Lost Creek Hollow tiger
November 12, 2019, 12:01 PM
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for @Tiarnach but AW!

today, pike set out with the intent of hanging out with someone who wasn't brou or spook. sure, they were fine, but he was definitely confident he would be able to make more friends then just the ones he was like... forced to be friends with.

he vaguely remembered tiarnach. like, he was still sort of developing all those important things when he'd met the guy. and then they'd all left. which pike also knew to be bad -- but also it seemed to be fine now, i mean, he was back wasn't he? this was all too much thinking for pike. he was gonna make this a mostly fresh start. new friends. new trauma for others to endure. yes. 

he found the other kids scent and began hunting him down, ears pricked and tail swinging.