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with the pale woman leading the way, the pair made their way through lands that seemed entirely unfamiliar, though Aure promised they were close. nerves built alongside excitement, and she thought eagerly of @Scarab and @Reyes, of the tide beds, of—

there lay the trees that were ever so familiar, and relief broke like the waves against dragoncrest cliffs. they were a fair distance away yet, but Clementine broke ahead, shouts tearing from her lips. "mamas! E'lie! Ro'lie!" she didn't realize quite how deep she'd missed them till now, and if she did not see them in the next few moments, she felt as if she might explode. 
September 09, 2019, 10:59 AM
her wife had gone, and with her erzulie felt as though a piece of her had also departed. clementine must be found, and it would not do for them both to leave. so remain she did with her growing children, and a rising sense of restlesness chafing at her soul.
it was a little shout that finally drew her from where she had slipped out of blackpine, and quivering with something she did not allow yet to be hope, erzulie approached the small figure fast approaching. "clementine!" she cried back, relief awash in the salt that suddenly stung her eyes. the flower that followed went unaddressed for now; erzulie gathered her prodigal daughter to her breast. 
"j'étais si inquiet!" she exclaimed in a fervor. "manman ou ap chèche ou," she added, lapsing into the haitian french she had been taught by marie. and here she looked past clementine to see if rosalyn was there, in the distance, but no she was not, and erzulie looked to the woman who had returned her girl. "i be t'ankful," the harlot murmured. "you have done my heart a good t'ing today."

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September 10, 2019, 09:55 AM


The roseling had petaled after
airgetlám, and she after her; and as a gust of homecoming whisked her forth, an overdue smile came to Aurëwen's shorn face and the salt that flits within grey eyes is not simply from having lingered by the sea even for a day. The fine gleam was only furthered as corsair beheld her gem once more. Unable to envy, only a tad, for the return to her own she had never recieved. And though that had been of her own accord, an errant and wistful  What must that be like?  comes to pass.

"Eälótë needs nurturing,"  she wisped, eyes waned shut to half-moons; and momentarily Erzulie went unseen,  "Bringing her to where she has been grown is an honor."  Halfsight unveiled once more, and now she looked upon the burnished she-of-evening.  "She is enduring, and may yet shame even ze most tireless of striders."  A little lull. Then, scars knitting with almost-wonderment:  "I discovered her in ze tides of ze Stavanger, only an eve or two ago, but ... but, I cannot fathom how long she has been lost to you before then."   

But before she fell into long-windedness, the blanchard gave a genteel cant of her marred head, and so the rarity of a delight returned to the mouth as she looked upon the young Clementine.  "Of course, I am glad to have been in such company as hers."