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Founded in King Elk Forest, they once travelled from Sunspire, to Haunted Woods, to Hideaway Strath, until there final destination where the High Elk remains. A pack of honor and dignity, mainly formed from a close-knit family called the Déorwine's. While the group values brown inkling pelts above all else, they will not be quick to turn away others. However they will turn their backs on the pure white-coated, finding them unholy, and refusing to let them step onto the land. Others will be tested and given formal rights upon seeing their loyalty to Kingslend.

They prefer seclusion and neutrality. However the group of elk-loving wolves are no pushovers and willing to take a challenge if it mean defending their beliefs, and the honor of their home. Just as they are strong in their worship to the High Elk, they will stand strong against those who go against them.

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the crowned ;; the head
King* (2) non-gendered. leader of the pack.
Queen (2) non-gendered. partner of a king.
Shepherd (2) second-in-command.
Prince (2) heir to the throne, chosen by a king.

the antlered ;; the honor
Stag masters of their trade.
Baron the ones with honorable accomplishments
Bull elders.
Ewe expectant mothers. temporary.

the mantle ;; the core
Saber the warriors.
Ivory the hunters.
Forester the scouts.
Forager the naturalists.
Fableist the chroniclers.
Sawbone the caregivers.
Sage the spiritualists.
Trotter the tradeless.

the velvet ;; the untrusted
Grazer newcomer.

the hornless ;; the youth
Calf infant.
Honored Calf infants of the crowned and honored.
King CĂ©lnes
King Cenric

Current Kingship
King Célnes- 10/12/2020 -
King Cenric- 10/12/2020 -

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Kingslend is home to a forest of thick pines and oak trees. They emerge from the ground light antlers, sprouting all over the land in mass. These trees are no children, and heavily cover the area. Some are biggers then others, usually found in the inner sanctions of the forests, and the smaller trees head outer.

Unofficially do they claim Silver Creek and Tuktu Weir alongside King Elk Forest due to how close they are into the territory.


Exalted Grotto

A hole in the ground with a minature 'canyon' entrance. It etches in the ground however one can find a slope that general enters in, while stone above is creating an 'arch-like' scene. If one isn't careful enough, they can fall into the gaps. Heavily covered in vegetation and inside with gentle moss, it is the prime place for the denning area of Kingslend wolves. While optional to sleep within, it is urged due to the fact is can help shield from ran and snow. The mountain near the entrance helps prevent large amount of water from entering.

The Herd

The Herd is a known secret, only those within Kingslend knows of their location within the forest. It is where the main herds tend to keep, with their largest King Elk tends to be. It is warned members should be wary, as he does not like when wolves stray too closely to the herd. However observed from the distance seems to be tolerable. It is one of the most sacred and guarded areas of these forested-wolves.

Unofficially these wolves claim Silver Creek and Tuktu Weir due to how close they are within the territory.


Particulary where wolves and elk alike are laid to rest. When one passes there will be a ceremony, and their bones will be laid within. Instead of being buried one places them amongst the endless vegetation, and over a short period of time does the moss overtake what was left of the corpses.


Directly by the Boneyard, it is a place of prayer. The hollowed tree is big enough where a single wolf can enter, and at times leave an offering inside. It is where one can pray to the High Elk, or for the dead that remain in the Boneyard. This tree is directly in the middle of it all, surrounded by the deceased.

Wayfair Travel

There is a large path that crossed the forest; it is believed that it is where the High Elk had walked. It's a line of various of mushrooms, and following this path can lead you either north, or south of the ends of King Elk Forest. The sight is something to behold, and an easy way to navigate through the forest.

Untamed Falls

Following near a stream, a part breaks off into a beautiful waterfall. It's hidden by thick trees and creviced into the earth. One would rarely find so unless tripping inside the area for it concaves in. However, an enormous tree stands by it, letting many having it as a landmark of sorts to be wary that Untamed Falls is somewhere nearby. Watch out, or you'll trip inside.

Firefly Step

Silver Creek Stream crosses into King Elk Forest, and a part of it is a series of smaller waterfalls that continued on the streep. The water is quite shallow that a wolf can pass through with ease, however beware of the rain season, otherwise one can get swept away from the torrent of water. At night, fireflies tend to circle the area, causing it to be an enchanting scene for any wolf to see.

Kings Crossing

A large wall of stones, a general meeting place for anytime a King calls forth the pack. The highest ranking are the only ones allowed to stand near the rock, with the royalty being ontop. However, it is generally allowed to laze around when there is no meeting.

Little Fawn Thicket

Off of Tuktu Weir, close between the mountain and lake, one can find a mangrove of beautiful, wild lavenders. It is popular to the fawns of the forest, and usually early spring is when they are most active. It's wise to be careful, for the parents are always around. Though later is it called an enchanting place, especially for lovers. It has a few Wisteria tree's in the mixture.

Little Garden

A small area that is in Little Fawn Thicket, it is a surroundment of Wisteria Trees. It's small enough where a wolf can see the majority of trees, but large enough where a whole pack can fit into the area. They sprout a bit more into Willow tree's into the forest before disappearing- causing the area to be a gentle garden to the Kingslend folk.

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rituals & ceremonies

Pelage Vows
Wolves which have confessed to another wolf their true feelings and intentions should find a deer pelt near-identical to their beloved’s pelt. The closer the coloration and design to the receiving wolf, the strong the proposing wolf’s feelings are believed to be. Upon acceptance of the proposal, the pair are wed under the Pelage Vows. The receiving wolf wears the pelt gifted to them, and the proposing wolf wears a collar of antlers.

Floret Fest
The Floret Fest celebrates coming life, and is usually dedicated primarily to the Déorwine women for blessings of a successful birth. The day is spent coloring the ladies with various flowers, and the men with antlers. Women also have the option to join the men with the adorning of antlers, representative of the protection they will give to the next generation. It is a day of feast, and occurs at the beginning of breeding season. 

Wintertide Jubilee
The first snowfall is a day of fun times and prayers to be. It is hope before winter officially starts, that all of the DĂ©orwine wolves will survive with blessings of food given by the High Elk during the time of scarcity. A large hunt occurs, but it is optional. Those who choose not to participate cannot eat from the cache for the day, as the meat is saved for the winter. This is the only time an antlered Apostle can be hunted.

The Service
Funerals to the fallen — the day everyone takes the antlers upon their necks, the closest to the deceased carry the body to the boneyard to rest amongst the elk bones. It is a day of Silence; before the service, everyone is expected to remain silent. Afterward, one may speak in honor of the deceased to relive memories shared.

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