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Idk if @Hu膩's tag works so聽I'll tag @Caerus (wegonnapretendIdidn'tjusttagthewrongperson)聽just incase. Other tags are for reference,聽but they are still聽welcome to join as well!

Nope, Aimi was not leaving these lands聽anytime soon!聽

The otter was still聽too stubborn to leave the lands that resembled home after all. And all that rebellion and built up frustration for what? Just to become homesick all over again? How laughable!聽This isn't how she planned her first weeks as an adult leaving home to be, though going back home聽was not on her plan B list at all. Aimi refused to be subjected to any of that nonsense again in her next life. And the looks on their smug faces if, by some wish, she actually did return? That聽was something her pride wouldn't allow to happen.

For now, the only things which motivated her in not traveling too far off was one of two scenarios: @Yunxu finally showing his mug and accepting the impending ass-whopping coming to him, or @Aiolos hopefully聽considering the offer she'd made weeks ago about聽meeting聽up again with聽his family's return to their聽island. Both would be cool. Both would save alot of time, really.

Aimi sat on the edge of a crystalline blue shore and stared off, ears softly flicking at the sound of foam and seagulls as her tail thumped restlessly.
September 30, 2020, 02:37 PM
It was easy to go back to a life without a child (or baby momma) in it. Once more, as before, he had kept himself busy with a desire to round the territory of the island which he lived, trying to make sure his packmates were all doing well. He would come to the sandbar which connected his home to the mainland for visitors and often would cross onto the mainland and scout around.聽

When Ruo had been pregnant and then after Houjin's birth, Aiolos had sliced away his scouting duties far beyond the border in order to make sure they were well and fed. He went back to old habits now but that didnt mean he didnt miss and worry for his little family dearly. The red wolf could only hope they were both alright...聽

So alas again, he tread the beachside and now found himself seeing a familiar little young woman in the distance. Hello again. He had forgotten in that moment she didnt know a lick of common tongue.

October 01, 2020, 01:22 AM
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a month since yu猫l贸ng returned to the coast. yunxu hasn't had to leave the seaside since, but he's starting to think he should have. no matter how many trips he takes he's seen no sign of aimi. maybe she'd followed him to neverwinter forest, but he doubts it. she doesn't like to be far from the sea.

but then, neither does he. that didn't stop him.

he's becoming more and more convinced she's snapped at the wrong person. he's done it more than once here already, and she's more confrontational than he. and who knows what would have happened after that, whether it was injury, or...

yunxu is so distracted he doesn't notice aiolos in front of him until he's almost run directly into the man's back. he comes to a very sharp halt instead, awkwardly sidesteps the general, and pauses again when he recognizes aimi's sand-and-foam fur. even at this distance.

at least he has healed, which is one less thing for aimi to tear into him about. not that she's ever needed more than one issue.

his steps steady and even, as if to prove to her everything has gone fine after all, yunxu steps up behind aiolos, a smudged-ink shadow at his flank. and then, doubting aimi has ever spoken english in her life, he steps forward, giving a respectful nod to the general in passing.

"i, ah..." he's not sure what he's even supposed to say, now that he's here. "i found our sister?"聽
October 02, 2020, 12:44 AM
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It wasn't long before Aimi heard the sound of footsteps trudging through the sand, and a voice that spoke the unfamiliar common she was not yet accustomed to. Turning to face who it was, she was聽pleasantly surprised by a familiar sight.

The older red man Aimi had met on the beach not too long ago came back 鈥 and she couldn't help but beat her tail against the sand in excitement.聽"浣犲洖鏉ヤ簡!" she yipped with a bright smile, though the otter聽kept her mandarin to a minimal for now to not confuse him too much. Did this mean he kept his promise and brought his family back with him? Mabey this even meant that....

Now聽wait a damn minute.

Walking up just behind Aiolos was a flash of black, which quickly revealed itself as the farmiliar pelt of ink and seafoam she knew too well; her fucking brother. Aimihonestly didn't know what to feel in that moment of widened eyes of seaglass and an agaped mouth 鈥 a plethora of聽emotions overwhelmed her small chest. Though there is one feeling that stook out the most 鈥 and that was her seething rage.

鈥滅湅鏉ユ湁浜烘瘯绔熷仛寰楀緢濂姐傗聽the otter聽said to her brother while standing up, though the woman聽spoke聽with more anger-fueled spite than she'd like to admit.聽Aimi聽was聽trailing back and forth on these beaches like an idiot, and聽worried sick about what might've happened to Yunxu.聽And聽here he was in front of her;聽healed and placid聽as if nothing happened. As if聽Aimi wouldn't have been searching all goddamn聽day and night for where he went!聽

It almost felt mocking, and it fucking hurt.聽

Talking through a snarl and trembling with rage, the young otter walked up to face Yun for the first time in what seemed like a month. Her teeth were being gnashed together so hard it felt like they might break beneath her jaws."浣犲埌搴曞湪鍝偍鍙槸璧疯韩鑰屾秷澶憋紝浠ヤ负鎴戜笉浼氳鍚撴?". Aimi was so blinded by her own聽emotions at this point that it felt like Aiolos wasn't there with them anymore.聽

Ah, poor Aiolos. Having to be stuck in the middle of some petty family drama.
October 03, 2020, 09:05 PM
Burned mahogany hackles raise, a sudden realization of someone quick on his heels behind him. Aiolos tenses, teeth baring to snap his head quickly around into Yunxu's direction. And suddenly, he eases as realization takes him that it is one of his own. A yearling that of Hua's younger siblings. He takes a deep breath and a small chuckle, smiling now at the smaller coastal wolf. One could not be too cautious on the mainland and now that Ruo and his son had left him, Aiolos was more alert and on edge then normally so.聽

Fiery eyes follow Yunxu, who has now fixed onto Aimi- his sister, Hua's sister, he had learned by placing the information Yunxu had given him in the month since he had joined their ranks. Aiolos nods to Aimi, then so to Yunxu and is silent as the two reunite with one another.聽

As Yunxu side steps forth, the two young wolves taking in one another, a wide smirk plays over the creamy mug of Aiolos as he watches Aimi tear into her brother at having not seen him in so long. Settling into a plop on the sands, the coastal king watched the drama unfold. Now, where was his popcorn shrimp?

October 14, 2020, 07:07 PM
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feel free to kick my ass for how slow this was im so sorry

yunxu has never been the most socially adept. it's why he prefers to stick so strongly to custom; it's always so much easier to navigate than an interaction without rules.聽

even with his sister. he thinks nothing of what he's said, offering only a sheepish smile he holds carefully in place, until aimi's seaglass gaze lands on him. her mouth drops open. she stands, and yunxu's eyes shift uneasily over to aiolos just long enough to watch him settle back on his haunches.

oh no.聽

he ducks his head. there's nothing much else to do. he knows aimi well enough to know nothing will stop her.聽

head lifted and teeth bared in a snarl, aimi stalks all the way up to him, practically vibrating with fury. for a moment yunxu thinks she's going to attack him 鈥 and for a moment a correspondingly sharp terror rises in his chest, because he knows what he did to owlglass and what he did on the cliff, and he can't do that to his sister 鈥撀

instead, grinding her teeth together, she snaps in his face. the young shark's ears flatten. he tucks his tail obligingly against a hind leg.

"i'm sorry," he says. "i didn't mean to worry you, i...i told you i wanted to look for our sisters, and i'd found a good lead. you didn't want me to leave without healing, and i understand why, but i couldn't just stand by and wait."

he licks at his lips. "when i'd found her, i came back along the coast looking for you. but i couldn't find you either." his second meeting with the woman he'd fought on the cliff...that seems like the kind of thing that is better off unsaid.

October 16, 2020, 10:13 AM
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square up聽(喔'虁-'虂)喔 (just kidding ily <3)
Also, idk if you wanted any of the聽scars聽he recived from the umbra vs. Yun vs. the rest of the planet thread (you know what I mean XD) to be visible so I kept it vague-ish. If not, you can let me know and I'll edit it out.

Soon as she got closer, he fearfully winced as if to brace some kind of impact, and Aimi couldn't help but scoff upon seeing it. Did he seriously think she was聽gonna bite him? As if Aimi would EVER cause harm to her own brother (despite promising to kill him for over a month lmao), he knew that! 'Guess all that time away from the beach made him loose his memories as well as his mind.' she thought to herself pettily. "Humph!"

"涓嶆兂璁撴垜鎿斿績鍡?聽閭勬槸鎮ㄥ彧鏄笉鍦ㄤ箮!?" Yunxu'sapologeticness only sounded like dumb excuses to her, which only fumed the otter more than she already was. No way in hell was reasoning going to get Yun outta this situation -- not聽with such half-baked excuses as to why he聽LIED to her FACE!聽The thing that set her off the most wasn't his words though, no. When her eyes trailed the shark's body, finding additional scars that weren't there before when they'd last met, her lid nearly blew off. Another fight? WHEN DID THAT EVEN HAPPEN!?聽

"濮滈洸鏃-" a flock of seagulls took to the sky when聽the pitch of her voice shrilled, sandy hackles pointed across her scruff and a toothy snarl to top it off --聽the scene looked like a mother聽scolding a kid at this point. "浣犵湡鐨勫緢鎯宠畵鎴戣蛋鍡庯紵 濂藉惂锛岀寽鐚滄槸浠楹硷紵 鐝惧湪鎴戝湪閫欒!锛屾偍姘搁仩涓嶆渻寰堝揩鎿鸿劔鎴戙 鍙鎴戜笉寰椾笉绻肩簩鐪嬭憲浣犲彈鍌凤紝鍙浣犲埌澧冲鍏嫳灏洪仩锛屼綘灏辨渻琚垜鍥颁綇锛"The words of an over protective sister --聽a mixture of rage,聽love and repressed sadness. Did Yun really want her out of the way so badly that she couldn't fight with him?聽It was foolish聽of Aimi to think helicoptering over her brother as if they were little children (which they weren't, at least not anymore) was a good idea, but the costal she-wolf was speaking from emotions at this point, not logic.

By the time Yunxu had begun speaking about looking for her, Aimi's yelling soon seethed into an angered聽silence. Adrenaline still聽pumped聽through her veins and caused her to shiver, but no more words could be expressed to explain聽how pissed she was right now. Instead, the otter would turn her back away from Yun, curling a tail around her flank and down casting her gaze to the sand.聽She wasn't finished giving him the earful he deserved, no, he'd definitely be hearing more of it later. Though for now, her small temper tantrum was done.

Her gaze now traveled to Aiolos with a look of apologeticness and embarrassment -- the otter carelessly聽forgot he was there -- how humiliating. When he arrived,聽she wanted to ask about the whereabouts of her sisters,聽 and maybe if he had room for her to join their assumed pack. Now he just ended up sitting through several minutes of yelling as soon as Aimi聽laid eyes on her brother.
October 18, 2020, 04:05 PM
A look of perhaps, help?, Yunxu passes towards Aiolos as he had settled down only made the burnished man smirk harder, his attention befalling the pair with a certain amusement. It was true that Yunxu shouldnt have kept Aimi out of the loop for so long and it was interesting how his former meeting with Aimi now paired up with having Yunxu arrive at the forest.聽

The pair do not have a physical scrap and if Aimi wanted to toss her brother around a bit it only reminded Aiolos back at his time fighting for dominance amongst the men in Nereides territory. She scolded, taking an obvious note to the steal healing injures of the coastal male who had gotten into a scuffle it seemed since their time passed between one another. A protective sister, it was good that the man had someone who cared plenty enough about his safety even if it meant getting an ass-chewing for it now.聽

Turning away from the black and white male and sitting down with her back to him, she gave an obvious 'Were done and im not talking to you vibe', to which a smile touched Aiolos expression and he shakes his head in response to the look which Aimi passed over him when remembering that he was here listening to begin with. I take it you deserved all that? The fiery coated wolf spoke, tossing his head and gave into that of Yunxu and then, back to Aimi. Well... He began and then, remembering the lack of common tongue she understood, went into speaking his botched version of Mandarin. So does that mean your still joining us, then? A small chuckle to her, knowing despite her rage at her brother, she surely enough was happy to see him.

October 29, 2020, 05:31 PM
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"i cared," yunxu interjects, a little wounded she would accuse him of anything but. "this was about our family. i had an invitation. i just thought it would be easier, if -"

he notices the moment her eyes land on the healing wounds on his chest, the tiny claw marks he has almost forgotten in lieu of everything聽else聽that had happened on the cliff. it is not quite enough time to brace himself for the screech. yunxu knows it is coming but still startles badly when it happens, as he always does, ears flicking back; the hair on his scruff bristles reflexively, though he does not snarl or snap back.

she is right. yunxu has no real argument against it, other than that he was impatient, that he wanted the two fights and the myriad injuries to be worth something without forcing aimi to find it in the end. and he聽had, just -

"you know you can't..." yunxu starts, and then wisely stops himself as she turns her back to him, tucking her tail around her flank. he doesn't want to fight. "no. you're right, i understand. i don't plan to do it again, if that's...if that means anything."

he hesitates for a moment, staring at her back. then, cautious, he steps forward and noses apologetically at her shoulder.

it is not until aiolos speaks that yunxu remembers that they are not alone here. immediately embarrassed, he turns his head around to face the general and dips his muzzle, switching back to his shaky english in an effort to be polite. "yes, i...yes."
October 30, 2020, 10:50 PM
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When Yunxu spoke and came over to nose her on the shoulder, Aimi wouldn't face him and still had a saddened聽scowl stuck on her gentle features. Though, the contact聽did manage to make聽her go soft --聽just by a little bit. No matter how hard she tried to hold聽a grudge, the otter couldn't really stay mad at her brother forever. She did a really good job at hiding it though; that's for sure....

Upon hearing Aiolos speak to the shark, Aimi聽made it out as the strange common language and聽turned away聽with disinterest, but then came that same broken Mandarin Aiolos had spoken聽back when they'd first met -- now directed to her. 'So does that mean you're still joining us?'

鐣剁劧! unexpectedly would聽Aimi suddenly聽shout聽in response to the question, hopping up from her seated position and聽swiviling her cranium聽back to face Aiolos with erect, attentive聽ears -- 'I'm listening....'.聽

Funny how the she-otter was nearly pissed at the entire universe just a second ago, only to become animated again upon hearing those very words. It seemed like her motivation to find out more about this supposed pack had聽overridden her motivation to bonk Yunxu across the back of the head.

There was a mixture of nerves and excitement swirling in her chest. If this WAS聽the seaside pack her older sisters resided in, how exactly would Aimi react? Would she be happy? Scared? Dissapointed? Suspicious?

However the introduction would go, there was no doubt in the sea otter's mind that this was destiny.
November 02, 2020, 04:12 PM
Figure we could wrap this up here? Aimi can officially be a Yuelong member! :)

A small dip of his muzzle towards Yunxu, a single corner of his lips turned upward yet still at the man who had quite the ass chewing for keeping his sister in the dark. Of course, Yunxu had found a lead on his family here in this region and did not want to miss the opportunity. Aiolos couldnt know if he would or not have done tbe same when it came to juggling which move to make.

The smile would be replaced with a laugh at Aimi's outburst, still having no intention of turning her back on her brother for long at all. Pissed off or not, she would still be there for him and finding a pack for himself was probably in her best interest. For any wolf, really.聽

Come Aimi. He had really meant to say something more of 'Well come along then' but his lack of Mandarin tongue was still so awkward it may have sounded almost like a demand. Aiolos ginger ears folded down as a sheepish expression took him. Sister will happy see you. As best as he could manage, which was more then she knew of common so hey, she had to give him the benefit of the doubt!聽

He lifted then off the shoreline and jutted his muzzle out to the side, an invite for them to follow along back home and what was to be her new home. He figured he could leave the work of asking about her skills and what her drive would be towards in the ranks to Hua, who could much better speak their tongue anyhow.