Swiftcurrent Creek & found I could breath all along
August 13, 2019, 03:06 PM
Swiftcurrent Creek
hoping for @Kavik

there was no ignoring the loss that Rosalie's family had felt, nor could the absence of two of the older pups be easily missed. throughout it all, she'd remained distant. albeit, it was not of her own doing, but the heavy toll that childbirth took on her, leaving her in a fog she'd only started to escape a few weeks prior.ย 

many more weeks had passed since the disappearance of the two pups, and the situation felt almost familiar. it was this reason she sought out @Kavik, following the freshest scent trail she could find and hoping to find him at the end of it.
August 13, 2019, 04:40 PM
Swiftcurrent Creek
He'd spent the entire morning searching for his missing son and daughter, like every other morning before, and like all those other times of painful searching, he had found nothing. It was becoming harder to find his way out of the utter hopelessness that engulfed him every morning when he woke from the one or two hours of sleep he managed to get. But, each day, without fail, he pulled himself out of his darkness and searched once more for his missing children.

He was patrolling now that he had returned, trying to distract himself from yet another unsuccessful search. Dawn's scent carried with the breeze and filled his nostrils. He turned to see her coming up behind him, and he paused, dipping his head in greeting as she neared. Dawn. How are you? he knew she had her hands full with her own pups, and he hoped life had been treating her well.

Though his mind is not for rent
don't put him down as arrogant
he reserves the quiet defense
riding out the day's events
August 14, 2019, 09:53 AM
Swiftcurrent Creek
she found him soon enough, and drew to a halt after he turned back to greet her, tail swishingly lowly in greeting.ย "Kavik,"ย she echoed, answering,ย "they're healthy. growing quickly, too."ย she allowed herself a small smile at this, though her original purpose here had her linger only shortly on the topic of her own pups.ย "and yourself?"

her expression grows solemn, and after a moment she admits quietly,ย "I know what it is to lose loved ones. In my time leading Morningside, I lost much of my family."ย she doesn't know if she's brought any of this up with him before - she doubts it, for she rarely mentions Morningside save for in the stories she tells her own pups, and her losses are not something she would normally admit unasked. but she remembers the unimaginable weight, the helplessness she felt torn in both directions, between her family and duty to her pack. In the very end, she'd chosen the former, and the latter had fallen. it is something she does not want to see repeated.ย "know that I am here, to help with the caches, the borders, or whatever you need."ย she knows what it is to feel unimaginable loss and lead, and while she did not navigate the situation unfailingly, she learned.