Neverwinter Forest Do I Dare
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Set after Kyr's visit to Moonspear. For any NFW recruit, but @Mal obv. wanted for info. @Philip may be nice to see again. @Belharra could always pop up.
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Sunset had befallen the lands and as she began to enter the forestry, the canopy swallowed the light whole. Vallkyrie knew that her traveling partner had a den somewhere within these walls but she also knew that, as Belharra had put it, a group of yearlings lived here as well trying to claim these lands for themselves. Vallkyrie had roamed as a loner for months, well beyond winter and all throughout it. She had craved a home though had yet to find one for herself. Having a pack of yearlings and a pup even leading her was not something she was looking for. She wanted structure, wanted a purpose and to build herself up amongst the ranks, to be proud of her new home as she was proud of her birth pack. But Vallkyrie tried not to be judging. It may be true they were just a group of pups leaving the nest but it could also be true Vallkyrie could find true purpose here with a pack starting from the ground up. The only way to really know was to come and find out.
February 07, 2020, 08:49 PM
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Mal was just finishing up his patrol for the day, sprucing up the well tended borders and all that jazz. Nothing weird out, though in the past week he'd noticed that one stupid chick had seemed to have gone by the outer reaches. She'd best stay out there, the pack was growing and luck wouldn't favor her acting like queen of the twits forever. Maybe that one new guy might want to take a chunk out of her. Time would tell.

But before he turned towards the territory's heart, he spotted someone else lingering outside. Why did none of them howl? It made them all look suspicious, regardless of intentions. Mal moved to intercept, putting on the facade of cheer that he'd grown used to. More habit than mood today, he still had things to work through. The chick out there seemed to be about his age, and not anyone he recognized. You're at Neverwinter. Looking for something or did I just have the fortune of seeing you as you pass on by? Mal did these days walk more confidently around his territory, but he wasn't the overbearing sort, he'd rather have his amiable but a little devious expression have more of the focus.
February 07, 2020, 10:35 PM
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It took not long at all for a wolf's arrival. Though there was only a few dominant scents here - four, five? It didnt seem quite enough to establish a full sized pack. They were a band for sure and still territoiral to their claim, Vallkyrie was certain. The wolf whom came, with a sniff, would tell her that he was the main one here marking the borders with the most noticeable scent on the borders. She observed him curiously through icy eyes as he neared. 

He was quite an interesting looking wolf, to say the least. Not only did he have bi-colored eyes of the sun and moon, his coating was of a malted patchwork of coloration she had yet to see on a wolf. To his words, she smirks, a coy and cool expression which kept her features as she answered. While you may yet still have the fortune of seeing me, she toys playfully, It is you I'm looking for, I believe. She eyes him a moment up and down, her slender legs pushing her at a closer distance into the forest. A, little bog-rat, told me about your establishment your trying to build here. I was curious of it and thought to check it out for myself. Though what all information he was willing to give about his attempted claim would yet to be revealed. I'm Vallkyrie Archer.
February 07, 2020, 11:41 PM
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There were five or six, depending on whether or not the last guy is actually joining or just lurking about for the hell of it. At some point threads will be completed and that part will be clear. He tipped his head back a little, and with a smirk made a particularly theatrical show of looking her up and down once more, We'll see how long I can keep you, then. Vallkyrie at least from this brief instant didn't seem to be up to no good, so if she was game, he'd play a little.

Bog rat? His first thought was the otter that Quellcrist had tagging along, but it didn't seem the otter could talk so.. Who else would it be? Well, Mal didn't consider Belharra a rat (that would be an insult to rats, probably), maybe more of a particularly disagreeable stump or something. In the end, it didn't really matter. As long as word got around the pack existed and they didn't instantly hate him, Mal was okay with it. So, humor it was! But a bog rat? My, you must keep interesting company then.

He dipped his head slightly then, I'm Mal, and though I can try to bore you to death with every little detail you might want to know, what tidbit would most strike your fancy? A wider grin then. Having a bit of verbal back and forth was one thing, but if she wanted information, he'd rather get to the point -- it'd be one thing if there was actual fun involved, but if she was just here for a bit of information, he'd rather give it to her (if it wasn't too weird) to see what she actually wanted. After all, border stuff was work, kinda, though he tried to keep things amusing if he could.
February 08, 2020, 08:00 PM
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He, too, would find himself looking her up and down and not trying to hide it, either. He was quite the flirt, it seemed, but then again, it could be the fact that it was very obviously breeding season. Being around the same age this would be the first season for the both of them. Vallkyrie, whilst knowing the toxicity of herself at this time, especially during her first time, had managed to keep herself together. It only helped that she had been mostly to herself during these past few months and if not, mainly sticking around ladies like herself. Kyr had a good head on her shoulders anyhow and if she were to play the royal position of those Archers before her, she wouldn't just sleep with any ol wolf, cute and flirty or not. 

Vallkyrie's coy smile does not fade and she laughs at the malted wolf's words with a nod of her crown. Ah, yes, but I don't think interesting even quite sums her up. @Belharra was without a doubt a very peculiar woman. A both sly and brash woman, a trickster and yet honest if you have her the opportunity. After all, since they had decided to partner up, Kyr hadn't once had to chase her down for her share of food like the first interaction. 

With his words, his youth shined through. He didn't seem all too inclined to keep the topic on business. He wanted to get to the point, maybe in hopes to get this part part and lean the conversation elsewhere? He was not proper or structured by any means, it seemed, yet on the other side of the coin was still open to newcomers, friendly and willing to answer questions. This was good. 

Well... She spoke, lifting her head up towards the dying light of the sky a moment and taking in a deep breath before fixing her haze back to him. I want to know many things. Like if it is true this to-be pack is only just a bunch of pups and yearlings and if that's true, if you plan on making this home permanent, a real home and not just a get away for awhile. I wanted to know how long you've been trying, so I know how determined you are. Icy eyes lock on him, pausing so that he may answer I'd he so chose before she continued. She wanted to know how much he wanted this, how much he cared. If she were to be lead by someone so young, she wanted to know he meant to do the right thing and that he was worth someone to stand by. And if you've formed any enemies or allies. Your rules, what it takes to prove yourself in the ranks... I want to know many things because I've been traveling for months, since last fall and I want a place I can settle for quite awhile, to protect and learn and grow. Perhaps it was a whole lot more then he bargained for, but she was a determined woman. Determined to get what she wanted out of a pack if she were to give it her all to it and to him. He could respect it, or he could shun it. His choice.
February 08, 2020, 11:00 PM
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Mal, on the other hand, wasn't so picky. Someone wanted to have a good time? Sure, let him know. Now what would happen next time he found some woman in heat he still wasn't sure and he still was trying no to think too much about it-- what had happened with Cupid had done a lot to put a question mark there that he still had to figure out. There were plenty of months left for him to be smart or stupid.

The bog rat was a her, apparently? Well, narrowed things down a little -- Maegi and Ceilidh hadn't been rats, so who was there? Really, it couldn't be Belharra, could it? He couldn't see how she could befriend anyone with the way she'd acted around him. So, he didn't say more on that, but did tip his head curiously for a moment. Perhaps she'd reveal more at some point.

Nah, Vallkyrie had given him a lot of other things to respond to. So you really do wanna know everything, huh? Well, then, I'll just talk your ears off, see if you get sick of me, he said with a smirk. I've been here since summer -- there's been good times and bad, but we've lived through the earthquakes and that hell, and now with deer coming back, stuff is shaping up.

A brief pause before he continued, I'm not aiming for anything crazy complicated, just a pack where people can belong and all that.  Give everyone a new start if they want it, and make sure everyone is heard and cared for, taught, everything. Everyone gets to be who they should be, want to be. Where if anyone wants to ditch all the baggage they brought with 'em and be totally different, no problem. Be you, whoever that is. Think we'll all be happier with it that way even if it's a little rough to start. I'd rather have good people around than perfection.

Alliances? Maybe a couple, but haven't had the chance to follow up since winter started -- think we're almost to a place where I can go do that without worrying about everyone. And I've got a plan for how to keep our more... pushy neighbors liking us too. No plans to chuck us all into a pile of trouble, much more a live and let live kind of thing. No pack enemies at least -- there's probably a few homicidal maniacs who hate my guts for telling the world they were trying to hide here, but can't say I have any regrets about that. Probably made us some friends if anything. Mal had a sort of bemused expression at that -- it had been terrifying at the time, but now he'd do it again without question.

A tilt of his head, Any questions, or shall I keep going? What else -- progression I guess? She'd mentioned a bunch of things, and he wasn't sure after all that blabbing that he'd touched on the rest of them.
February 09, 2020, 05:32 PM
Yes, dont find out. Lol

And so, 'Mal', as simple of a name it was, began. Vallkyrie sat her slim little ass down on the forest floor, content to listen him out as he began to tell her just how long he had been out here trying to form this pack. That although it had been quite awhile of trying to officially form, they had managed to stick it together not only through this winter but through the famine which happened due to the earthquakes prior. Vallkyrie was glad she missed out on that but the land was ravished there after which she was all too aware of. 

He wanted simplicity in his pack, not any specific rulings, any tradition to follow it seemed. Just a group of wolves, looking to start fresh and reconnect with their roots. It was different then the well structured, commanding and strict system which Vallkyrie  was aware of yet perhaps a change of pace would be nice for her. After all, she had been a rogue for quite a time now and she had some pleasant past with that as well. If this pack were so new, surely she could work hard to make it a good place to live, help form it and shape it to be a pack worth being proud of and something wolves wanted to cherish being a part of. Only time would tell, of course. 

Once he was finished, she shook her head to his question  and spoke. No, i think you've told me all I need to know and have been very honest about it. She could tell he didnt seem the type that was all about proper politics. Vallkyrie knew how to play the face of royal upbringing well and despite Mal not seeming the type he had been kind enough to flood an essential stranger at his borders with everything they wanted to know. With Kyr's words, she wanted him to know that she was honestly happy for him being open with her. 

She lifts up from her sitting then, coming to step a bit closer to Mal, taking in a deep breath of his scent - the scent of the thick forestry which he lived. I can assure you I am a woman worth having in your ranks. She spoke confidently, her white chest lifting if only to add to her pride. I will work hard to protect it and strengthen it and there wont be any trouble with you soon knowing my worth. And from there, her progression within the ranks would be known. Besides,  She went on, jumping and prancing so that she could move around him. The ocean is not far and there are lakes and rivers throughout and I am quite the fisher. She spoke with a lighter air, her expression of royal upbringing shedding as she laughed. So what say you, Alpha?
February 09, 2020, 07:06 PM
Apparently, his rambling had gone over well. Mal certainly had his dreams, and even if they were fuzzy and unclear in places, he wanted to make them a thing. He grinned, Think it sounds good -- I think if we get a few more like you we're really gonna have something. Fishing'll be a new skill to add to the bunch. Bit of a trip now, yeah, but once the brooks thaw... Or at the very least things were looking like it wasn't going to just be him pulling everyone up to where they should be. But really, a few wolves with a clue would certainly put them on more solid footing. Get hunting skills polished and find everyone's niches... 

Since she had a way higher chance of knowing what a pack would look like than say, Zephyr (sorry Zeph), Mal had to make sure that it was obvious that he wasn't running along blind and doing things willy-niilly. And if you end up having thoughts on things we can make better, or I gotta have a talk with someone who's having a hard time or something, you're always free to come find me. It's that whole we're building this together thing, yeah? He wanted to make something that would last, even if the start was a little... Odd. But he'd take that odd and make it something better. Better than all the people that might have wronged its members -- make 'em regret their choice to be jerks.

A slight tip of his head then, But before I go and offer you a tour and all that, last chance in case there's anything you'd want to ask? Whether of me as a person, or about the pack. Make sure there really wasn't anything worth noting. After that, commence the welcome to the pack nonsense, he supposed!
February 10, 2020, 11:02 AM
'A few more like you...' Kyr could help the smile, a wave of confidence overtaking her. She felt good here, now, knowing once more she had a place in this world. That she had goals to meet, missions to accomplish and other wolves, likely teens, looking for someone to help guide them. She knew her friend was all about the open skies and freedom, without anyone to answer too, but Vallkyrie felt happier with that sense of belonging. Having a true home. 

I dont mind the travel, really. I've always had a knack for scouting out and after these past four months of it, I think I got my bearings. At least between here, the coast and the flatlands. She explained and with it, allowed him to know where she had mainly been and what lands she knew well enough around here to scout if the need be. Of course, she was always willing to expand her horizons, especially if she had her Belly-Bard (@Belharra) to keep her occupied.

He mentioned then that if she came up with any ideas, if someone was struggling within the ranks, she could always seek him out. That they were building this together. She nods in agreement, silent a moment as he finishes his sentence before speaking. Of course. We are Pack, after all. A unit. Protect each other, guide each other... I know were all young and bound to make mistakes but that's just stepping stones to learning how to do it right, and we will learn. She was determined now, which shown through in her voice. 

Mal then offered her a chance for question yet again, leaving the floor open whether it be about the pack or even he himself. Your name isnt short for Malachi, is it?? She shakes her head then, thinking better that likely not. Idk, always liked the name is all. She spoke with a chuckle and trotted forward, deeper into the dark, thick forestry. I've nothing else yet, lead the way, Boss.
February 11, 2020, 10:44 PM
So it seemed fitting in to the pack wasn't going to be much of a stretch for her at all. Good. It seemed like things would mesh well if she kept to her word. Once the weather broke, they'd really get a good sense of what she was able to do. But maybe soon they'd go after the deer instead... Their numbers were looking a lot better. He'd have to get planning!

Her one question, though, wasn't what he was expecting -- there was a slight flicker of expression on his face, but it was brief and muddled so hard to tell what he was really thinking. This was perhaps the one time he was hesitant of speaking. But only somewhat. It was. Never got called that though, and at this point, it's all now history. Part of what I left behind. Perhaps it was childish to continue with it, but knowing he had that break made things feel cleaner somehow. Not particularly an exciting time -- now's much better. The grin had returned. So c'mon, shall take you to see the sights! Or lots of trees, whichever.
February 12, 2020, 05:36 PM
There was an excitement in him, he could tell and it was enough to make Vallkyrie wriggle her black tail in happiness. Only time would tell, but perhaps joining a newly establishing group was for the best. Originally she had planned to join a well aged pack, already strong, capable. She could ease herself into it, get her bearings. But here? Here much work was to be done - gathering members, findings out their uses, regeinforing borders, finding a densite for herbs and those ill, finding an even larger shelter perhaps for bad weather... Her mind spun at the thoughts and yet, this meant she was needed here. Not just another number, not someone easily replaced.  Her ideas would be heard, her work noticed, her presence necessary. It was what she wanted, the hard worker she was. Flowing through life without goals or purpose could only last so long for her. She was a 'taken' woman now. 

When he spoke of his name, there was only the slightest hesitance,  the first since their meeting. She had not expected it, but that really had been his name and a past, not the most pleasant it seemed, which he had put behind him. Shame. It is a nice name, but I suppose Mal will have to do. She shrugged and gave a bit of a laugh, nudging her shoulder into him then and galloping into the forestry, awaiting his follow. Wait - wasnt he supposed to be leading?
February 12, 2020, 11:52 PM
I think we can maybe archive unless you wanted it to go on longer? :D Up to you! If you want a new thread, feel free to tag me or snag one when I get around to making more, heh.

He did brighten a little at her comment, mostly because he'd thought up his own quip in reply, Well, if you really like it you're free to take it--- hey! She'd taken off, and Mal was quick to follow. What, now you're wanting a self-guided tour? he called to her, closing the distance as well as he could. If she was trying to make a game of it, then obviously it wouldn't be so easy.

Going by the important landmarks at a higher speed certainly would make it go quick at least, but no time to chat! But honestly he wasn't sure what she wanted because nobody else had gone on like this. Sheesh! But hey, he'd do whatever -- roll with the punches in a sense, and if it was only gonna be a cursory glance at things so she had her directions, then so it goes.