The Tangle they’re just little pink plastic bags
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Lone Wolves

set 9/17


home. family. hope. consciousness. all of it was washed away. there was no one who could save him now. he was in the hands of mother nature and her waters.

thank the gods she took pity on this helpless boy. the river that carried him had eventually dialed down the intensity. some wooden structure, a log perhaps, floated underneath him and kept his head just above certain death. if he were awake during this, aeryn would surely worship the universe for its mercy.

but he wasn’t awake. and he was trapped between life and death, unaware of where he was going. 

he would stay in this vegetative state for hours until his body washed up on a bank. the journey was over. aeryn lay completely still, sides gently rising and falling.
September 13, 2019, 02:17 PM
Lone Wolves

He's been more or less giving Midar the silent treatment, though he's resisted the urge to wander off until now. Even overwhelmed by his need for solitude, he can't bring himself to stray too far. Especially not in an awful place like this. He isn't even sure which direction they'd entered from anymore, and he's starting to feel lost. He watches his paws carefully as he walks, avoiding stray bits of spiny plant matter and sharp rocky edges. There's something familiar about this place, but the memory is vague and difficult to grasp. That doesn't stop him from trying, of course.
He's starting to give himself a headache when the sound of water catches his attention. At first he thinks they've wandered back toward the ocean, knowing it isn't far — but it doesn't sound like the ocean. He turns toward the sound, thinking that perhaps they could follow a creek or a river out of the territory.
The sight of the river is a welcome one, but his relief is interrupted by something out of place in the scene. A dark mass motionless at the shore, slick with river water — a wolf. He sucks in a sharp breath and starts toward the figure, walking faster now but slowed as always by his limp. As the distance closes, he realizes it's worse than just another stranger; it's a child, unconscious and clearly battered from his journey here. Shit, He stops a few feet away, glancing around as if the child's parents might appear any moment. No luck, of course. Uhhh.... @Midar? He doesn't know if Midar is close enough to hear him, but it's worth a shot.
September 13, 2019, 03:16 PM
Lone Wolves

He cursed every thorn and every sharp rock as he made his way through the forest. Why had Alarian come here? And why couldn't he just stay in one place? Midar could deal with his irritating silent treatment all day if it meant he would stay put. The forest itself didn't bother him much, the creepier, the better usually, but he couldn't get over the fact that Alarian had wandered in here by himself, especially since he seemed to be so concerned that something would happen to them again while they remained without a pack. 

The scent trail led him in the direction of running water, and just as he neared the place where Alarian had stopped, he heard him call out his name. Curious, he moved to his side and froze when he saw the unconscious child. He released a heavy sigh. Well what are we supposed to do with it? he asked, gaze inspecting the form as if it were some kind of alien.

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September 13, 2019, 03:29 PM
Lone Wolves

it took time to come to his senses, whichever he had left. his eyes slowly fluttered open, light immediately enveloped his sights. why was it so bright? why couldn’t he see anything? he clenched his eyes shut, but his furrowed brow caused his brain to pulsate and ache. no matter what he did, the immense pain did not cease.

and that wasn’t the end of it. when he tried to get up an intense wave of nausea struck him. his muscles ached, his head pounded. he was cold and wet. he could barely lift a paw, let alone carry the weight of his body. so he didn’t try.

instead he sat in a pool of misery, wondering how he had gotten here in the first place. he couldn’t for the life of him remember what bought him here or why he was in such pain. hell, he couldn’t even remember who he was. what he looked like, how he came to be. it was all so frightening.

the child was unaware of the onlookers until one of them began to speak. then another voice chimed in. he couldn’t understand what was being said. it was just loud sounds that melted with the water. it wasn’t like he could open his eyes to investigate either. they’d be showered in light, just like everything else. the only thing that suggested he was aware of their presence was the rapid, fearful breathing.