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All Welcome  June 30, 2020, 11:06 AM
She knew they were overdue for their visit to @Hydra and company, though there was nothing for it. Towhee had grounded Meerkat for leaving the copse unsupervised. The pup was properly contrite about it and Towhee knew she'd lift the punishment in a few days. But she couldn't stop thinking about how the little girl could've bumped into a dangerous stranger rather than a friendly one full of tales about dragons.

And her wayward youngest's little field trip had stirred some fear in the mother's heart. Meerkat was growing fast and she aspired to be a scout, which meant she'd probably leave one day, just like @Fennec and @Figment. Towhee knew this was normal, even expected, and she didn't fault her older children for striking out on their own adventures. But she would be a big fat liar if she said the thought of Meerkat leaving too didn't make her want to scream.

The late June sun beat hot on her back as she wrapped up her patrol and set all these thoughts aside to fetch a drink from a nearby pool and then begin making her way back toward the rendezvous site for a bite of lunch.

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