Firefly Ravine wayward siren
All Welcome  January 13, 2020, 09:43 PM
Lone Wolves

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Fairy toes had carried the willowy girl as far as she could manage. That is, until the whispers of crashing waves could no longer reach her ears. Once at that threshold, it was as though invisible ties held her back from venturing any further. As though the seas, her life and blood, could not bear such distance.

Truly, neither could she.

The night hung heavy, the starlight above as brilliant as it was enchanting. Blackened midnight soothed the priestess, it was a cloak that granted her peace, calm. Allowed her thoughts to roam un-tethered. But this night, it did not suit her quite as well. Instead of the fragrance of the oceans, she tasted only pine, stone, the chill from the mountains to the south.

"how terribly sad..." that these lands were so isolated, so locked between stone and stone. Dark, wistful eyes stared down the steep descent into the ravine, smelling the waters and hearing their gentle warbles. "do you yearn for the mother?"

The mother beckoned all.
January 14, 2020, 08:44 AM
It was a cold night to be wandering, but Kiwi couldn't rest just yet.  She found it hard to sleep with so much to do... soon her claim would be cemented, and then she could relax.  As much as she ever did, that is.

The ravine brought back memories of her first trip out of Drageda.  She remembered losing track of Bat... this had really started their downfall, hadn't it?  She stared at the cliff as she walked along it, then snorted.  It was less impressive than she remembered.

Her head turned as a voice murmured a ways off, but she couldn't make out the words.  It was late to be meeting strangers but she could not pass on any opportunity, so she continued until the other woman came into view.

Who are you? She had a bad habit of approaching anyone she met as if she owned the ground they walked on, though to her credit, at least she didn't try to claim they didn't belong there.

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