Flycatcher Downs beerensaft
Private  August 02, 2020, 12:51 PM
we can set this whenever :D

        @Phaedra was particularly scarce these days, and mahler decided it was high time that their bond be mended. he knew, of course, that such things could not be forced, only coaxed; nevertheless, he went off to where the lone princess occupied her own rendezvous — and did not find her there.
        the panic was almost immediate; mahler steeled himself against its lash. she was older now, not so young as she had been during her first bout of fernweh.
        and so he went loping along one trail or another, intrigued at first to see how it looped and wended over itself, and dismayed with growing intensity to see that his child's little paws seemed to have led her out of bounds.
        damnable land and its reach. sagtannet all but swallowed its resident pack; mahler took himself down a dizzying descent upon the spire's southern face, horribly, direly amused at the idea that after all this, it would be he who was skewered on the foothills.
        however, his pronouncements did not come true. mahler settled four feet steady onto a flat expanse of trailing grasses that fed into dryer flora beyond; he set his muzzle down and began to course through the waving green for any sign of his wayward perle.

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