Hideaway Strath A freak, a wh*re
All Welcome  November 14, 2020, 05:24 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

she wandered through the territory. that bitch wasn't going to deter her from being at peace in her home with her husband.
she sought solitude again. her wounds were...healing.
progression was slow, but Dove's medication made her drowsy. lethargic.

she soon tried though, her wounds dragging her to her knees -- a little too literally. 
Sasha lay down, watching the wold for a few minutes, panting softly.
she wouldn't be caught out a second time, though perhaps she'd be graced with something far more interesting. 
a play toy, since Kynareth obviously wasn't faithful. why should she be if he wasn't?
November 14, 2020, 07:02 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Being left completely in charge of the Saints while Kynareth and Derg were away was...new, to say the least. 
The behemoth prayed inwardly that she wouldn't disappoint them. The alphas had been gone for two days now, and Nyra was doubling, even tripling down on patrols, marking their borders, making sure the Strath and it's neighboring territories were undisturbed and secure. She was almost always moving, rarely seen sleeping or eating by the other members of the pack. 

Now, the Paladin was still on the move - looking around the whole of their claim and noting potential densites and things that may be of concern, as well as stocking caches when she could inbetween her rounds. 

Perking her ears, Nyra sniffed the air, met by Sasha's scent. With an indifferent hum, the Shieldmaiden grabbed a rabbit from a nearby cache, and set off at a trot toward Sasha. 

Once there, Nyra chuffed through the rabbit in her maw and dropped it at the wolfdog's paws. 

"I promise it's not poisoned." Nyra quirked the ghost of a teasing smile, nudging the meal closer to the golden-laced woman and backing off a few steps.

November 15, 2020, 02:16 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

it was peaceful.
the birds chattered in their secret language overhead and danced through the trees in an acrobatic display.
but before long, a shadow loomed. imposing. danger.

Sahsa rose to a sitting position, hackles raising with ears flattening and muzzle scrunching, her canines were bared at the Paladin before she'd even dropped the rabbit. she didn't give a fuck what this bitch wanted -- first impressions showed what was really thought of you. and Nyra seemed to hate Sasha.
of course, her display was a warning -- i don't trust you, do not come closer

she didn't speak. didn't need to waste words on her. if she did, she'd be distracted. she'd be attacked again.
Sasha didn't let her eyes leave Nyra's body.
November 19, 2020, 06:15 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Nyra's reaction to Sasha's bared teeth was indifferent and rather deadpan. She twitched one ear dismissively and sat down where she was. If anything, the Shieldmaiden looked mildly annoyed and bored as she dipped her muzzle slightly to the rabbit;

"Eat." She grunted softly.

November 20, 2020, 04:33 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

why would she trust her? a last-ditch effort to kill her off before her husband did so?
fuck this. and fuck her.

she looked down at the rabbit. back to Nyra.
ears turned to listen for the presence of another. Kynareth please be here.
Sasha spat on the food.
"fuck off."
her lip curled back in disgust. she wouldn't be offed so easy.
November 20, 2020, 05:50 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Nyra would be leaving, at least for a little while, once Kynareth and Derg returned.
But for now, the Shieldmaiden was in charge while the alphas were at Moonspear.
And at the moment it was all too tempting to use that privilege.

Hmm...why the hell not? 
"Your ex isn't here, Sasha." Nyra chuckled cruelly, standing back up and pulling herself into a fully dominant stance, her tail raised as high as it could go.
An inferno-gold gaze as unforgiving as death itself. 
"He has more important things, and more important wolves to attend to than the likes of you." The behemoth purred, a voice smooth and dripping like tainted honey as she circled the golden-laced dog with pure killing intent. Did Nyra truly plan on taking Sasha's life? No. The phoenix-wolf would leave that to someone else, someone far more deserving of the opportunity. 

Someone that would truly make Sasha hurt

But, as of the moment - Sasha didn't need to know that Nyra wasn't going to finish what she started. In fact, Sasha needed to feel secure in this place for the great plan to work. 

She needed to be in fangs reach. And paranoia might make her leave before that could happen. 

But that didn't mean Nyra couldn't have some fun.
"For all you know, every cache full of food you come across has been poisoned. But if you dont eat, you grow weak. And if you are weak, you are so much easier to kill.The Shieldmaiden rumbled with a touch to her tone that could've been considered anything from psychotic to dangerously insane. 
"I would take that risk, if you really want to stay alive." Nyra chuckled, lunging at Sasha.

Or so it seemed. 

In truth, Nyra didn't even touch Sasha this time.

She may have come close, but her giant paws fell upon the rabbit, which she took in her teeth and tossed, where it would hit against Sasha's chest and then to the ground. 
A sinister gleam went through Nyra's golden orbs as she stared Sasha dead in the eye before grinning cruelly and loping away, back into the trees.

November 21, 2020, 03:32 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

ex. fucking ex.
she glared at Nyra, as if her gaze would pierce her through.
as for poisoning all the caches? no. she wouldn't even dare do that - to risk killing off the entire pack whilst the real leaders were absent. of course not. stupid little -
she moved, bright like a solar beam, diving straight for her again. Sasha yelped, skittering backwards with a snarl. she wasn't touched...by Nyra at least. the rabbit smacked into her chest with a resonating thud.

she watched her turn tail. looking to make a quick escape.
"i don't see him fawning over a bitch like you." she looked so cumbersome; clunky. Kynareth liked smaller girls, girls who couldn't pose him any real threat.
girls he could dominate -- any bury easily.
Nyra was the opposite.
November 21, 2020, 06:51 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
To Sasha's words, Nyra stopped and cackled, turning to face the wolfdog with complete amusement "I wasn't talking about myself. But it's obvious that you consider me a threat by assuming so." The Shieldmaiden laughed, a cheshire grin all too easy on her face as she stood in front of Sasha. 
"You don't know Kynareth even half as well as you may have in the past. Hell, at this point it's extremely clear that you don't know him at all.Nyra chuckled, keeping her inferno eyes pinned to the smaller woman. 
Coming closer, the behemoth swayed her tail lazily "Even if all this wasn't the case, it's increasingly blatant that he is a loyal alpha. Kynareth is loyal to his pack. And we are loyal to him. You are loyal to nothing and no one except yourself." She said it so casually, so matter-of-fact it might've been annoying if not flat out angering. If not, Nyra couldn't care less. She was indifferent, though obviously inclined toward Sasha's demise.

November 22, 2020, 03:15 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

consider her a threat? only to her own fucking life.
she came closer, and Sasha would hiss of she could. but obviously not, so she gave her a low warning rumble instead. Sasha wasn't very well endowed with a gift of fighting, but she knew where to put her teeth. and Kynareth insisted she learnt enough to protect herself.
she was blindsided last time.

but to think he was loyal? 
she must be joking.
"he's loyal when he marks those who leave for death?"
did she know this? did any of them know this?
she was surprised she wasn't dead, but she knew he wanted something. he was waiting for someting.
"i'm smarter than you. why should i serve a tyrant?"
they didn't see it yet. perhaps Nyra was blind to it, and followed Kynareth blindly.

"he will hurt you," she hissed with quiet venom. he'll hurt all of them soon enough.
November 22, 2020, 04:19 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Nyra's cheshire grin never left her face despite all of Sasha's words. Her giant form still held full dominance, a warning growl of her own to rival if not drown out that of the wolfdog. 
And still, her grin.

"Yes, he is. Those who leave and do not return are a liability." The Shieldmaiden rumbled.
at Sasha's claim to be smarter though, Nyra busted out in another heavy fit of cackles. A heavy dose of laughter that almost overfilled with hysterics.
"You? Smarter? Oh, sweetie! If you were even a feather's weight as clever as you boast yourself to be, you wouldn't have come looking, crawling back to Kynareth after the shit you pulled. You think nobody knows? ALL of us know what you did." Nyra responded with complete amusement. 
"Even if he was going to hurt any of us, do you think you're exempt from his violence?" The Paladin challenged with equal fire, a brow raised to further the purposefully shown amusement. 

"You think yourself smart, yet you know only of the past and came looking for the wolf who you fucked over. At the end of the day, you are no less of a worthless cunt than you think Kynareth to be." Nyra scoffed, swaying her fully raised tail slightly as she faced Sasha head-on, despite not making any moves to attack her.

November 26, 2020, 02:18 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

of course, she was right. but what would she think when it was her turn to try and outrun him?
would her mind be racing, calling herself a liability when the Grandmaster and Overseer were baying at her heels. Sasha doubted that very much.
but whatever. she should keep her trap shut. she'd fucked up enough already.

she watched Nyra go off with false calmness. her face controlled into a neutral, deadpan stare. was she about to be eaten again? probably. but this was what she wanted. she will deny it now, but give it a few days and the doubts will creep in. Nyra would be the hardest to work on, but she could break her.
and have her marked.
leaving Kynareth free for Sasha's own delight.

"i think I'll be the first to die, Nyra. then you'll see."
she blinked, her voice soft. she accepted what would happen. already had it planned. she would hurt him, make him feel bad, take a potent poison, and die in his lovingly hateful arms. and as he would kill her, he too would be succumbed to the poison tainting her lips.
a fanciful dream. one that was perfectly plausible in her mind.

but those words. oh, those stung.
Kynareth was far above her level. that's why she loved him so much. he wasn't worthless like her. he was pure, strong, handsome. brutal.
"he is the greatest wolf you will ever meet." 
her mismatched eyes watched Nyra's. her's were a gold unlike Kynareth's. it might be the coat colour, but hers seemed void. cold. like some lump of gold that was cold to the touch.

she took a step backwards, testing her reaction. could she run?
November 26, 2020, 03:47 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Maybe one day it would be Nyra's turn to run. But from the way things looked, that day was far, and distant. 
As for being broken? Nyra was already shattered in a number of ways.
Not necessarily in the manner being implied, but if a shaky, unstable sense of right and wrong could be considered shattered, then she was it. 

"He is." The Shieldmaiden agreed coolly, in response to Sasha's statement of Kynareth being a great wolf. 

As for Nyra's eyes...yes. As blazing of an inferno as her eyes were in color, there was a dangerous coldness that seared through. Perhaps like a void as Sasha saw, but blatantly telling of the willingness to kill, to slaughter...

To destroy. 
As Sasha stepped back once, the Monster didn't move. 
Sasha would be allowed her retreat. Once she was gone, Nyra herself would turn around and find something else to do.

November 26, 2020, 04:36 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

not even a flicker of emotion in those dead cold eyes.

Sasha smirked, turned, and ran.
fuck that.
you wouldn't dance around a beartrap.