Haunted Wood Nightwalkers
September 17, 2019, 10:06 PM
Vengeance (RIP)
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Pack Basics

Name: Nightwalkers
Ranks: custom ranks (military inspired)
Location: Haunted Woods
Acronym: NW
Founded: 17/09/2019
Founding Warlord: Vengeance Rache
Founding General: Alison Bel
Pack Colours: #740000 & #261C1C

Breeding: Everyone is allowed to breed, but the Alpha and their Consort will always have priority, followed by the General and their Consort. Loyal members will be next to follow in the priority list and so on and so forth. Although the current Warlord as the final say, we do generally try to include everyone to fill up puppy slots every year.

Rank Challenges: Rank challenges are encouraged for every rank! Yes, this includes the position for Warlord and General! We encourage a shifting leadership provided the new leader is willing to remain as active as possible or step down if they cannot keep up with the leadership duties.

Founding Members (11)
Vengeance Rache, Alison Bel, Serem Mortem, Astara Melonii-Demonte, Merrick Betsalel-Redleaf, Vanity Valadez, Black Hat, Wurha, Valour, Tzila Arlli, and Radar


        Warlord: Valour - 16/04/2020 to current
        General: Serem Mortem - 16/01/2020 to current

        Warlord: Hela Melonii - 15/01/2020 to 16/04/2020
        Warlord: Vengeance Rache - 17/09/2019 to 15/01/2020
        General: Alison Bell - 17/09/2019 to 01/01/2020


[Image: misty-forest-on-mountain-in-china_b2dcwn...full01.png]
A forest territory southeast of Redhawk Cladera, this Haunted Wood provides life of all kinds. The wood is split into three sections. One, a dark, foggy place covered by a canopy of gnarled oak trees. The second is filled with mysterious willow trees where sunlight drips through the leaves. The final section is thriving with birch trees and lots of plant life thanks to the river that runs through the area. Territory description was written by Lusa.
[Image: 6bmuNIp.jpg?1]
Wretched Timberland - the Meeting place
Year-round red, dried, pine needles blanket the ground in a thick spongy, spiny, cover. Sprouting from the needles is lush greenery, the majority is made up of ferns and ivy. Roots of certain trees crawl from the ground, pushing the trees and ground upward, creating small slopes from where the tree sits and where the roots rest along the walls of the empty river. Mist constantly creeps over the air and ground. In the middle lays a very large slopped rock, on its back are a few trees and again more pine needle, but the dark grey of the rock still claims to hold on its looming presence.

[Image: beJNGzU.jpg?1]
Cardinal Grove - Hunting Grounds
Rolling hills of brilliant reds, oranges, and yellow flowers claims its stakes on this small clearing between two forests of pine that surround it. Every now and then a few pines dot the lands, breaking up the sea of ruby that snakes around a corner around some woods. A light mist hangs in the air high above, but it is one of the clearest locations in the Haunted Woods as far as a fog goes. Deer, moose, elk, marmots, and rabbit are the common prey you can find here year-round.

[Image: CXxwqCk.jpg?1]
Dead River Bed - Land
Silence. No birds dare to sing in these woods. The air hangs in thick dark fog over the green forest where a twisted river once lay claim. Dried and flooded with leaves, the river's carcass now lays at the foot of tall trees as they hang over the trail with exposed roots. Swarmed with birch trees, once autumn hits, the forest turns from a lush green to a brilliant, gory, red. Some rabbits can be seen, but are quite rare. Raccoons, rats, mice, voles, and other potential small prey can be seen. This is the perfect place to teach the young how to hunt.

[Image: SILtRfM.png?2]
Shadow Grotto - Dens
Carved into the side of a large rocky hill are countless dark caverns. Even during the brightest of days, the caverns are overcast with a thick fog that clings heavily to the ground and the air, suffocating the light. There are three levels to the caverns, each separated by a large flat rocky terrain, more than enough for the largest of wolves to walk along. Spotted with soft moss along the rock - some caves are generously carpeted with moss, while others are not.

[Image: nzLiOK7.jpg?1]
Phantasm River - Water Source
Cloaked in a thick haze that seems to rise from the lake and hide how far the river stretches, this is the main river in the Haunted Woods that runs through the lands. The beaches are made of smooth rocks that seem to dot the waters as it goes into the deeper ends. In the spring, rainbow trout are wildly common for those who are capable of fishing. Autumn, thick, powerful salmon claim the rivers as a breeding ground. Year-round, very large carp, suckerfish, and rarely some walleye can be found.

The Pit Gay Baby Jail - Ravine
After the earthquakes, a ravine carved itself into the ground that carves across the dead riverbed and intersects in the middle. During wet seasons the ravine may harbor a small stream of freshwater but dries up rather quickly. In the middle of the ravine is where it gets its name, The Pit.  The Pit is deep with steep walls, where a tree has uprooted and lays on the one side to create some kind of shelter. This is where the captives of Nightwalker live. Healthy, full-grown wolves of medium size or larger can get out of The Pit with some effort, but injured, sick or too small of individuals may find it close to impossible of climbing out without assistance. Though possible - one has to be wary of the constant patrols should they wish to make an escape.