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He stormed down the path that was wreathed most recently in @Bhediya's scent, fuming. For her scent was so thickly wreathed in Kukulkan's that it burned. It burned like indigestion, like a too-hot summer's day. It burned like every terrible sensation of heat—

And he burned for her in myriad ways. He must have her, he must take her, he must stamp this willfulness out of her before she ended up round with some bloke's whelps.

BHEDIYA! Pygmalion roared, bursting through various bits of winter-dead underbrush, heedless of the way the forest raked his flesh. He was without sense, out of his mind, uncaring of any physical sensation but her. Her scent, her taste, her insides. . .

A groan caught in his throat at the thought, for as wrathful as her heady smell had made him, it had elicited other feelings as well. Feelings he was far more keen to entertain than anger.
January 06, 2020, 09:36 PM
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oh shit

bhediya remained on the mount alongside @Kukulkan. the invitation to courtfall had been accepted; soon, the pair would descend and make their way to the vale. she rested a short distance away from him, allowing herself to doze off into an afternoon nap. 

until she heard pygmalion's call. she rose immediately onto all fours, looking frantically for some place to hide. to her accomplice, she whispered, listen!, before bounding off toward a nearby collection of bushes.
January 06, 2020, 11:10 PM
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This trip hadn't been going as planned.
Well, as originally planned.

This had been a diplomatic mission, one to strengthen ties between allies as well as placing K's face out there as a representative of his new home. Doing so would give him a foot in the door for future missions where he could actually be useful. Helpful. On top of that all, he could learn more about these lands, their peoples, their cultures and the socio-political dynamics between them all. That had been his true ambition, his goal.

Becoming a father had not been on his agenda.
Yet here he lay, scent intermingled with the Magician as she rested not one yard away, collecting her energy as it'd be critical for their descent into Courtfall soon. Honestly the boy had not fully come to grasp what it all meant now, to be a father, to have offspring that would come into this world. While he was not opposed to the idea, it also had never passed through his mind - he had had a foreign concept dropped at his paws.

Handling it seemed a delicate process, and he hadn't the first clue where to begin.

But a violent call echoing off the mountain walls seemed to be an igniter, triggering a gut instinct. Something that lay in the Riccus bloodline, something hastened by the frenzy of the little shadow as she worried for a hiding spot. A slow burning of embers in his chest, his gaze sharpening as it faced the direction of that voice, Kukulkan rose up and offered the slightest of nods to Bhediya as she bound off. No matter what the future held between the two, one thing was certain - she was carrying his future spawn. And something seemed to threaten that.

Standing tall, standing dominant, Kukulkan would walk a few deliberate paces down the trail, creating a buffer between the threat and its intended target. "Ain't nothin' fer ya here." Low, gurgling with a threatening growl and a tone that gave no room for question. That childlike demeanor had seemed to vanish, instead a cloak of fire wrapped itself around the pirate son as the winter winds slashed with cold and powder.

"Might wanna turn an' leave," It wasn't an offer. That churning in his gut, that white hot burning in his veins, Kukulkan's gaze seared as they locked onto Pyg's, lips beginning to curl. This was, after all, the true reason he'd been brought along: for protection.

And now he had more to protect.

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January 08, 2020, 09:26 AM
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He was met by not Bhediya but Kukulkan, reeking (to Pygmalion's great ire) of Bhediya and her heat. His lips curled back to reveal his teeth, a snarl rumbling in his throat, his chest. He strode up to the lanky man with purpose, raising his chin and tail flagging high.

Get the fuck oot of my way, Pygmalion breathed, voice not lacking strength in spite of its reduced volume. Ye fuckin' shite-for-brains. D'ye realize what ye've done?

His nostrils flared, seeking out his mate. She was near, he knew it. He just needed to get this stupid bodyguard out of his path and then he could find her. He would find her. He'd do whatever it took.
January 08, 2020, 09:37 AM
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bhe can be skipped if/until pyg finds her.
don't mind me trying to set the scene...

the foliage was wilted and sparse, leaving bhediya somewhat exposed. she tried using her dimunitive size to her advantage, curling up into a tight ball of black. the voices of her men held clear agitation, neither moreso than the other.

if never before, protect me now.

there was a small barrier between the two groups; a wide stone ridge, hardly daunting in height. behind it was a small clearing encircled by the southward cliff face. there was a mixture of sleet and snow layered onto the stone playing field, its edges lined by barren bushes.

in one of these bushes did bhediya lie, awaiting her fate as pygmalion rounded the corner.