Bearclaw Valley what mysteries we are
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        he had left behind the mountain and the wood, and ranged forth like a salmon to its natal grounds. singularly minded, not intending to return, merrick walked, knowing @Astara would follow.
        it was a harsh trek, sullied with snow, slowed by his half-healed wounds, but on he went, until the land grew more and more familiar, and lifted his head with pride and with remembrance.
        here he had run with the girl whose name he refused to recall, here with indra, and here — yes, yes
        here he had begun to live.
        drawing a breath that shook with the great weight of his emotion, merrick called to his senses the bear spirit, standing at the mouth of the valley where he had been thrust into the world, amid blood, amid death. "you're home," the boy murmured aloud, a relieved smile spreading across his handsome features; it was for both of them that he spoke.

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December 02, 2019, 05:36 PM
Lone Wolves

so terrible with anything past 1 character buuut gonna see if my dead muse for her lasts until christmas lmao

        the blunt spires were not unlike those of the very behemoths which the vale itself was named after; curling and reaching and tugging into the frostfelled skies as if only wishing to rent heavens' belly open open open and let the shimmering entrails from another plane cascade out and out and out!—
        it was one of the only beauties that might give odile will to again live; but for now, gold-limned ears lifted to hymnal notes. and then she was casting herself o'er snowd and fractured frond, to rest eyes on a male who merely speaks spiritual into air.

        nothing is said, for now.
Yesterday, 11:53 AM
        it was not long before he was attended by a woman wreathed in black, her gold accents drawing his eyes. but she was no astara, and therefore merrick found his initial intrigue fading. he would have pressed on into the valley had not the bear whispered to him
        gather her
        and so the boy turned back and flashed the newcomer an inviting smile. "i'm merrick," he greeted, no longer bothering to disguise his name. fully protected, now that the spirit burned within. "do you live around here?"

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