Cerulean Cape can you feel my broken heart?
Read Only  April 22, 2020, 08:52 PM
Ying was gone. 

It was not too much of a surprise- oftentimes would that girl disappear to wander in the mainland, probably sleep with numerous men and frequent every pack she could. Almost a week now. The thing that was surprising- and hurtful was that she had left so close to the birth. Mei was seldom these days, Ruò not too keen on her rank, and so her family was distant. She had her husband, yes- but surely Ying understood that the only one she needed by her side at this time was her. Neither of them could've known for sure when the kids would be born- but Huā was looking like a balloon these days, and the pains came more and more frequently, the fearsome kicks which had her occasionally keel over. 

No, she could not be alone now. Nor with only her young husband. Admit it, Huāzhen. You barely know him. He just your trophy boy.

So she would search. Heaving upward from the isle was painful now, her willowy legs were barely enough to support her weight. She could not have swum at this time and so Huā was grateful for the tide which was low. First she hit Sea Lion Shores. No trace there. Then Cerulean Cape. Nothing there. Even if she'd been here, the scents were washed away, by rain or waves or numerous other beasts. And Ying was gone without a word, when Huā most wanted her by her side. She turned her gaze back to the island- the tide was high now, and there would be no swimming back any hour soon. 

So she found a lovely spot upon the sands to weep quietly to herself, eyes stinging with the burn of salt and tears until she could cry no longer.