Deepwood Weald Not An Option
Trade  January 13, 2021, 03:50 PM
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quick spar thread for anyone looking for merchandise trade - backdating this for Connie's sake to last week

Hungry for a new fight - she wandered the woods with the intention to strike at the first living thing she saw. She wanted to test her body further, push it beyond its previous limits and prepare to do Hydra proud and not regret in the invitation to join her at Moonspear. The shadow cloaked woman could have easily ignored Conquest and left her in the misty woods, but she didn't... and the flame kissed girl was determined to show just how far she would go to honour her father's name and memory in Hydra's mind. 

Without a care in keeping quiet, she thrashed through the woods making as much noise as possible to drag attention to herself. Someone had to be somewhere near.
January 14, 2021, 02:12 AM
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the forest provided sanctuary from the onslaught of another blizzarding squall that he didn't want anything to do with. he had delved in deep as soon as the wind picked up and the visibility dropped again, and found that there was resolute protection from the elements therein.
though the trees creaked and groaned and the snow still made its way through, lakhos breathed a heavy sigh of relief. he was so sick of winter. sick of the cold, sick of scavenging constantly, and perhaps most of all, sick of being relentlessly bothered everywhere he went.
but he couldn't complain too much about the latter because at least here the competition for things didn't seem too bad. he hadn't seen hide nor hair of anything that seemed too overtly predatory... yet.
he didn't know that he wasn't alone; the wind teased at his ears as he rummaged about. that soon changed—he heard the thrashing going on, the crunch of ice and snow beneath heavy feet... but he determined it wasn't of too much concern. wasn't a cat, wasn't a bear, sure as hell wasn't man trouncing around looking for something easy.
and he was flighty anyway—it was perhaps the coyote way he knew best even though he embodied parts of one and parts of another. it served his best interest to try and lay low anyway, and so he did.
he minded his own business, not realizing someone else was about to make him theirs.
January 15, 2021, 04:04 PM
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Breaking through the brush, her eyes landed on the man. The first thing that catches her eye she thought, the first thing was him. The girl's attention was fully on him, lowering her head to gaze at him with a fierce glare from under golden brows. A low rumble was the only vocal part of her silent challenge, the only warning of what she was about to do. 

Regardless of how he felt, the girl made her move. Approaching softly at first with a timed gait, as soon as she was close enough - she was off. Lunging at him with teeth glistening in the sunlight poisoned to strike at his neck or shoulder. With the snow her footing would be strange... she could already tell as her feet slid on the cold, snow slick ground, but he should fight with the same disadvantage she supposed.
January 16, 2021, 08:54 AM
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his foraging quickly went from being truthful to just being for show rather swiftly. the footfalls were getting closer—how well he could hear the crunch and drag of ice and snow, the turning of branch and bramble in the way—until they stopped. his hide prickled with anticipation, and he knew he had been found. this was not his first go around with being happened upon by someone will ill-intent, and he supposed it wouldn't be the last. it would have been foolish to think that it would be the last.
his ears turned, almost straining to hear something. maybe heavy breathing, like the kind one would fully expect from a serial killer about two steps away from hitting some fever pitch or pinnacle of ecstacy from finding his quarry. a quarry, who if he could have, would have probably been that dumb bitch who shut themselves in a closet frantically trying to call the authorities for help.
but he didn't hear heavy breathing from the lust of the hunt. he did hear the growl, deep and guttral... and rather brief. then there was the slow draw of their feet across the frozen ground, and his breath caught awkwardly in his throat and choked him.
fuck. fuck, fuck, fuck was becoming his new favorite thought.
the steps grew faster, breaking into an uneven pace he likened to a run, and that was the only indictator that he needed to move. like now. it came not a moment too late either—he felt hot breath at his neck as he tore and turned away a split second before their inevitable impact. and it scared the hell out of him as he broke into a stumbling run before he found his own footing in the powdered snow.
knowing what the intent was here, he assumed it was because of what he was rather than who he was. he didn't have the time to try and get a glance of his assailant yet, but he had been singled out before for seeming more coyote than wolf. getting space between them was of the utmost importance to his survival, but he didn't intend to fully flee.
if he was going to die by an other's teeth, he at least wanted to see their face. so when he did whip around with a slide to face her, he knew that she would be fast on his heels. what he didn't expect was to see a golden giantess already flecked and decked out in shades of red.
oh, fuck my life! he lamented.
his bed was made, and now he had to sleep in it.
January 18, 2021, 05:45 PM
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The man tried to leave, tried to run - but she wouldn't let him. He was hers now, the target was drawn on his unfortunate back which drew her in regardless of what he wanted or didn't want. The first snap at his neck was left with nothing but a few strands of hair between ivory incisors, seeing only his back as he tried to flee. Instantly she moved to follow, to close the distance as best as she could despite his more agile frame than her lumbering one.

As soon as he whipped around to meet her face to face, eye to eye, she grinned. Happy that he would no longer be running away from her, from this, whatever it was... training? A random attack? Spar? Whatever. She merely breathed for a moment, letting them both catch their breath as eyes burned into him, the intensity never left despite the sudden silence. 

As if she attempted to excite him as well, she snapped her jaws in his direction. Purposely missing by a hair to try and get his adrenaline pumping, to instigate a fight between them in her own twisted way to issue the challenge. With her few attempts at warning and challenging, she lunged once more - this time with every intent to break skin should she be able to grab him this time.
January 19, 2021, 03:28 AM
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she didn't immediately charge him, but he knew he was being sized up. she was probably looking him over the way someone looked over choice cuts at a butcher, trying to decide if they were in the mood to make ribs or maybe a rump roast. either way, lakhos would have been super disappointing. it was probably good she didn't have thumbs because with the grin that he saw crossing her features, she probably would have skinned him alive to wear him like a coat.
wait. that wouldn't have worked either.
his mouth opened to ask something, but the click of her jaws was a pretty clear shut up marker if he ever saw one. only it went on, each snap giving him a reason to take a step back like he was some pro boxer about to go toe-to-toe in the ring, except lakhos wasn't really much of a fighter. a scrapper maybe, but he had probably lost more spats that he had started, and he had probably not finished a few more.
what the hell is your deal??
that, however, made it out of his mouth as she lunged for him again.this time, he couldn't get in a sidestep or a few steps back to avoid her. her teeth hit the mark and he was certain that the rough pinch she gave him did in fact break the skin through his thick, doublecoated hide.
a snarl broke through his confusion in retaliation; he knew he couldn't overpower her but he could bite her back, and so he did. he had no problem reaching out for her and trying to get a mouthful of skin and fur between his pointed teeth, hoping that perhaps that needlepoint snout of his would grab enough to entice her to let him go.
but truth be told, he had a feeling this wouldn't go his way either.
guess they'd just have to weirdly hold onto each other instead.