2021 Puppy Season
November 30, 2020, 10:34 PM
As of tomorrow (December 1, 2020), you can begin submitting your puppy applications!


Please be sure to read and thoroughly review the complete guidebook entry on puppies. Failure to get all the details correct on the first try may postpone your approval date, which may in turn postpone your litter's birthday!

鈥 Our process has changed. You'll need to post in the new Contact the Staff forum after you have gained permission from the appropriate parties.
鈥 Be sure to read the rules on that forum in their entirety.
鈥 Note that all parents must meet our new MERs. That means you must be consistently active (post at least once every 14 days) for three months, and the account must have at least 120 posts when you make the request.
鈥 If you are a Lone Wolf or Wild Fauna, you need to seek permission from the CMs/ACMs. You should do this via the new the new Contact the Staff forum.
鈥 If you are a Lone Wolf, you need at least a year of consistent activity to be considered for puppies.
鈥 Only one parent needs to post a thread. We suggest the mother posts.
鈥 PMs will need to have a complete list of puppies approved for their pack. Only one thread is needed for each pack.
鈥 Our new rating is 3-1-3, which means you can reference sexual content, but you may not write it out on the forum.
鈥 Your conception thread should be clearly marked with the "conception" post icon. Feel free to use (p) (aw) (trade) (m) or other text tags in the title if you'd like to clarify other things about the thread.
鈥 Puppies may not be listed for adoption until the conception thread is complete.

Atkan Aleut