Staff Guidebook
January 13, 2021, 12:56 PM
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Staff Guidebook

Recently, there have been a lot of discussions around CMs and their role on the site.聽 A number of members have expressed concerns with the way staff communicates, handles situations, and manages the overall running of the site.聽 Member communication is extremely important to us, and these issues are something that we, as a team, want to work on improving.

As a starting point, we have decided to post a set of guidelines for ourselves within the Game Management entry of the Guidebook.聽 Some of these points are things that we have always enforced as a team, but they are also things that are best spelled out for the community to see.聽 Others are new and were added in hopes that we might better allow members to voice their opinions without feeling frustrated or ignored.

Staff do not listen to members and over-rule/question them.
We've always, in the past, tried to approach discussions from the approach that we are members as well.聽 Our goal was to make our own thoughts clear, but never to allow our opinions in a thread take away from reading and understanding the opinions of other members.聽 However, we realize that many members view our input in these discussions as coming as CMs who will be making the final decision - not as members trying to state what our own personal preferences are.聽 Because of this, CMs will no longer participate in member discussions.聽 ACMs, however, still may.

We will also no longer post polls with poll options that we, as a team, are not comfortable enacting.聽 This means that every poll will always implement the majority opinion rather than occasionally shifting.聽 If a discussion happens on a poll, we may or may not take aspects of that discussion into consideration, but this should keep things a lot more straightforward and fair!

Staff are dismissive of member concerns.
This is 100% fair criticism.聽 If you come to us with something and we respond immediately with 'we can't help', please let us know that we made you feel dismissed.聽 Call us out!聽 This is a problem that we are going to be actively working on.

A lot of this is in communication, and instead of immediately focusing on what we cannot do, we want to begin every conversation with the things we can help with.聽 This might involve advice player-to-player, this may involve just listening, or this may involve asking more questions to determine if actual action is necessary.聽 We may not always be able to give every member the outcome they desire - in many instances, we try to be non biased and give members the benefit of the doubt when situations get sticky - but we can be more mindful of issues when they come our way.

Members don't feel comfortable coming to us.
This is huge, and if there is anything we can do to help solve this, please let us know.聽 We cannot fix problems that we do not know are there, and we can't address things that are spoken about in spaces we can't see.聽聽

The CM team has always operated as a group of individuals with different communication styles, different viewpoints, and different opinions.聽 We work well together because we employ a similar philosophy when managing the game, but outside of that - we realize that we are not infallible.聽 Every one of us wants to know how we can improve, and every one of us understands that members may not feel comfortable coming to the group.聽 When this is the case, consider instead approaching on an individual basis.

We've officially added terms around privacy of admin spaces and 1-1 conversations.聽 This is in hopes that, if a member is unhappy, they will come to whichever CM they feel best suited to address their problem.聽 We can talk it out, determine if something needs to be said to the team, and work things through without allowing resentment to build.

We know that these changes won't solve every problem that is faced on this site, but we hope that it is a start!聽 We run Wolf because we love it, but we love it because of all of you.聽 Our number one priority, as a team, is ensuring that as many members are enjoying this place as is feasibly possible.聽 When this begins to shift, our job is to determine why and how we can improve to tip that back.

Open communication is key, as is courtesy, understanding, and acknowledging that this space is a collaboration.聽 We're going to try to be more straightforward about our policies, our expectations, and our methods of working going forward!聽 And we hope that you all will do the same in return.

- CM Team