Whitebark Stream I'll be what you wanted
All Welcome  September 15, 2020, 10:02 PM
Lone Wolves

Oh. A stream.

It's water flowed in a crooked yet delicate line to who knows where — but why was Āzon so scared to go near it? 

Flashback to his meet up with a yearling named Bronco back in the Great Bear Wilderness, or his 'doctor's checkup' with a snarky yet oddly charming physician named Evien. Or even the fucking deluge itself.

All of these experiences led up to his increasing fear of getting wet — revealing the scars beneath his white pelt. Āzon was an ever growing adult for godsakes. A little childhood fear shouldn't be making him fear petty things such as water. Except.....it did. No matter how hard headed the prince was — no matter how much others would hurt or threaten him — nothing would impact Āzon more than the primal fear that had practically been bitten into him by his father at a young age.

So, the male simply stood there, watching the water go by with erratic eyes. A few attempts were made to step forth, but none continued.....

Tag(s): N/A (All Welcome)
Setting: Whitebark Stream, Early Evening. Mild winds (76°F)
Note(s): Āzon increasingly becoming scared of water bc why not?

"In order to rise from it's own ashes, a pheonix must first burn."

September 16, 2020, 02:26 AM
Lone Wolves

the more time condor spent away from buzzard and their little protege the better, truly. so from that disgusting mud river he'd at least been lucky to stumble upon sibling-free, he wandered nearer to the mountain they'd scooped the little brat up to begin with. he hoped they were getting at least a bit worried by now. if he had to wait any longer, he was at risk of losing his mind altogether. as though buzzard and vulture weren't enough for one coyote to handle.

this time, it was quite blissfully free of children. in their place, however, he found yet another stream, and yet another wolf crouched by it as though it was the most fascinating thing in the world. another big fluffy white behemoth of a creature that wouldn't survive a moment in the desert. not the legion one, at least, but what was it with this place? if you were going to walk around with all that fur, the least you could do would be to keep it tidy.

ah, it wasn't all bad. miserable company, staring at the water as though it might attack him, but at least he'd been provided a drink. he'd have let dehydration take him before he so much as stepped a toe in the filth from before.

"you should really try it, darling," condor said as he came to the bank's edge, redpink eyes sweeping the wolf pointedly up and down before he bent to the water. "a bath would do you good."
September 24, 2020, 05:14 PM
Lone Wolves

As if this current predicament couldn't get any more akward, a stranger's presence decided to grace him in a time where he seemed like a cat trying to move around some water. His red and green orbs shifted slowly beside himself to reveal an odd figure. Large — almost bat-like ears, thin muzzle, and legs no more significant than the twigs these autumn leaves fell from. What a strangely cartoonish sight....

And yet, their body seemed to give off the scent of both a wolf and....coyote...— a coupling of the two perhaps? The prince had never heard of such a thing. Any interactions between wolves and coyotes was always met with the mauling of its smaller counterpart. He never thought that the two would be physically capable of creating offspring (hell, how would sex even work with the size difference anyway?). And that was the point in which Āzon realized he was going too deep into the rabbit hole and stopped thinking about it all together....

'You should try it, darling. A bath would do you good.' Oh great. They took notice of his odd behavior around the water and he immediately felt his face become hot with embarrassment. Āzon was quick to be on the defense; "I'M-!" hesitant "I'm....not....." hesitant once more "...w-what I'm doing here isn't anybody's concern. And who're you anyway?" Till he evaded the wolf's words all together. His vision shifted away as he began grumbling to himself — still in denial of the subtle (yet true) accusation. 

"In order to rise from it's own ashes, a pheonix must first burn."