Ankyra Sound cutthroat
All Welcome  March 22, 2021, 12:39 PM
Time passed and still Haunt couldn't quite orient herself around the hole left by her brother. A dozen times a day, she wondered if she'd made the right choice by not going with @Vex. She wondered if she might've been swayed if he'd wanted to go find @Arbiter instead of @Kaertok's godforsaken lineage. Sometimes she even considered going to find their mother on her own, rather than try to make it work here. She loved Sapphique but nothing felt the same without family.

The young huntress padded idly along the beach, having forgotten her silent vow to avoid it. Her feet carried her past the invisible line in the sand, not that she realized it. It was rather misty today, with extremely limited visibility. Once more, Haunt thought of the fortunetelling witch. Because she wasn't sure what else to do with herself, Haunt experimentally closed her eyes and kept walking along the cool, sifting sands. She slowed down to a shuffle, paying closer attention to what she could feel, hear and smell.

A sudden and jarringly loud sound made her eyes snap open. Ahead, she could see a shape through the fog. At first, Haunt couldn't make sense of what she was seeing. But then she realized this must be a seal. She dug her toes into the stand and watched as the surprisingly large and ungainly animal humped its way toward the water, bugling warnings as it went.
March 27, 2021, 05:22 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

Sasha wondered and wandered. just meandering. looking for her next meal.
maybe she'd go to the Saint's. to @Kynareth Deagon. probably not.
he was an oaf with a lump of oak for a brain. always thinking with his wood.
her scar ached, so a good dunk in the ocean should take the edge off.
cold, salty, briny, and a bit sandy.
she looked across the land, inhaling deeply. enjoying herself.
a seal shouting with warning lumped towards the water. she tilted her head, trotting over to see what it was running from.
another wolf. they didn't look like they were hunting. probably just startled it.
she stood, watching the other. unsure her tail waves softly, ears flicking forward and back.
March 28, 2021, 08:18 PM
It was foolhardy to give chase, she knew, but Haunt wasn't really in her right mind lately. Without thinking it through properly, she galloped after the ungainly creature, her ruff prickling and her tail swinging upward as she closed ranks. The seal bumbled quickly into the surf and Haunt hesitated for a split second before lunging at it anyway, her teeth closing around one of its rear flippers.

With a savage snarl, she braced her paws in the wet sand and began to tug the seal backward. It didn't budge; it was too heavy for her. The animal did curl defensively, its mouth opening as it snapped at her face. Haunt released her grip and sprang out of reach, licking blood from her jowls. It was greasy in texture, clinging to her lips.

Oblivious to her canine observer, Haunt watched the seal right itself and once more attempt to take refuge in the sea. But Haunt leaped in again, targeting the base of its spine, where its flippers split in two. She buried her fangs into the fur and flesh there, then began to worry it with rabid shakes of her head.
March 30, 2021, 03:04 PM
Sasha Deagon
Lone Wolves

it seemed that Sasha was the ghost here.
the other wolf wasn't even taking notice of their surroundings, but rather hunting this seal which was most of the way to the water by now.
the Deagon stood there, thinking over her options. she could help, or she could leave.
would she get anything from it for helping?
she would if she snarled louder.

with that thought, the golden-point mutt took off after the hunt. the seal had gained a few more lumps with the pale wolf struggling to hold it back as it pulled and snapped.
Sasha swung in, aiming to sink her teeth into its thick hide above a flipper in an area which might be considered 'the neck'. it had no obvious weak points apart from its eyes - which were protected by those teeth.
it was just a fat tube with little paddled attached to it.
she hoped it tasted better than it looked.
March 31, 2021, 08:43 AM
The appearance of another wolf startled Haunt so badly, she plucked her fangs from the seal's fatty tissues and leaped backward with a sharp bark of surprise. This left her to watch the stranger attacking the prey's shoulder. In a split second, she realized the other—a she-wolf, by scent—was simply attempting to help kill the plump pinniped.

Going after the neck area was simultaneously risky but smart. Haunt waited until the seal was forced to divide its attention and counter the other wolf's attack, its head thrusting in that direction with such force, she wondered if the stranger might take a bad blow to the head. But she didn't wait to find out before lunging in to sink her teeth into the expanse of throat now exposed to her.

But the thick folds of fur, flesh and fat blunted her fangs. She felt something like oil in her mouth as she pressed harder, growling noisily even as the seal bleated directly into her ear. Haunt didn't let go, even when the creature twisted and began to clobber her about the neck and shoulders with its swinging head. She didn't feel the sharp sting of teeth, so she assumed it couldn't reach her.

And then the nearer flipper came up and whacked her so hard and square in the chest, it knocked the wind out of her. The impact forced her to release with a gasp, backpedaling and tumbling into the sand like a dying fish.