Sleepy Fox Hollow Where the North wind meets the sea.
All Welcome  December 04, 2019, 02:44 PM
@Ketzia, maybe?  :)

For a time, Nyx thought that this was to be the end of her.

Sickness had forced her into hiding, into a bubble that shielded her away from the world not only to protect the pack from any potential spread if illness, but to die.

Luck was not on her side, however. The weeks ticked by excruciatingly slowly, plague ravaging her body's fat reserves and stripping her of strength until the tawny Ostrega was a shadow of her former self. As far as she was aware, no one had come looking for her - and she wouldn't have either, had her position been switched with that of a healthy comrade.

Nyx knew she was feeling better when her hunger returned, forcing her dangerously narrowed frame from her hollow in search of something. Anything. Unaware of the General's own misfortune, unsure if the pack had gathered and moved on as planned, Nyx began her hunt for any signs of her packmates' proximity.