Haunted Wood i’m looking from a distance, and i’m listening to the whispers
All Welcome  October 16, 2019, 11:51 AM
Lone Wolves

now that their residence seemed semi-permanent, astara set to furnishing the artifacts that adorned her and @Merrick’s makeshift den. 

she had taken to small collections of stones ever since ganondorf, that blasted bastard thief, had stolen the motherstone, the last token of her homeland. in her search she found no trinket of high compare, though the assortment of rocks that lined their den might have intrigued some. 

set against the wall, resting under tendrils of roots that fanned their fingers outward in little shoots, sat a blanched skull of avian origin. this, astara’s most recent prize, was flanked by a circlet of metallic stones. astara placed the last of the pebbles by its silvery companions, and sharply a vision of her sister swam to the forefront of her mind.

»» they may promise you that the river ain't too deep. ««