Firestone Hot Springs Instructions
Private  November 21, 2020, 03:32 PM
Lone Wolves

Telling her not to do something didn't go over well. Double that when her mother was gone. Like what really was going on out there if suddenly they were supposed to stay all cooped up? Obviously the solution was to grab a box and Solid Snake right outta town -- okay, not really, but if she had to, getting a snack was totally part of her excuse to vamoose and go see for herself.

The key was sprint like a bat out of hell once out of sight, then once she felt safe, slow down, and really take a look around. Over her shoulder was home, still, but ahead was unfamiliar ground. Time to do some detective-izing and find out if they were totally serious. Not that she knew what she was looking for but she'd find it. But why was stuff smoking up ahead? Ok, minor detour then investigation...