Moonspear all is as all should be
All Welcome  May 06, 2020, 02:39 AM
The weather had finally turned warmer, though he couldn't have said he had much faith in it lasting. It had been a cool spring compared to the year before, the snow almost daring to linger longer than it should along the slopes of the jagged mountain. Yet the greenery had prevailed in the end; it almost exploded in segments overnight from day to day, and flowers were in full bloom where they dared to grow along the midland.

The loose stones shifted beneath his feet as he worked against the grain of gravity here, the soil damp and better suited to the horned goats and their ilk. He could have taken an easier path along, perhaps a better traveled one, but restless had imbued him and seized his thoughts with an iron grasp.

Hydra would be whelping soon—his wonders like the year before were renewed.

But it was not the only thing that weighed on his mind either. He wondered after his soon to be eldest children and wondered after the rest of Moonspear itself. There were newer faces in their midst now, some there longer than others in truth, but a weary, wary sense followed him. Jarilo and Kukutux crossed his thoughts too—he had seen neither, but imagined their roles were no different than what he shared with his wife.

In the middle of all this, his eyes locked onto a black smudge against the stark granite. @Lyra, he presumed; he hadn't seen much of Nikai or Alya either but knew that they were about. Generally one not far from the other, and in this case this particular smudge on the horizon was not accompanied by anyone yet. Finding purchase along the slope as it evened out along the lowland, he called out to her with a chuff.
May 22, 2020, 03:15 AM
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She had spent a lot of her time with Hydra lately as her sister's pregnancy reached its final stages. The year before had prepared them well, and things seemed to be going smoothly enough, though Lyra still couldn't help but stay close to her twin, eager to oversee the process and offer help where needed. Hydra, however, as patient as she was with her mirror images, seemed to have had enough of her nearly overbearing company and, with a snap of her jaws, sent Lyra elsewhere for the rest of the day, leaving Alya to tend to the hormonal woman.

So the Ostrega headed somewhere other than the den, taking to the granite cliff faces of the Spear instead. She paced aimlessly up and down the trails, features impassive but her body language betraying an anxiety that rarely surfaced nowadays. Eventually, after burning through some of the nervous energy, she made her way to where the landscape evened out a little, hoping to find some relief in stretching out in the verdant grasses before a sudden, familiar noise caught her attention.

She paused, casting a glance over her shoulder to see Dirge in the distance, whom she invited closer with a toss of her head, before wandering forward and collapsing unceremoniously to the ground with a huff.
May 22, 2020, 05:41 PM
He joined her, closing in that distance as she appealed to the ground with very much of the same emotion he felt; a weariness that somehow felt restless and out of spite. This was very much a tireless time where anticipation wore them thin and yet he was grateful for managing to secure some sort of company that was both reassuring and distracting.

He stretched alongside her, though he did not willingly fling himself to the grasses.

“That seems to be the right idea,” he murmured, only to find his jaws splitting into a noisy yawn. Unexpectedly. “I’d imagine she’s about run you and Alya ragged by now too. It’s soon, isn’t it?” For want of a nail, the topic of his children to come was the only conversation piece that came to mind.