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         Agana stayed for a few days around Arrow Lake, resting, gathering energy for the long journey ahead. Everything seemed dead to her; black. There was no joy in roaming around the land, watching the night sky, just living her life, being free. Whatever this was, it was far from freedom; the guilt was killing her from inside, and every step she took was unbearable. She needed to keep it together though, for the sake of her child; she hoped that he was safe, well-fed and protected, wherever he was. Little Astraeus...

        The moon took over the sky and now was a perfect opportunity to stargaze; the woman climbed the closest cave she could find, and soon came to the realization it was way too familiar; this was… the place where it all started; she remembered as it was yesterday. It was the first time she actually felt loved. And from this love, a star was born; a beautiful, little star. A tear fell from her right eye as she thought of the small, dark furball that laid beside her belly a few months ago. Agana laid down close to the entrance, her tail hugging her body, keeping her warm.
November 25, 2020, 07:28 PM
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the nights were getting colder, and despite his growing fluff, he wished he was home. there it never felt cold, except in the heat of the summer; his owner had made sure of it. he made the best of his surroundings as he could, retreating deeper and deeper into the caves as the days went by. maybe he'd have to ask umi if he could sleep with her— wait, not that way no, but, it was cold? uh...abort mission-

in the midst of his flustered thinking he didn't notice the wolf smell on the way up to the cave's entrance, nearly stumbling into the woman when he finally entered the cave. uh, hi? he said, cocking his head at the wolf curled up at the mouth of the cave. hopefully she wasn't that asleep yet.