Swiftcurrent Creek up and down the rows of potted ferns
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she's exhausted, having trekked over the mountains and almost immediately turned back, on the advice of the strange woman. but she'd been telling the truth—not that Cinnamon had doubted her—about where the pack lay. she wavered by their borders now, unsure of what, exactly to do. 

it became apparent fairly quickly that while the idea of a great adventure had appealed, and the pressure of her siblings had her step out from home gladly, she wasn't much of a roamer. she longed for stability; a place within a family, a group. she was a little averse to stopping at random borders, but it seemed she'd trust advice from random wolves easily. in any case, she'd made her decision, and thus howled for the leaders of this pack. 
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hope you don’t mind :P

With the food shortage in full swing, Lie knew that Kavik had been stretched thin. When there numbers had been larger, she didn’t often help with border patrol. But now she didn’t have a choice. If she wanted her family to stay safe she had to help in every task that needed to done, and border patrol was a top priority.

What she hadn’t expected was for someone to actually show up. For a moment Lie panicked, this was not her forte. Swallowing thickly, she was sure Kavik would be around soon, and she could have just left this newcomer to him. But that wasn’t fair to him, and she wanted to prove to the man that she could help. And so with this in mind, Lie sauntered off toward the howl.

She arrived silently, taking in the woman appearance and her stance. Lie tilted her head in question, before introducing herself. “I am Rosalie, a member of this pack.” A certain regality in her posture, her head held high despite her stature.
September 10, 2019, 10:35 AM
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The howl pulled his attention from the very sad looking cache. He had spent much of the day looking through each one of their food stores, growing more and more worried about how they would keep everyone fed through the winter. Thankful for the distraction from his empty stomach and long list of anxieties, Kavik set off in the direction of the unfamiliar call, wondering what kind of stranger was at the borders today.

He arrived to find Rosalie already greeting the caller and brushed up against her as he came to stand at her side. And I am Kavik, the alpha here, he offered with a dip of his head. What brings you to our borders?

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