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Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Setting: Evening — 19:45.
Weather: 68F — sunny, slight breeze, clear skies.
Location: Ursus’ border.
Tags: @Derg @Merrick @Astara @Evien

Permission to PP Derg traveling with Donnie from Sofie. 
Anyone from Ursus welcome to join!(╹◡╹)♡

Forward dated to the 11th!

Kynareth is on a mission this time around. Though not for teasing pleasantries with the ever enticing, shadowy coy, over another matter entirely. Nyra. She’d gone to check up on their allies and did something to get fucked up. That something apparently applies to her shaking around the alpha’s kid like a rag doll. Nyra is a sweet wolf to her pack, perhaps to her allies as well, so there had to have been a reason that she did so. To which she mentions the pups wrong doing in attacking her. The kids gotta learn someday.

So here he trots, his Overseer at his side to speak with Ursus on the touchy matter. He doesn’t feel bad for their kid. He asked for it. He feels the same way for Nyra. Perhaps a simple snap in the kids direction and it would’ve gone differently. Yet, she did not. Now, Donovan is left cleaning up his pack mate’s messes. Again. 

Upon their arrival, he stops at their borders. Wasting no time, He holds his nose to the air and rips a boisterous howl from his breast. Thunderous and demanding attention. This is a serious matter that could go wrong in a matter of minutes. Yet Donovan will play his usual worry free, casual self. 

Now they wait.
September 09, 2020, 02:57 PM
a demand rung the air -- visitors darkening their doorsteps.

astara turned along the pine path, prowling towards the gates of bearclaw. there before the stony palisades stood the alpha that could not control his members -- the very same alpha of the she-wolf that had mauled her son.

in astara's eyes it had not been enough they had chased nyra from their claim. she prowled close, regarding the male and his counterpart coldly.

unless he was here for an apology in the form of nyra's severed head bequeathed to her in faithful reparation, he could fuck off.

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September 09, 2020, 03:01 PM
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Grandmaster strode with urgency with Overseer in tow.
Leaving the pack alone was a move that was demanded for the situation.
Nyra hadn't met enough for what she'd done, so he thinks.
They needed these allies. And Ursus knows that.

So he supposed grovelling would be the way. Not fucking.
They arrived at the borders, and Donovan called.
Derg pulled out a haughty look, ready for the worst. Expecting it.

He just hoped they'd listen before shooting.

The dark woman greeted them with her cold, amethyst gaze. She'd had blood. Did she want more?

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September 09, 2020, 03:39 PM
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Evien had been planning on heading to the Saints' borders himself, but they beat him to it. Both of their leaders had shown up on the border, and Astara had already met them there. The healer approached afterward - his own eye had healed, but was a clouded, pale shade of green rather than its usual forest. He could not see out of it anything but colors and shapes, and he wasn't hoping for a recovery from it.

"We were going to come and speak with your pack, but I had a child's injuries to care for, and she and Merrick had a wounded son. Broken ribs. I'm sure you can see why we would be a bit preoccupied," he spoke, his voice level and posture neutral, though there was a bit of bite in there. He hadn't been this angry in a long while, and he was sure it showed. How anyone could hurt such a small creature was beyond him.

Evien scanned the two Saints wolves over, ears angling forward. He felt dwarfed by the striped one in particular - Donovan, he presumed. That was what he was called at the gathering. "I'm also sure that you know that both of our packs need one another." This was a delicate situation - they would all be walking on a proverbial minefield here. He needed to at least be halfway cordial. "Are you aware of what happened on the border that day?"

He didn't get as close to them as Astara had, but he was close enough. Evien was not intimidating enough to do that. He was simply the conversation starter where his co-lead was far less vocal.
September 09, 2020, 04:13 PM
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since the incident of the other day, toad was further on edge. of course he wouldn't know her thoughts, but whether he knew it or not, he agreed with astara- a pack leader ought to be able to keep their wolves in line. toad was not a born leader, and actually preferred to follow, but he couldn't understand a leader who would let their subordinate hurt an ally- an ally child- and especially, the child of the ally leader. foolishness. 

that day when a loud howl echoed through the air, he pulled himself from his stone perch upon the slopes and made his way to the border in a matter of minutes. there stood one of the men who had fought alongside them against easthollow- and an unfamiliar male. toad stood just beyond evien and astara, though surely close enough that the healer would know his presence.

toad didn't mind falling into shadow, out of the spotlight- he was here as backup more than anything, in case matters went awry, but otherwise he was quietly interested in hearing whatever words might be exchanged as well. they better be words of apology, otherwise toad doubted this would be peaceful- though he was rarely one to initiate fighting on his own. that would be up to the leaders.

September 09, 2020, 06:37 PM
his is a cameo unless his presence is demanded <3 & feel free to go for that :D

merrick had not left aventus since nyra had escaped the jaws of ursus.
a narrow escape; her blood had painted scarlet the nodding heads of wildflowers in a trail that led toward the mountains. not fucking worth it not fucking worth it.
merrick was consumed in a furor of rage that burned through him as if it were a fever. the days dropped away their edges. nightfall was a boon. daytime was a beesting, punctuated by conversations he did not want to have and thoughts he did not wish to entertain.
easthollow and their battle seemed so distant now, though it was not. the bruin-witch was laid low by injuries unhealed and deepened by their almost-execution of the bitch who had snapped his son
my son
into the air — and
a ribcage splintered beneath the rise and fall of the boy's side. wherever he lay, the one-eyed lich had gathered himself, presumably in shifts shared between he and his queen and the healer, and merrick's heart hardened within him each handful of passing hours, against every wolf not of ursus.
he owed donovan nothing, and so when his lover's howl rose commanding, a clash of thunder in an already greygloom sky, merrick only lifted his head. his own heavens here were clear; the ravenlord of ursus and the greendruid that followed would suffice to meet the tiger there, the tiger-man and whatever entourage he had brought with him. a man of pomp. a massively powerful man with a charisma to match the gratuitous feline appetite.
merrick had been his repast — once.
single eye lay upon aventus. his son.
if one were to crack upon merrick's skull and root around with careful fingertips in the grey matter, they would find no semblance of recognizable love. only obsession. only the interim place where lust and violence converged into a thick maroon vein that bound the two halves of his brain together. merrick had no place for love, and therefore felt it not in a way that was sentiently affectionate.
only the nick of electricity sparkling along the stem of his mind, expanding tendrils of sensation into the parts of him that were made for life-taking. his son.
he thought of how avicus had mouthed his words that day. how she had killed the hapless thing with a clench of puppyteeth and rushing blood. how she worshipped the rook-regent in a manner as intense as he. aventus as well; both of them aware of their dam's incredible power, and in supplication to it. as it should be.
my heirs.
them both. avicus, the observer; aventus, the seeker. and merrick felt that same sensation for which he had no name pound into the front of his skull, that horrible wash of not-love that sickened him with worry and filled him with a fel hatred for those outside ursus. all of them.
he owed donovan nothing. merrick paused his limping skulk outside the place where aventus lay in recovery, but his single eye burned in the direction of the border where the tiger sought so brazenly to command him out. lips lifted, smoothly skimming back to reveal the harrowed fangs from tip to gumline.
the russet and ivory of his hackles lifted, and his gunmetal flanks expanded with a great breath beneath the saddling of darkness along his spine. 
merrick would not trust aventus' recovery until the boy uttered it himself; he was consumed with anguish and ravening, clawing abhorrence.
what can be done
a mother's pound of flesh for her first son
it brought him to mind of indra; merrick tensed, but allowed the thought its due. 
indra had never fought for him, never made the world turn to look upon her youth. 
the blackbird knew their son a smokescreen prince and their daughter a bloodstar princess. their worth was proven by her wealth of dedication, and at last the remainder of the jealous shackles fell away from merrick. 
he relaxed, the tension along his spine ebbing if one was watching him, and settled himself down. but still he trained the wartorn tatterings of ear toward the border, thrumming, waiting, glinting with the worry-spurred loathing that was beginning to gallop his pulse along.

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September 09, 2020, 07:33 PM
Skoll Almir
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Skoll had made his way to the borders despite the injuries he bore on his body. Minor tears on his muzzle that Nyra had taken upon herself to make before her narrow escape. And then his tail that was gone, healing for the most part though Skoll could care less of that while he was staring the leader of that other pack in the face. A broken Alliance - that woman chose to break it the moment she attacked the child. She could have left like she was instructed, and instead chose to poke the bear and face the wraith of a hundred more. 

He stood there, composed through his want to hear the answers to Evien's questions. He held back for the most part, also only there to watch and move forward to defend the pack if he was needed. Even if he knew how to plan thing, reasoning was not one of those things he was good at. He could do it, but he was not a master at it. For now, he would hold his tongue for he had nothing to say. To yell or to snarl would just make the situation worse, and it did not call for it yet. 

So his eyes would only scan who was already there, not many yet, but Skoll didn't think they would need many wolves there. He wondered how this Donovan fellow would hold against the gaze of the bear.
September 09, 2020, 07:57 PM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
The two stand near the borders, he shares a cautious look with his counterpart. They don’t have to wait long for the rook to arrive. Her snake like movements suspicious and not all too welcome to Donovan. It doesn’t bother him though. He’s met worse than the deathly silent woman before him. He almost wants to scoff at the site of her. Knowing that all she knows how to use is her teeth. Though he commemorates her for her savage nature, Donovan doesn’t appreciate it being used on them — their allies — for what began the feud between the two women was Astara’s jealousy, or perhaps insecurity over her mate. Perhaps it’s Merrick or Donovan she should be putting her teeth on instead of Nyra.

Fucking stupid. Is the only thing he can think of when his mind replays the events between the two. This woman will attack one of them today, he’s almost sure of it. Hell it’ll probably be Donovan. Especially if his apology isn’t up to standards for the ruffled wolf.

So his eyes follow her form neutrally. A dip of his muzzle in her direction to acknowledge her. Then his attention is brought to another approaching. Evien. He remembers the medic from their meeting. Meddling with his own medic about herbs and the such. Donovan regards him with the same motion before he hears him begin to speak.

At this time more approach. He’s not worried, truly. Though as more approach, he finds himself raising with disappointment when Merrick himself does not show. Not due to their connection. More like, besides Evien, he’s unsure of the remaining company’s ability to actually talk about shit like a normal person — wolf? (You know what I mean lol.) He is aware Astara is not one for words and he never met the other two. Evien seems his best bet.

When Evien is done speaking he nods to his words. “I agree.” He hums. Referencing the fact that the two packs would do better continuing to be allies. “And yes I’m aware of what happened. I wish to talk about it from a logical — not emotional — point of view. With our alliance in mind of course.” Comes his conversational reply. Not biting or stern, like Evien’s, but casual.
September 09, 2020, 09:10 PM
the raven regarded the duo at her doorstep coldly — for while astara had disliked all of them from the start, it had been nyra’s outright disrespect by staring astara down (therefore violating every tenet of natural wolf behavior any sensible wolf upheld) that had first set all of this in motion.

(and later, nyra’s assault on astara’s child only further cemented astara’s poor opinion of the saintswoman and her ilk)

lest that bear repeating: her child — HER CHILD — had been attacked. in his own home nonetheless.

astara logically expected humility; a graceful and heartfelt apology for her son’s grievous condition.   surely a competent leader would be horrified to learn the cup runneth over in regards to the unfailing ineptitude of his subordinate.

instead of an apology, astara was met with open male pride. a subtle dig at her emotions.  really? that is what the eminent and great leader of the saints chose to lead with, while his alliance with the all powerful Ursus hung tentatively in the balance. 

when one of his own had savaged her son in his fucking home. 

while astara was unaware her jealousy was so openly communicated, one thing was clear — she had never articulated her reason for disliking any of them. for all they knew she could just be another frigid bitch with an axe to grind. 

(until her son was nearly killed in his own home)

the blackbird blinked in disbelief. men and their fucking insufferable egos! here Aventus lay moments from Death’s door, and Donovan leads the brigade with a thinly veiled insult directed at her!

astara glanced to toad and evien — would they find the decorum of the saints on their doorstep equally disappointing?

they, like her, possessed some modicum of common sense. they, like astara, had seen Ursus’ darling boy flung about like a ragdoll. 

she set the full burn of her untrusting gaze back to Donovan, wondering if the smaller male to his side might be the brains of the operation. if that was so, Derg had woefully few seconds to salvage the situation.

Astara trusted Evien would serve as her mouthpiece. one needed to only glance at the Bruintooth to learn her full feelings on the matter; Donovan was here because of his own member’s mistake — and unless he groveled and somehow appealed to the blackbird’s emotions, his alliance with the Bears was coming to an unremitting close.

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September 10, 2020, 02:45 PM
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Oh shit.
So the entire fuckin entourage had come along to support the woman who didn't need it.
They came as a pair so one may at least live to tell the tale.
He just watched as she looked shocked.
He probably would be too.

"What he means to say is we're extremely sorry for the actions of our subject and she is suitably taken care of."
A quick look to his counterpart. He certainly hadn't had much experience with allies.
Especially with a child being mauled it seems.

All he could think of was being faced by those allied pack. How they'd forced the Saints to flee. Their unity. And how he felt the need to protect Donovan -- Kynareth -- then.
"How is the child?"

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September 10, 2020, 04:14 PM
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Oh, that was certainly not an apology. Evien's gaze flicked between the two Saints wolves, vaguely aware of Skoll and Toad approaching behind him. Good. Merrick, he knew, would likely remain by Aventus' side while they were out here - Evien had told him he'd handle business with the Saints, after all, and he felt confident doing so with Astara here with him. 

Her body language and expression was clear, even if she did not speak. And Evien felt much the same. There was no humility or shame in the striped wolf-dog's expression. The other spoke up, trying to clarify, but that was not good enough.

"It is not your place to police our reaction," he told Donovan, raising a brow. Anyone who knew the healer well enough would know of his temper - he was restraining it now, not blowing things out of the water, not yelling or cursing or snapping. It was normally not much of a problem these days - the anger - but here and now it was raring to make an appearance. "It would be better for all of us if we could keep this alliance." They certainly could not afford another war right now - Evien couldn't waste all of his medicines on the unending fighting. Not with winter on the horizon. 

He took a deep breath through his nose and let it out slowly. "However," he continued, green gaze flicking between the other males. "Your subordinate is a problem. Attacking the child of an ally can't be accepted. It won't be." Evien was fairly sure he'd have support from the others in this one. The white wolf from before was not their ally and never would be again. 

"The child is alive. It's a miracle she didn't snap his neck when she slammed him against the ground," the medic explained to the smaller Saints wolf, then looked up at the massive one again. Donovan. "And unless suitably taken care of means she has been removed," whether from their ranks or from this world completely, "we are done here." This wasn't something that a slap on the wrist could fix, and Evien felt confident that his packmates agreed with him.

Cold gaze fixed itself on Donovan, and he angled his ears forward. "I think, if you're such a logical man, you'd be able to see that there's far more benefit in remaining allied with us rather than keeping one wolf that would attack a pup in an allied pack." He did not look away from the towering wolf, though his heart thudded in his chest. He hoped this was the right decision.

"It's your call."
September 10, 2020, 05:01 PM
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toad knew the moment donovan spoke that he did not like him. he had clearly never heard the phrase when in rome, do as the romans do- for he played by his own laws in ursus land, a dangerous game. it didn't take a genius to hear the passive aggressiveness in his words- a subtle nip at their reactions. 

did he think it was illogical, then, to be angry about an ally pack member breaking the ribs of the leader's son? 

if so, toad wanted to hear what donovan thought was 'logical'. but he kept his thoughts all to himself under the blanket of that poker face. astara was less subtle; her emotions painted across her face. that someone better start doing something damn right. she was a loaded gun.

the frogboy found it discouraging that the smaller man had to clean up the messiness of the brute's words behind him. it seemed things would've been better if derg came alone- but still, toad knew the apology was not enough, as much as he appreciated the gesture. it was not his apology to accept. 

in this situation, he also wondered what 'suitably taken care of' meant. it would've been nice if they'd brought her tail or a snowy leg as evidence of that trophy, that she'd been taken care of, but toad saw no such thing. had she really been properly punished, if there was no blood to speak of? or were they trying to keep their words civil? toad was not a man to pry into things aloud, but he was curious. what they'd done with her. 

when evien spoke, toad felt like a churchgoer wanting to scream AMEN! after his every statement. he had nothing against the most of the saints- but that loose cannon, making foolish choices with each thing she did- they could not call her an ally.

with all the doubt toad had about evien, fearful he would play the game too softly, he now saw a determined side of him that made a great leader. toad liked the ultimatum. he liked the finality. he liked the bravery, and the intelligence. and so he stood beside evien in this, casting forestgreen gaze to their allies(?) and awaiting a solid answer.

September 10, 2020, 05:29 PM
Skoll Almir
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Ursus was run on emotion, this pack should have known this. Why else would they have such a dig at Easthollow besides the murder that they took refenge for? The reason why that girl was attacked was because of emotions, the reason why the girl yelled at the wordless raven woman was because of emotions. Her complete disrepect was because of her emotions. Skoll himself would love to say he was numb, that everyone here was numb. Had not an inkling of emotion in their bodies, but that would be incredibly wrong. How would this Donovan have acted if it was his own child that was flung across the realm and almost died? Would he have not felt nothing from that? It made Skoll's teeth grind. 

The other wolf from the Sains spoke, now, defending whatever the other bastard of a man had said. It wasn't enough, that was as much as a fake apology as the woman's was to the kid. If anything, they all should rush those two now and get it over with. Maybe they would learn their lesson then, that Ursus swarmed like wasps when poked. One simply doesn't poke the nest without getting stung. And stung they did. Like an entire swarm ursus would sting and sting and sting until you were left bloated and bloody. Till you could no longer move or breathe. Until there was nothing left to be stung. 

Evien spoke next, unlike the brown wolf, Skoll wasn't so sure if it was in their best notion to keep the alliance. If he wanted some emotionless robot of a group, he could shove his own to become that. Ursus was not, they would not. The group was a powerhouse of misfits that came from all kinds of different waking lives. They had opinions and feelings and just didn't show them the same as everyone else. Whether it was from the trauma, or just not knowing any other way. If the other pack didn't play by their cards while being with them, it was not Ursus' fault for such things. It was the other pack for not taking it into consideration in the first place. 

And to fling a child. It was the mistake of an idiot that needed to be put down. Maybe she had something wrong in her head? Skoll wondered if she was dropped as a child. How ironic that would be. 

"What would you have done if one of us flung your child into the ground?" He instantly piped up when Evien was done talking. "You expect them to not work from emotions when those same emotions are what caused that woman you sent to attack a child." He added. 

Skoll was no idiot.
September 11, 2020, 11:59 PM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Sorry for the long post, got inspired for a sec lol (●´ω`●)

Donovan, or now revealed to be Kynareth, wants to scoff at all of their weak excuses. The kid isn’t dead. Nyra however is far closer to death then their own pack member. Hell, if Donovan had been that kid and snapped at an ally pack mate like that he’d probably be the dead one. After getting his ass beat by the allied wolf, his father would take a turn making him black and blue as well. Donovan is much less sensitive. He’s always been more logical, less emotional. Ursus seems to want to only want to play by their rules. To the brindled king, apologizing so blatantly is painful to his pride; like rolling over and exposing a cream belly. Especially when there’s so many plot holes in their own responses.

He wants to call Evien out. He knew Nyra was an ally. They met at the pack meeting, yet he still encouraged whatever happened to drive the situation in the direction that it did. That is almost blatant betrayal. One of Donovan’s pet peeves. If he recalls right, a member of Ursus by the name of Revui trespassed then disrespected the fuck out of them. Yet there he was keeping his teeth to himself. Like a good little ally. 

He’d be more likely to if Merrick were there possibly. Though his blackbird seems dense, he knows there’s a fiery spark of intelligence in her violet orbs. Even as Derg apologizes so easily, the Grandmaster looks to his counterpart with masked incredulity. He expects nothing less of the nicer male. 

So he listens as they all defend their own. First to Evien, then to Skoll. He wants to shake his head at Evien’s words. Everything the man is assuming of the brindled male is wrong. Though he knows if he tries to make them see it from his perspective they won’t give a rats ass. He’d be stupid to chase out or kill a perfectly capable blade — weapon — such as Nyra. He can’t afford it, especially with the knocking of enemies on their door and the shrinking of his pack. Though he also cannot risk loosing this alliance due to Nyra’s inability to control herself. She will be punished. Again.

As for Skoll’s response — it makes him internally laugh. They would be disappointed to learn what he would do if his own pup had mouthed off at an ally and got their ass beat. It was their fault in the first place. 

Finally though, he will speak. He’s not biting and crass like the lot of them. Rather, calm and collected. First, he addresses Evien. “I apologize for any harm that has come to the pup.” His words are genuine enough.  He apologizes to the pack as a whole. Not to an individual. “I am not policing your emotions, feel how you want. Yet, you seem to be unaware that my pack mate is closer to death then the pup is. It would be idiotic of me to get rid of her. Especially as my pack members have shrunk and my enemies continuously sniff for any trace of the Saints. All I can give you is that she will be severely punished.”

He pauses, a sigh and he continues gazing to Evien, only occasionally glancing at the others. “Though I’m sure you are a capable medic, Evien. If you so wish it, I am willing to send another to assist with the pup.”
September 12, 2020, 04:22 PM
initially, attacking the saintsmen was the last thing on astara's mind -- but as the seconds dragged on, astara found her already wafer-thin generosity dwindling.

derg was quick to smooth over the coarse speech delivered by his leader. astara wondered then why he was not the saint's captain -- certainly their sinking ship might have avoided a very rough demise if derg had been in charge. a glance then to the hulking beast besides him -- what was that expression about big cocks and little brains? whatever it was, astara imagined she was looking at the prime example of it.

disappointing. maybe astara would do them all a favor, and get rid of the man with the big mouth and small brain. maybe give derg the throne he so rightfully deserved, and keep their alliance above water. but maybe not.

evien's response was diplomatic in spite of the insult lobbed at ursus' face. astara measured the healer approvingly, particularly when he delivered an ultimatum to the warhound. a glance to toad and skoll, and the nightshade's heart swelled with savage pride -- here was ursus out in good show, toad silent and skoll propping his own question to the group.

indeed -- what if it had been one of the mongrel's own? astara's anticipatory gaze fell to donovan in curiosity. if ever there was a time to show ursus they were worthy of their time, it was now.

rather than salve the wound, donovan only further prodded at it.

first, he addressed only evien -- apologizing to for aventus' injuries, as if the child's mother was not right there and worthy of some sort of conciliation. astara's fur bladed subtly to be so handily disrespected -- but she kept her fangs sheathed.

it would be idiotic of me to get rid of her.

astara wondered, in that idle way, why donovan chose to stop the idiocy now -- why not ride out the wave of idiocy he had come in on, and see it all through?

she observed him in that indulgent way a very great creature would address something very small -- her gaze flat and eyelids lazy. a subtle smile altogether unpromising on her lips.

all i can give you is that she will be severely punished.

will be severely punished.

will be

but had not derg said suitably taken care of? as in past tense?

the blackbird's gaze slid from bishop to king, and back again.  they come to ursus'  borders and fling a not-apology in their face; they disrespect the rook's queen not once but twice -- and NOW THEY LIE? had nyra been punished at all...?

astara's expression faded to one of neutrality. what was it merrick had ever seen in these incompetent riff-raffs in the first place? they seemed woefully unprepared to play with the big guns -- but astara knew one thing: blood must always have blood (in that way, she might have gotten along supremely with praimfaya). surely, ursus had always played with an open hand. they had always shown who they were. now that donovan was being forced to play the game by their rules, he wanted to pack up his cards and go.

no, 'suitably taken care of' and 'will be severely punished' would not do. astara shook her head, her ears pinned in response. no. fuck your healers and fuck your saints -- give us nyra.

a low growl pooled in the blackbird's throat. she lifted her chin, eyes unflinchingly on donovan.

there was but one answer suitable now, and that was the life of the cunt that had attacked her son. astara would not take no for an answer. the moment they danced around or denied it, astara was going for throat. she would not allow ursus to be dragged down by the incompetence of their weakest ally.

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September 13, 2020, 01:53 PM
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I lost my entire long, first post so this will be a very sad, simpler version ;-;
This was going south far too fast.
Astara was baying for blood in her silent fashion. Her demands being more prominent with her heart-shuddering growl.
Skoll's words stung. But to say anything against it would probably be met with deeper wrath. No, the nightshade's fury was trained on Kynareth and Nyra.

Derg sidled closer to 'Donovan' so their shoulders touched, and he lifted his muzzle to whisper in his ear, "We should go." 
Better to leave now before they became to next meal of Ursus. 

He looked to Evien and gave him a nod, acknowledging his cloaked demand to leave. He wanted them gone, and so did the rest of Ursus.
He had a plan. And it might work, but it probably won't. He couldn't promise anything.

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September 13, 2020, 06:20 PM
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Evien had never been a patient wolf. His temper was often bubbling right near the surface, and though he had gotten better at controlling it, that did not mean that it was not still there. And Donovan was stirring the pot as it boiled, rolling in the medic's chest and threatening to spill out in a way that would do nothing but make the situation worse. 

The fur along his nape had risen up, but his posture was kept carefully neutral as he walked up to stand alongside Astara. He felt dwarfed here - as he usually did - but he didn't feel intimidated. Not with his packmates around him. 

"Care to enlighten me on how she's closer to death than the pup?" he questioned, knowing good and well he was likely getting too close to the Saints' leader. But it wouldn't have been the first time he got in the face of a wolf twice as large as himself. "How she ran all the way back to your territory like the goddamn coward she is, when the kid can't even stand up right now?" Mismatched green eyes narrowed up at the man, quivering from head to toe with anger. 

These guys had a lot of nerve, coming here like this.

His ears perked when the brindle wolfdog mentioned that she would be punished. Had they not just said she already had been? Distrust lingered in his eyes as he appraised Donovan. 

Evien sucked in a deep breath through his nose to steady himself before he could speak again. "You're a fucking liar. Has she received her punishment or not? I know it might take some brainpower, but at least try to keep your story straight," he growled out, muzzle wrinkling in distaste. This whole situation was beginning to give him a headache.

"What's idiotic is what you're doing right now," he stated succinctly, raising his chin and meeting the wolfdog's eyes. "You'll have another enemy after you if you're not careful." It was a very thinly-veiled threat, but he could see it echoed in the indigo eyes of his co-lead. 

Donovan's last words narrowed Evien's eyes further and he snorted, tail raising for the first time in the entire conversation. "No, keep your healers. You're going to need them more than we are." He hadn't needed help before - not in his entire time spent with Ursus. He wasn't going to take it now, and certainly not from any wolf that followed this man.

The smaller Saints wolf whispered something to Donovan, and Evien arched a brow, studying him carefully. If there was any intelligence between the two, it resided in that one.

What are you planning?

"You would be better off letting him speak for you," he told Donovan, a small smirk growing on his maw. But he'd leave it there, figuring that the man would be able to understand the insult well enough. 

Toad and Skoll were still there, lingering in the background. Evien had not always gotten along with Toad, but he trusted him. And Skoll was always a solid presence. They'd never hesitated to help protect their pack before, and he knew they wouldn't now. 

It was beginning to irritate him, how Donovan's attention was only fixed on Evien rather than the shadow beside him. She deserved his attention and respect, as well, and yet she received none of it. "You apologized to the wrong wolf," he stated, glancing over to Astara. Donovan should've begged the mother's forgiveness for the grievance his own wolf had caused, but had failed to do so. "If you can't get rid of your subordinate, then this conversation is over. Don't come back here." His head pounded relentlessly behind his skull, but such was the effect of speaking to a prideful moron. "We're done." 

That was all there was to it. Evien looked to Astara again, wondering what she would do.
October 02, 2020, 10:15 AM
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to start things off, donovan didn't answer skoll's question at all, which rubbed toad the wrong way. the skinny man wasn't a leader, but he made a valid point that the frogboy would've loved to hear a response to. guess not. next, an apology that didn't mean much considering he had been spoonfed the words after everyone's scoldings. whether or not it was genuine- toad didn't take it one bit as honest, otherwise it should've been the first thing out his mouth when he got here, rather than worrying about the alliance more than a child

the next part was frankly just wrong, and toad couldn't help the smirk that slipped onto his face. yeah, nyra, who had crossed rising sun valley and returned to the canyon was totally worse off than the boy who could barely walk and wore a wrap around his broken bones. 

implying that their one request was idiotic wasn't even the cherry on top yet. if someone from ursus fucked up this badly, toad hoped the leaders would have the guts to throw them out. not keep them around like some poor wounded puppy rather than the adult they were. what was the point of having allies if those allies were a gang of fools? donovan said he kept her around because their enemies were looking for them and their numbers were shrinking. if the alliance was more steady, toad would've been concerned, but all he could bitterly think was that it was their own damn problem now. 

and then- will be? toad wasn't an idiot, and he noticed that just like everyone else did. a frown finally graced his neutral expression. someone here had lied- either she was or wasn't already dealt with. toad didn't like this two-faced nature at all. 

evien went on with his words, and though toad found all the talk a bit tiring, the man voiced all of their thoughts. the frogboy agreed that derg would be a better talker- though in this case, he realized, that man might've been the one to lie about the punishment. asshole. sure, they were all assholes here, but the saints were non-ursus assholes- and thus none of their assholery would be tolerated here. 

we're done. evin spoke, and toad's eyes widened slightly, though he felt some weight lifted from his shoulders. here was astara growling, evien telling them to leave and not come back... and toad had been silent this whole time. 

fuck off. he breathed quietly, eyes trained on the both of them. 

hey, he just wanted to get one bitter word in. they'd be smart to take his advice.

October 02, 2020, 11:47 AM
Skoll Almir
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His question wasn't answered - the bastard had the gall to ignore the question from someone within the group that could tear him apart. The stuff he said next was an absolute joke no wolf would mouth off at their alliance and then offer a fake apology right after. Just like the woman that landed herself at the border, both of them were fake. Trying to use fake tactics to get into places they don't belong. Actually, he wondered if the man was defending the woman so much was because they were fucking. Wouldn't that be a fun layer of the cake to throw on with the rest. Even if they had dwindling numbers, it wasn't hard to go on a recruiting mission and ask a few wolves to join. Skoll didn't think anyone would anyway, from how the man presented himself. That pack was a joke. 

He lied too, before, saying that she had been dealt with. Nothing had been done. 

"So you mean nothing has been done and nothing will be done?" Evien seemed to catch that flat lie, too. The two wolves 'apologizing' were digging themselves into some deep shit, and Skoll didn't like it. Every word they said contradicted another word they'd said just before it. They were bad at lying, and it showed. At the very least they could have cut her up a bit and brought some fur or something. Said they finished her off but actually kept the woman within their ranks. She'd be stuck doing nothing for ages anyway, with how Ursus messed her up. Skoll was no leader, but he was tired of this shit. 

He stayed silent, though, as Evien spoke more. He was the one in charge, he could deal with it. He had been the one saying he wanted to protect whatever weak alliance they had built up. Ursus didn't need those guys, the Saints needed Ursus. Evien mouthed off at them and then said they were done. The alliance was over, then? Good riddance. 

Skoll would remember the scent of that pack. If any of them decided to show their fur near here... Well they would be in for a treat. Toad seemed to have the right idea, too. The two wolves that had shown up were better off leaving than sticking around here, for they would get eaten alive by the bears that were Ursus.
October 02, 2020, 06:27 PM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Donovan watches them, unimpressed might he add, though not outwardly so. He wishes to speak to the man himself, not his silent, but deadly wife, or the others crying about this and that. Switching and twisting his words. They’ll only hear what they want to hear. 

So they’re done here.

Kynareth nods once, eyes flicking to Astara first, then to the rest of them — one by one. “My apologies then.” He hums as he looks to Astara. His voice isn’t teasing or condescending, it’s simply normal, perhaps only slightly tipping into an apologetic tone. “But we are done here since we cannot meet eye to eye.”

Like Evien said if he won’t do something about his subordinate, then this conversation is over.
October 02, 2020, 11:43 PM
more graciously than astara might have preferred, the saints were allotted one final chance to redeem themselves. instead, donovan shipwrecked the alliance as if a moth throwing itself into furious flame. 

just like that, the saints were in ursus’ grace no longer.  

better then, that astara did not speak — so no word was ever wasted on the halfbreed who fancied himself king of the idiots in the red hills. 

he chose to ignore his subordinate’s misdemeanor, as he chose to ignore the query of her people. as he chose to ignore rationality and common decency. and if he could not be reasoned with now, if he could not make this right — what use was he at all to ursus? 

an understanding of that ancient law settled into astara’s heart — of kill quickly and kill first. watching donovan prepare to leave, the blackbird realized if he was allowed to go unchecked he would never be bloodied by justice. he would never learn not to make pacts with crocodiles and wolves alike, while harming their children. worse yet, if he left ursus alive he would be a liability. a threat to their empire and her children. 

she would wait, blade in hand, until donovan’s back was turned. 

death had no scruples about the manner in which souls were delivered to its door. death had no honor — and besides, what good had honor gotten her son? 

Aventus had nearly been killed in his own home.  while this halfwit pompously demanded their company, and figuratively spat into the faces of the one hand that had been willing to feed him. doglike in every despicable way save one one way it mattered — and for astara, dogs were always put into the dirt. 

for that, a black token to his name and soul — exchangeable upon entry to charon’s endless and ever churning riverbank. 

astara lunged for donovan’s hock, hungering for the satisfying crunch that was turning gristle and bone into gruel. 

derg would be allowed to flee — but donovan.. astara imagined he’d make a fine addition to the growing abattoir that was their borders. and his stupid fucking tail — why, that would be Aventus’ newest chew toy. 

 a warning then to all — don’t fuck with bears.

»» they may promise you that the river ain't too deep. ««
»» player policies ««
October 03, 2020, 04:33 PM
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This whole shit spiralled downwards too fast for Derg to try and redeem it.
Donovan seemed to make absolutely no attempt to just run like any sensible bastard would -- hell Derg was about to leave him there.
Wanted to leave him there...

​But Derg was an honourable man.
And like it or not, his honour laid with Donovan, despite the twisted lies and deceits. The absolute audacity this man had almost made Derg try and correct him right there.
Force him into submission before these powerful dark-wolves.

He shivered, adrenaline already kicking in before Astara had the chance to let her arrow fly.
He knew this would happen.
Should have come alone.

Derg's heart thundered like a war drum in his chest, but his arrow wasn't even nocked.
He let Astara go for the brindle males feet, while Derg steadily watched the rest of Ursus. Bidding them to let the pair sort themselves out. He wasn't going to leave Donovan for dead, but he wouldn't let him fight a pack by himself.

At the fist sign of aggressive movement by any of the wolves before him though, Derg would be on them quicker than they could blink.

|  •  •  |
October 07, 2020, 06:49 PM
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Got permission by Summer to PP Toad a bit ^^

Of course, Evien probably should've expected Astara to attack Donovan. But he hadn't, and that was his fault. But in those short moments of his co-lead sprinting forward to lunge for the brindle man, who Evien wasn't one hundred percent sure she would be able to handle, he found that he didn't quite care as much as he used to. These wolves were dishonorable, and he didn't think that they deserved honor in return. 

Green eye landed on the other Saints wolf - the one who spoke so succinctly. His eyes were on the three who remained, and his body was tightly coiled. 

He would attack whoever went to help Astara.

Unsurprisingly, Toad was the first to move behind him, running after the raven and brindle man. And Evien darted forward with him, to intercept when Derg would inevitably come charging to try and stop the Ursus wolves.

Did he want to fight? Not really, no. But he certainly would here, because it was necessary. 

"Help her," he called to Toad, keeping himself firmly planted between them and Derg. He would have to go through the Bruin-leaf if he wanted to get to his packmates.
October 08, 2020, 02:49 AM
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yeah... this guy was a diplomatic idiot. once again skoll's question went unanswered... and rather than hearing what he wanted to hear, once again all toad heard was false apologies that sounded like absolute bullshit at this point. and well... they'd told him to leave. they told him to fuck off. when astara attacked, toad didn't mind in the slightest- here had been their chance to leave after the warnings, and they still lingered on the borders with nothing to offer ursus, overstaying their welcome.

nothing to offer except their sorry hides. 

thus they would be treated like santiago, like clay, like valour and clarence, and any and every other poor fool that had the balls of steel it took to remain here. toad imagined they would not be slaughtered here... not while derg was close. they could fight him off for some time, but he'd still find a way to drag his co-leader's sorry ass back home today. 

but toad imagined astara would surely come upon the brindle in a dark hour and retrieve her pound of flesh. 

and yet... he'd see to it that they'd take their chance to kill him here. derg watched them, as if pleading them not to join in, but toad held not an ounce of loyalty to him, and every part of him had been baptized in the name of ursus, fighting for merrick and astara on the borders and in their battles. he leapt as astara did, his own jaws aiming for the man's other side, the other hock- gleefully picturing how amusing it might be to see a wolf who dragged themselves by their forelegs alone, sporting two sad stumps on the other end. evien's call earned a twitch of his ear; of course he would, but he appreciated his leader's support. there was no stopping the frogboy in his pursuit of blood now- illogical, irrational, he didn't care- his heart had beat for ursus for too long to leave the blackbird high and dry in battle.

October 18, 2020, 11:56 AM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Rolls here! Rolled an 8 — includes my +2. Attack directed towards Astara. 

Tagging @Astara since the thread has been quiet for a while since she’s next in posting order.

Kynareth finds it hilarious how Evien said if they didn’t agree to their rules then the conversation is over and now they’re being attacked. They probably expected him to grovel at their feet because they need the alliance. Something that’s severely not true. What Ursus doesn’t know is that they just solidified the fall of their pack — Kynareth’s new mission: Wipe them off of the face of the planet. As much as he can anyway. 

Still, he has two wolves on his ass right now. It’s fight night baby and the favor is not in his court. He knows who the more skilled one is of the two, Merrick’s fiery woman. The other agouti male will definitely do damage, but definitely isn’t as much of a priority as Astara. So promptly, when Astara lunges at him, he’s lunging back. Fearless in battle he knows he’s not leaving without the possibility of a major injury. After all he is being attacked by two whole ass wolves. 

Shooting forward straight for the blackbird, mouth wide open, unsheathing massive fangs and hopefully planting them into her flesh. They will collide, teeth clacking as he goes for her face. Snatching up and puncturing anything he can grasp onto. Awaiting the blossoming pain of Toad’s attack as well. He vaguely registers that Evien and Derg are sparing off to the side and he dares to grin confidently. Derg will shred Evien to shreds easily. Good luck. He absentmindedly thinks.