Falls of the Hinterlands I tell you that I鈥檓 thinking about
February 24, 2021, 03:11 AM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Tagging @Deneve! I鈥檓 so insanely sorry I never got this up sooner I鈥檝e been sicker than a dog these last few day and my brain is mediocre at best lol. Pls forgive me!

Kynareth taking a little walk today. He finds himself going further than his usual patrolling route takes him. Past Cedar Sweep and closer to the glorious falls that spew icy glacier water. It鈥檚 so聽pure he feels like a brand new man after drinking some.

Still, he doesn鈥檛 quite know why he decides to wander so far besides to just bask in the roaring presence of the waterfall. It鈥檚 calming he supposes. He鈥檚 contemplating, thinking. About the war and when he should strike. Thinking about Simmik and his pack. Too much to think about really.

So he sidles along the edge of the water, the moist air making his pelt sparkle with droplets of water like dew on grass. He stares mindlessly at the water and thinks.