Hideaway Strath Return of the Shadow
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@Kynareth Deagon she needs to report in on her mission

I've been feeling un-inspired lately I'm a spice this up
Night blanketed the earth holding it in a cool embrace, the crisp night air was still, and only if one were to listen hard would they finally hear the skittering of life as it moved on even in the middle of winter. This dark night sat a lone figure it鈥檚 breathes coming out in a heavy mist that hung in the air, before dissipating slowly.

Whrist's wanderlust had been satiated for the time being and she had returned the this place not to long ago. During her outing she found that slowly her heart had called her back here, This was a first for her she had never had a place to go, nor a purpose beyond what was to fill her belly then next day. At least she had not had a purpose since she had exacted her first taste of revenge from the flesh and blood that had dropped her upon the earth.

This was a strange yet pleasant feeling, she had found more the pack though her thoughts had turned toward 鈥榟im鈥 and in her traverses across the territory she got to claim as her own as long as she called this pack her own, she had not yet found the grandmaster. She needed to report in, and find out if she had indeed failed in her mission.

She hoped whatever intel she had might yet be useful but she couldn鈥檛 help but frown at herself before she sat and looked up to the sky, the moon was full and bathed the night in it鈥檚 soft white light.

She sighed as she stared up at the moon, perhaps she would find some wisdom there if not some smattering of peace. Without thinking, her blue orbs closed and her voice lifted, carrying a song to the moon, her long howl, melodic and yet throaty as she sang a long and lonely song, it was akin to the howling she did as she had traveled alone from the snow capped peaks into the lower warmer climate.
December 30, 2020, 04:30 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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Tag for reference. ;D

Kynareth is on a patrol. He knows not the whereabouts of @Simmik, yet he trusts her to remain in the area. He鈥檚 been giving her more freedom as of late and to his surprise she hasn鈥檛 betrayed his trust one bit.聽

So, as howl whisks through the sky, carried by the wind, and into his auds he stills. Recognizing the howl as the beautiful raven furred woman聽known as Whrist. A smile pulls at his lips and he is already in a joyous mood to see her after so long apart.聽

Not wasting a minute longer,聽he travels towards the echo of her succulent voice. Arriving聽close enough to finally see the outline of her dark form highlighted by the sickly blue light of a full moon. Trotting up to her Kynareth doesn鈥檛 stop until he is within touching distance. Moving to brush his large head against her cheek and retreating with a quick lap to her muzzle.聽

鈥淚t鈥檚 good to see you again, Whrist.鈥 He hums pleasantly. His voice light hearted and content. 鈥淗ow did everything go? You鈥檙e in one piece, so I assume fairly well?鈥澛
January 02, 2021, 04:17 PM
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Going to be vague about her spar injuries since this thread is not concluded but she should be mostly healed of most words by now鈥

Whrist had not realized how much tension she had been building during her lament until her eyes opened and fell upon the male she considered hers. She felt that tension melt away as if thawed instantly by his touch. She took a moment to let herself take in her fill of the stocky muscular male enjoying his tail and hips.

Whrist then glanced at her shoulder the healing had gone very well and outward signs of the聽 scuffle was next to nil, any scars did not mar her coat with white hairs, at least not yet. She nodded in answer to his question and stood running her head along the underside of his jaw then upper his shoulder. A wicked grin spread over her lips suddenly and he nipped him between the shoulder blades playfully where he had left his mark upon her before she left. She held it for a moment but did not break his skin then she backed up and shook herself.

鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what I found,鈥 She found her voice speaking before her mind caught up, she still wasn鈥檛 sure what she had wanted when she left nor was she sure she had found it.

She continued as if she was speaking soully about her mission 鈥淚 found a female fitting your description to a tee but she gave me the name of聽 Blodreina Eyjolfur. I then ghosted her to the outskirts of Rivenwood before turning back here. There are no signs of the one you called Renard鈥

She averted her eyes and sat down, he might think she was ashamed for not having wholly completed her mission but really she was sorting though her feeling; she was closer to the idea that perhaps this pack truly was the place for her. She just wished she knew more about them perhaps she鈥檇 ask him for the story about Sasha she knew something was up there though she could not place her paw on it. Or the one behind the captive, or even where the captive came from or the future plans; she needed some action and for that this male was usually the best place to start. She could not help the smirk them flicked upon her lips on that thought, finally she looked up at him attempting to assess wether or not he was ok with her news
January 06, 2021, 02:34 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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As they embrace, he feels her teeth on his nape and his teeth are instantly showing in a loose, but sly smile. He loves the teasing, those icy orbs that gaze up to him promiscuously.聽

Then her voice is breaking the silence and he stop to listen attentively. He is glad to hear that she鈥檚 found a woman matching the description of the pale warrior. Yet,聽his face becomes obviously lost in thought and contemplation as she mentions her going by such a different name. Then Rivenwood. What is Rivenwood? No sign of Renard. He鈥檚 not his first target, so he doesn鈥檛 find it much of a loss.

Brows still furrowed in though he looks to her. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 interesting. It鈥檚 good enough to find more leads and carry on further with the investigation though. Good job, darling.鈥 He praises. Though his voice still seams perplexed as he sifts聽through any and all possible ideas or questions.

鈥淭his woman, did she speak in a different language? Did she introduce herself as that name? It sounds like something that could translate to her native tongue.鈥 He pauses for a moment. 鈥淲here and what is Rivenwood? A pack? A place? This information could be very useful to us.鈥 He says, obviously pleased with the information she鈥檚 gathered.
January 06, 2021, 10:42 PM
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the thread ended Whrist ended up more injured then I thought, sorry it wasn鈥檛 brought up sooner, PITA for closed threads but her stoic nature might explain it

Whrist hummed as she relived her journey, She winced as she remembered her first loss in a fight, to the brute in Ravens watch, The line from the side of her neck to the middle of her shoulder blades was still tender but the ripped flesh had settled back down and began to heal rather nicely; she had been so angry that the brute had marred the signature that had been left there by Kynareth. Leaving her sore but her stubbornness did not allow her to even let any stiffness show in her outward actions; though she had been trying to avoid moving her neck as much as possible. Even now she moved her neck less then normal but refused to show any weakness or soreness when she did move it purposely or inadvertently. The only way one might know she had been hurt would be to touch her neck and feel the scabs turning scars for themselves not that any but he got closer to her unless she was trying to rip them a new one. She had made sure to touch him with the uninjured side of her neck, and kept the uninjured side to him, she wanted him to believe she had not gotten injured at all out there. 聽

Whrist look thoughtful as she replayed the encounter with Blodreina,聽 鈥Introductions were not forthcoming, as I caught her returning to the Teekon, I pulled that name from her eventually, she tried to go without introducing herself, A trick I myself use,鈥 Whrist flicked her ears backwards for a moment as if listening to the conversation from her past.

聽鈥She spoke common well, though she used a word I had not heard before鈥 Her light blues looked up to the sky as she replayed the memory almost whispering the word as she pulled from her minds eye 鈥aulana..?鈥 She almost nodded but stopped herself instead she looked at him then 鈥yes, and she did have a temper.鈥 Whrist huffed a silent laugh then became serious.

The only thing that stopped me from goading that female to start a fight was your warning, I would have loved to bring you back her pretty little ear, you might have known her by scent then," Whrist grinned wickedly drawing closer to him and smoothing her tongue along the back of his ear.

聽鈥I made sure to skirt close to but not into any and all packs along my journey, trying to get a good feel for any packs general smell, Rivenwood, is what I believe it鈥檚 called, it is a pack on the furthest edge of the teekon wilds from here, I never encountered a single pack wolf so I know of them but don鈥檛 have a good sense of their general smell. I ghosted behind her, as promised, but could not stick around or be seen lest I risk my life.

She paused then, her light blues eyes lighting up her tail swaying along the ground 2 or 3 times in eagerness 鈥OooOO, I do have a story to tell you though,鈥 Her tone settled and became more serious 鈥I came across a couple pack wolves, Kaistleoki, I was in the Hoshor Plains,
She turned her gaze away and glared at nothing in particular 聽鈥Clearly not Kaistleoki pack lands, though they acted like it was, oh鈥︹ her voice softened 鈥渂ut the creatures there鈥

Whrist鈥檚 drifted off her mouth began to water and her heart rate picked up in anticipation 鈥Bison I think she called them,

Whrist almost sighed out her next words loving the way his name tasted on her tongue 鈥Oh Kynareth Deagon of the Abbey. You must take me to hunt one of those鈥 her voice was wistful and she looked up at the moon lost in thought, her muscles tensing as if she were chasing one of the beasts with him at her side right then, imagining the taste of the bison blood as she worked to rip the life from the massive beast.

She lowered her head and looked to him them a gleeful light in her eyes 鈥It would be fun to taunt the鈥︹ Whirst snorted the word 鈥淐onstable, and his subordinates,鈥 She snickered 鈥I pissed on the border of the Hoshor Plains as I was forced to leave that place to let them know I鈥檇 be back.
January 09, 2021, 03:46 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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He is eager to listen as she continues with the much needed information she鈥檚 gathered. He doesn鈥檛 miss a beat, taking in every bit of what she has to say and filing it away for use on a later date.聽

When she gets to a closing point about the wolf he hunts and the packs she visited he nods. 鈥淧erfect. That will be useful later.鈥 Is his easy reply.

He can鈥檛 help but smile as she begins her next bit with an enthusiastic 鈥極ooOOOohh鈥. His teeth even daring to show as he engages聽into the next topic of discussion. 鈥淵es, I know of Kaistleoki.鈥 He spurts briefly in between her sentences. Then just as he鈥檚 about to say something about the Bison, she mentions pissing in the borders to their hunting grounds and he loses it.聽

Throwing his head back in a bark of hardy laughter, he laughs shamelessly with an open mouth. He can鈥檛 help but be reminded of his old Overseer. 鈥淥h, that鈥檚 good.鈥 He finally says over his dying laughter.聽

He comes closer suddenly and bumps chests with her and nibbling on her jaw and neck playfully. 鈥淭hen I suppose聽we must go sometime. To hunt Bison and annoy the Constable.鈥 He hums with only a few huffs of laughter left in his voice.聽

Allowing himself to pull back only slightly and lap at her ear. 鈥淏ut perhaps in the meantime, we could be up to something else...鈥 Are his suggestive words. 鈥淚 think you deserve more than just praise for a job well done, love.鈥 He rumbles dangerously, voice husky in her ear.
January 12, 2021, 08:46 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The clouds coated the sky and moved to blanket the moon and wrap the sky if not the earth in their heavy embrace, they were gathering and though no snow fell yet,聽 as the month of January and the future mother of all snow storms was not yet here, Mother Nature鈥檚 plans were already unfolding is one were wise enough to see these signs and other little things. Like the tiny puffs of mist the predators below created with each breath.

In the darkness from somewhere up above a lone raven cawed from a tree above the pair of wolves. The dark wolf could not help but glanced skyward toward her the sounds of her stockholm pet though it could not hold her attention long, the brush of his stocky body against hers the slide of pelt running over warm pelt drew lust to the surface. Igniting her flesh and warming her body, Tingles of desire curled deep within starting from the rumble in her ear, crawling down her neck, along her spine and then deeper into her core.

Her jaws parted slightly and her white teeth pulled gently through the closest brindle fur, she loved the mix of unwolfly colours of his coat, She loved everything about this males body, she ripple of his muscle and shorter and wider muzzle, the strength of his bite. Her body shifted of it鈥檚 own accord widening her stance her hip bumping against him, as she thought of his bite and the present that had been given to her last time, she wanted more of that, to erase the tears the other wolf had left to her.

She looked over her shoulder at him her eyes soft her voice husky 鈥I wouldn鈥檛 mind a reward, if you would allow me to give you a reward in turn this time鈥 She clicked her teeth together and licked her lips with as much of a seductive smile as she could offer
January 13, 2021, 03:47 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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Oh yes. The dance they always do when around one another, he can鈥檛 get enough of it. Especially since the shewolf before him is so infuriatingly beautiful with her midnight pelt and pale eyes. Much different from Simmik, it fulfills another part of him. Whereas Simmik is pale furred with fiery eyes; Whrist is dark, with light, white-blue eyes he鈥檚 absolutely obsessed with. It makes him hungry in many ways.聽

So as she moves herself and bumps a hip against him he does as dogs do. A hum on his tongue acknowledging that he would indeed give her a reward worthy of her time.聽

Fade to black 蠄(锝鈭嚶)蠄