Kintla Flatlands the glowing of such fire on the ashes of his youth
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Lone Wolves

she may have found her place, but her tendency to wander lingered still. for now, it served her well - where she went, she oft found herbs and carefully placed beautiful things; clutched in her jaws now was an almost perfectly straight branch, not much longer than a tail length and worn smooth by the waver of the river. along its sides, swirling lines and furrows where worms and insects had once eaten away at the soft wood. it felt important, though light in her jaws. her own grip around it was light as not to crush the marvel; she wondered at how many factors must have been in place to create an object this fascinating - to her, at least. pale like bone, it glinted in the midday sun as the sea-witch moved towards the mountains, gaze roving over the earth in search of similar marvels, of herbs to supply her cache.Β