Hideaway Strath Why would someone get cake if they can't eat it?
All Welcome  February 13, 2021, 11:07 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
She had padded along the borders cocking her leg and shifting her hips in order to pee higher and more precisely, Borders were important to her these parkland would be marked as hers and everything in them. As she moved along the wall bordering the strath she noticed a pair of male goats traversing the mountainside bordering the edge of Hideaway Strath. She grinned she was not one to waste an opportunity and climbed the mountain side carefully crouching low to keep her center of gravity low so she did not tumble down the shear cliffs these goats seemed to be favouring currently. The goats noticed her a moment to late and she lunged forward managing to catch one on the hock teeth crunching tendons, sending it off course and tumbling down the mountain side. Whrist almost didn’t let go in time and almost got pulled down with it, finally letting go she threw her weight into her haunches and managed to stay perched on the mountain side her gaze turning toward the fleeing goat. It didn’t get far only putting enough distance between it and the wolf to feel safe, the goat didn’t seem want to leave behind it’s companion.

The first goat fell smashing into ledge after ledge more cuts and wounds being created, It finally stopped it’s downward descent and tried to stand finding it’s rear leg that was bitten to be useless to it. If only there were two of whist she’d be able to get both goats.

Ignoring the one 10 feet below her to turned her attention to the goat 10 feet in front of her and it bleated to it’s buddy. She crouched low, gauging how far she could jump. Twisting her paws against the rocks below her to get a more secure grip.