head. For now, I see no reason why he should have to be moved again, but even so, I wouldn't without speaking with you first. She only had his best interest in mind, and if he felt more at ease out here, then she wouldn't deny him that comfort, especially not when he was already in so much pain. 

She looked over Dragomir while he settled. Now that he could eat something, she could maybe help with his pain some. I'm going to run inside and get something for your pain, she said softly. I'll be right back.

The healer returned a few minutes later and set her mouthful down next to the dark pup. First, she extracted some seeds from a poppy plant and placed them in front of him. Eat these; they'll make you sleepy but should also make you feel a lot more comfortable. She used the plant very sparingly, but she felt this situation called for something stronger. She picked up the moss and moved it closer to him. After, drink some of the water from this moss to wash down the seeds. She would tend to his wounds once his pain was better controlled; for now, she just waited and watched to make sure he was able to follow her instructions while glancing at Aurëwen to make sure she didn't have any objections.
August 11, 2019, 03:35 AM
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she dropped onto her stomach beside her brother, some of the tightness releasing when he offered an affirmative answer. "ok," she began, and the relief in the single word was evident. "I'll stay here. I'll be right here." she told him, ignoring the two women as they spoke and registering without reacting that Speedy had left. 

she did not stay away long, returning with a mouthful of stuff. she had no name for the tiny things Speedy carried, and while the moss was easily recognizable, its use was surprising. she watched hawkishly as she worked, and as she offered the tiny black dots, Isi asked, "what's those?" she would not be left in the dark about anything, she'd decided, and besides, actual interest in the plants alongside her concern for Drago spurred her to ask.
August 11, 2019, 12:05 PM

        She gave a quiet nod to Speedy’s words — both before she left and soon after when she returned, properties in maw. Seeds of poppy, water in the moss... “Thank you, Speedy. I would have administered ze same.” After a moment of quiet, she added onto her previous requirement: “If I am not present to be told if or when he is to be moved, then please tell Vercingetorix.” It'd occurred to her a little late that he should be included in on this, too. A parent could manage on their own, as she’d solemnly learnt; but it was better when a pair could be such together. “He should have as much say as I.”

        And then Isilmë enquired of whatever it was Speedy had brought. A weak quiver of a smile touched the corners of her lips at her daughter’s interest: “Poppy seeds, sweetling. Take a few, and they beckon easement. Take a pawful, and they beckon sleep... or prolonged unconsciousness. So take care if you should ever administer them; ze affects upon waking are usually, only lethargy.”

        Then, finally — finally — she turned to Dragomir, eyes both fond and hesitant. How to approach? What to say? Or do? Any words in mind died in her chords, so instead she wordlessly stepped his way and knelt to pluck the drenched wad of moss.
        Whenever he’d taken the seeds, she would be there to hold it as near to his maw as she could; for the most comfortable angle his neck and head.
August 14, 2019, 03:17 AM
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Despite his previous affirmation that he was okay, Dragomir wasn't. Not really. He'd been lucky to stave off the after effects of adrenaline as long as he had, but being moved from the caves was enough to make his body tremble with shivers. He'd only just woken moments ago but already his eyelids were heavy and his vision swung dizzily in and out of focus. The sun was warm in the thicket, much warmer than it had been in the cave, but he felt a chill creep through him regardless. The sharp stabs of pain from his injuries didn't help matters.

So when Speedy returned and produced some tiny seeds from a pink flower with wide petals, the boy didn't hesitate. Even if Aurë hadn't approved, which she had, he lapped the seeds up obediently, groaning as it set the side of his face on fire, and struggled to swallow them all. What's those? asked Isilmë, and Dragomir listened with weakening attentiveness as Aurëwen explained. Plants for sending you to sleep. How clever...

She lifted the moss to his lips and Dragomir clumsily lapped at it thrice, but by then his tongue was starting to feel too big in his mouth and his head was drifting toward the ground and the promise of sleep was rushing up to meet him.
August 19, 2019, 03:10 PM
Speedy nodded. Of course. I'm glad to be able ease his pain, the healer replied, glancing down at the injured boy with concern. She couldn't bear the thought of him hurting before and not being able to let them know. At Aurëwen's instructions regarding Vercingetorix, she nodded once more. I will  make sure to inform him, as well.

Aurëwen's sweet daughter spoke something to Dragomir in a language she wasn't familiar with before glancing at the remaining poppy seeds at Speedy's paws and inquiring about what they were. She turned turned to offer Isilmë a gentle smile, ready to answer her question but finding it unnecessary as her mother had quickly and accurately informed her about the plant and its properties. 

When she returned her attention to Dragomir, it was to see that the sedating effects of the plant had already started work. Rest was most important for him, and it would help for him to be sleepy now that he was aware. Most importantly, she could control his pain now, which was a huge relief for the healer. Tears formed in her eyes as she watched him, and she leaned down to very gently nuzzle him, careful to avoid any wounds. She would need to clean and redress the wounds soon, but for now, she would give the drugs more time. I wish I could do more for him, she murmured, glancing up to his mother with watery eyes.
August 23, 2019, 04:22 AM
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she watched raptly as Dragomir swallowed the seeds, and how quickly he seemed to fall asleep. only then did she relax, somewhat, settling her head on her paws and peering sideways at her brother, intent on laying beside him until she was absolutely certain he didn't hurt anymore, and then some. 

Aure and Speedy were talking, but only a small percent of her attention was focused on them, their words passing through her head and only occasionally being heard. her heart was still pounding, her mind working as she went over his words and actions in the cave again, stuck on loop.
August 23, 2019, 05:08 AM

        There was something particularly withdrawn in the way Aurëwen regarded all that had only just occurred — her son’s arcing convulsions, her daughter’s heavy-browed vigilance, and even Speedy’s empathy in the form of tears. It was by no means a numbness, she mulls, but even as the salt pricks at her half-sight, even as the hot inhale gusts and shivers through her pink nose ... she cannot truly cry.

        It was only that she’d been through this before; desensitization, in its most melancholy form. And yet, the silver wasn’t sure when, if ever, she would retell the reasons for why it might seem she remained so removed. But she would be there for her children; drowse away with them, in a thicket once more. 

        The herbalist has come to learn that each reassurance that issues from between her scarred lips are long-winded, winding; that they have come to bring the opposite of her well-meaning wish. All she can think to tell Speedy  (in that tongue of practicality, which she’s forever struggled to master)  is a low, hummed,  We can give him ze time he needs, that he must take. All ze time that he deserves. It is all we can do. ...Thank you, Speedy.” 

        As Aurëwen steps delicately over her dragon and her jewel, she wishes she could cry, too; show her anguish as readily as her maudlin heart shows her soul.
        But she could only preside, all at once attentive and adrift.

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