Duskfire Glacier i've become the night and day
Trade  March 01, 2021, 08:10 PM
Duskfire Glacier
set at Meltwater Lake, dated for 03/03/2021

Sunlight slanted through in the few gaps between the branches overhead -- a momentary break in the cloud cover -- and then it was gone, the few glittering bits of gold twinkling out of existence as the shaman padded along. She stopped near the base of a black pine, sniffing at a disturbed clump of the brown needles that carpeted the forest floor like rushes amongst dark mosses and half-frozen mud. Her target, a pine marten, had stopped here as was evidenced by its own stashed kill, a mouse. Imaq swallowed the still cooling rodent in a few quick snaps, not intending to let her discovery go to waste, before moving on in search of the weasel.

Further on, she came across the kapviasiak she hunted, perched on its haunches primly atop a boulder with its back to the shepherd stalking it, its forelegs pulled up as it rubbed at its face to groom the blood from its soft brown coat. Imaq dared to creep a few steps closer, muscles bunching powerfully beneath her as she prepared to spring.