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She was used to getting almost no sleep at this point鈥攕he was huge and rarely found any position that was comfortable. She wasn't sure how much longer she could take being so round. But as it turned out, she wouldn't have to wait any longer. At first, she wasn't sure what the hell was going on; she felt restless and anxious. Her sides had started to ache more than normal, eventually turning into something far more painful than an ache.聽

Her pacing and soft sounds of pain had kept Ky from sleeping as well. He watched her worriedly, asking if she needed him to call for the healers. At first she wouldn't let him鈥攕he didn't want to disturb them unnecessarily, especially with Arlette being pregnant herself. But after an hour or so, the pain intensified, and she started to worry something was wrong. Maybe it was time for the children to finally make their appearance鈥攕he wasn't sure because she had no idea how to do this or what it should feel like.聽

She collapsed down next to him, sitting awkwardly and closing聽her eyes as an other wave of pain came. Her face scrunched up as she waited for it to pass and then she looked to her husband. Maybe you should call the healers. There's some pain, and I don't know why; I want to make sure the children are okay. Fear made the lines of her face rigid as her mind went crazy with all the awful possibilities.聽

Whatever he decided to do then, she didn't know鈥攕he could no longer focus on Ky or anything else. Pain moved down the muscles of her abdomen and instinct seemed to take over. Somehow, she knew she needed to push this time, and so she did, terrified of what might come next. She had little time between each wave of pain, but when she did have a reprieve, she would slide back down to the ground and pant, lifting her front half back up when the pain started again.聽

At some point, she felt Ky near, but she was too focused on whatever was happening to her鈥攊t was hard to think about anything but the pain and need to push. She wasn't sure how long it took but finally something came from all her effort. A giant, puppy-sized mass covered in some kind of sac. Unsure how she knew what to do but doing it anyway, she used her teeth to free their first son (Alduin), cleaning him up immediately after and pulling him close to her. She ran her nose lightly through his dark fur. He was alive and seemed fine, but she would feel better with one of the healers checking to make sure. Slowly her gaze lifted and searched for the golden eyes she knew so well, eager to see Ky's聽own reaction to the large bear of a puppy now ravenously eating.

March 29, 2021, 07:36 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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[Image: giphy.gif?cid=5e214886pbx9fqoxnxcri2x2n6...=giphy.gif]

It was just another night in the kingdom, everything was normal. Until it wasn鈥檛. Kyn begins to get worried for his beautiful wife in white. Her pain seems to be the worst it鈥檚 been since being pregnant and he begins to feel uneasy. Suggesting he call their medics to check over her. He just doesn鈥檛 want anything to happen to Simmik or the pups and he feels a prickle of dread spark like electricity up his spine. At this point he doesn鈥檛 give a shit about sleeping, he just wants to know if everything will be alright. Simmik鈥檚 subtle panicking quickly begins to rub off on him and now he鈥檚 panicking. He doesn鈥檛 make it painfully obvious, but Christ it鈥檚 happening.聽

Finally Simmik manages to lie down beside him and his coingold eyes are filled to the brim with concern. He places a large, rough paw over her own and watches her take a deep breath before her face becomes deadly serious. She wants him to call the medics now and he hops on it in an instant. Bouncing to his feet and trotting a fair distance away to release a bellowing howl that was sure to wake up the whole neighborhood. For good reason of course. Just in case his medics were sleeping he鈥檇 need to wake them up. No one is getting sleep tonight it seems and Kynareth can鈥檛 really feel it in himself to feel particularly bad about it. His wife is in pain and he expects her to be checked out no questions asked, just as he would any other member of the pack.聽

When he moves back to her, he鈥檚 lowering his massive head down to her and lapping gently at her head. He wants to comfort her, but not overwhelm her with his presence. Then it hits him. Maybe the pups are perfectly fine and she鈥檚 finally just giving birth. It sends a new wave of anxiety through him, both happy and dreadful. He can tell she鈥檚 pushing and he feels so bad聽for her. For a moment he鈥檚 thanking a higher power that he鈥檚 a man because whatever she鈥檚 going through, he鈥檇 just rather not.聽

Then he鈥檚 truly shitting his pants when her tail is moving to the side and a nasty sack of blood and mucus is pushed from her nether regions. His ears flick back and he resists twisting his face up in part disgust, part empathy for her pain. He doesn鈥檛 want to get snapped at but he鈥檚 horribly curious. Closing in on her and humming comforting words as he watching her rip the sack off of the large, dark pup.聽

Kynareth鈥檚 eyes go comically wide. That鈥檚 his kid right there. Then he鈥檚 feeling an insane mix of emotions. He watches her clean him and he too wants to lick the cute little bastard a little bit. His fur is wet still, it looks a lot darker than it really is, but he can see the curl of his tail and he smiles down to her when he instantly moves to latch onto a nipple. His smile becomes positively beautiful 鈥 a proud father with an undying, never ending love for his wife and it shows.聽

鈥淪immik,鈥 He whispers her name reverently. Moving to nose at the little pup and seeing that it鈥檚 a little boy. 鈥淚t鈥檚 a boy, darling.鈥 He鈥檚 so insanely happy he can鈥檛 help the wicked wag of his curled tail. He鈥檚 absolutely in love, no matter how appalling child birth is. He鈥檇 be here for every second of it.
March 29, 2021, 07:46 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Alduin has no idea what鈥檚 happening he鈥檚 literally a child, but all he knows is shit is changing. His consciousness is brightening along with the world around him. It鈥檚 dark and warm all around him and all of a sudden he鈥檚 being pushed out into the world of the living. His little eyes are still shut, he can鈥檛 hear anything, but he鈥檚 definitely alive and well. Bursting from the sack that surrounds him he lets out a few intelligible gurgles. He鈥檚 breathing air for the first time. It鈥檚 weird. Something keeps lapping over his chubby body, licking him clean and instantly he feels a draw to it 鈥 his mother.聽

His little potato self is finally becoming aware and he鈥檚 feeling the breeze on his back and the warmth of his mother before him. His wobbly body wiggles beside her, his head bobs unstably as he tries to pick it up and he鈥檚 releasing a hearty 鈥淎ahooo!鈥 From his little self. Small whines and whimpers come from him as he feels around the warmth聽of his life giver. Instantly finding himself a nipple and taking himself to town. He鈥檚 hungry! So his tiny paws knead at her stomach as he aggressively, but cutely, mouths at his mother to fill his belly. He doesn鈥檛 know what happening, but he does know he鈥檚 alive,聽well, and comfortable in his mother鈥檚 embrace, just as he had been in the womb.

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March 30, 2021, 03:34 PM
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Silence radiated through the woods. Arlette was curled next to him, their puppies sleeping soundly. Yet he couldn't sleep. Only sat rigidly聽next to them as he waited for something.
A flash of indigo and white - Blackbird. She swooped into their den, severing Arlette's head in one bite, then turned to Derg, blood in her smile as she picked up their babies and left.

Derg was聽shaken thoroughly awake and on his feet in an instant. "URSUS!" He half yelled while still mostly asleep, staggering out of the den with a snarl. Yet there was no war party. No blood. Only Kynareths echoing call for their medics.
Derg swiped at his eyes with a paw to wake himself up. It was just a dream
It was a call for medics.
Right. He took a long shuddering breath, his heart still pounding a war drum inside him. Their children...weren't even born yet.

He was certain he'd woken Arlette, if she wasn't awake anyway. Shit, he might've hurt her.
Derg turned back with his ears slicked back, looking to give her apologetic kisses. He knew she'd want to talk about...that. But not right now. "Later, love. You're needed." Standing guard while she worked on Simmik - he was sure that's why they were called - would sort him out.

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March 30, 2021, 09:37 PM
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Vein was passing through with a mouthful of herbs complete with roots he was planing on transplanting them when he heard the gasps and grunts of a female in distress. There were many pregnant femme's around so this might be one of those, He had been preparing for this since he Aerin had found the hotsprings.聽

Preparing a tincture was the hardest part but not impossible,聽 he had taken the time last summer to make raisins from grapes, now raisin鈥檚 are naturally poisonous to canid鈥檚 such as wolves, but these were not meant to be eaten alone nor did he have a large quantity to be dangerous, he had just enough to help make yeast and had taken his meagre collections of raisins and small dollop of honey mixed it in one of his skulls with hot spring water and tucked it into a warm dark corner for about a week later the skull had frothy liquid in it that smelled of yeast or smelled lightly fermented but not like young wine or any kind of unpleasant. When he rocked the yeasty skull back and forth more bubbles would appear. Stirring up the liquid yeast

During the time the yeast had been fermenting he had dug down next to the hot springs and created a deep pocket the lime stone he dug into gave way under paw and he was able to form a hole just deep enough he could step down into it and his chest would touch the ground in was about a wide around as his head he then dumped water into the hole and took it out of the hole with his skull mugs. He did this until he was satisfied the hole was a clean as he was going to get it.

Once that was done he had then found an entire bee hive of honey and after driving off the bees and getting stung quite a bit he had returned with a large portion of honey combs which he dumped into his prepared pool until it was half full then he carted over hot spring water until the pool he had painstaking prepared was almost full, he worked then to dig at the water like a crazy wolf, but this was only to mix the honey and water together until it was thoroughly mixed and the mixture itself aerated. Then the large white wolf brought over the yeast mixture and carefully poured it into his pool without getting the remains of the raisin鈥檚 into the mixture.
This he left alone for a month or more if anyone visited the hot spring during the first few weeks they would have smelled the fermenting alcohol. He returned now and then to mix the solution and taste it, soon he deemed it ready. Vein had then found Skullcap and crushed it up then he had set it set it aside in a skull of his prepared Alcohol it could be left .

Today was the first of many births and he couldn鈥檛 help but hope @Aerin would be near by though he was good with medicine, he set most females off with his bulk and presence. He was indeed a medicine man but a midwife he was not. He almost felt selfish for it was not just the midwife he wanted but the pale angel he had found he could not go a day without thinking about. He knew he didn鈥檛 need an excuse to be near her, but when she was close by all he wanted was to bask in her presence.

He trotted quickly to his tools picked up his specially prepped Skull mug for tea and he also grabbed up raspberry leaves and moved without any wasted energy toward the Hot springs where he scooped up water into the mug with the leaves and while that steeped and collected the container of Skullcap mixture he had made weeks before, he then strained the mixture through cobwebs into another container this was now a skullcap tincture not the strongest he had ever made since this was made in haste but it would do. Now the great white man dipped a stick into the tincture and allowed 12-15 drops drip into the Raspberry leaf tea. Deciding he was ready as he was going to be. He cradled the tea in his maw and moved smoothly toward the den he had passed, Now there was the smell of blood and soft murmurs鈥. Something had happened from the time he ahd past by and when he had returned but what he had prepared should still be able to offer relief and even help speed along the process.

The H-meno鈥檕b drew closer; but he knew very well the dangers of getting to close to a female in that kind of pain so he called out in low tones to the grand master from a good 15 feet out. 鈥I have a specially prepared tea for your lady it鈥檚 Skullcap and Raspberry leaf tea; Skullcap acts on the nervous system to help soothe tension and smooth over stress and anxiety, which goes a long way towards encouraging a productive, efficient rhythm of contractions. The Raspberry leaf tea is one of the best uterine tonic herbs to prepare uterine muscles for efficient labour. Its also helps slows bleeding and helps to expel the placenta.鈥 He was rambling, he was nervous apparently.

He carefully stepped closer and set the tea within reach and then retreated quickly to wait near by but not so close as to cause the birthing mother any distress. 鈥I will be nearby if you need me M鈥檒ord and M鈥橪ady鈥 He rumbled soothingly then settled in to wait
March 31, 2021, 03:22 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Arlette woke with a start when Derg screamed out. The pale female sat upright, sleepy, not sure what happened. Then she looked at Derg who looked at her guilty. She was about to ask what happened when she heard the call too. She would most definitely talk with her mate about that later, and what he had been dreaming about. Probably about Easthollow's neighbors given by the name he yelled out. The female licked him and nodded. She still had a few weeks until she would give birth but she knew it wasn't pleasant, at least not the last time.

She was quick to get up and bring a bush of lavender with her, she had personally picked for these births to keep Simmik calm. Arlette rushed to the den, to find Vein there already. The male had a lot of info, sure, but their first meeting had still left its mark with her. How pushy he had been to have it his way. The male had a skull with him, Arlette looked at it distrustfully for a moment. Arlette had no regards and instantly moved up to the den and poked her head inside. "Kynareth, outside," she told him. Her mother never allowed her mate inside when it happened. "She needs the room," she clarified.

"Simmik, I have some lavender for you to chew, and some poppy seeds if the pain gets too much," she offered. As it lied down by her paws at the den entrance. She wouldn't go inside since she just asked Kyna to go outside so Simmik had all the room she might need. "If you feel the pain you need to push," she advised Simmik. 'How are you feeling." She looked intently at Kyna hoping that he would listen. "You can bond and fawn over them later. Now they need to get out," she urged to him.
March 31, 2021, 07:44 PM
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gonna jump in on this too :>

Nyra had been keeping up her patrols, despite her own belly getting rounder as the days passed.
The morning was calm for all of a few hours, and the Overseer was getting ready to retire to sleep for a while.聽

Then the call rang. Urgent, hastened.聽
Nyra took off as fast as she could, finding Vein, Arlette and naturally Kynareth already there.聽
They were the help of Simmik this morn, and Nyra wasn't that great at medical stuff.聽She had forgotten how, shoved it out.聽

So, she would guard, a Sentinel a few paces outside the den where she would defend Simmik and her children like Nyra would anyone else - she was pack, after all.聽
If her aid was also needed, she would definitely give it, but for now...for now she would simply protect.

April 01, 2021, 01:08 AM
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new round no posting order! Anyone that hasn't joined and still wants to can also jump in at any time

She was happy to have him near鈥攕he didn't mind that he hovered, curious and awe-struck. If she wasn't mostly occupied with the pain that had started to build again, she would have marveled at how cute it was. She watched him nose the first pup and smiled a little when he told her it was a boy. The dark boy had a curl to his tail much like his father's tail, and she gently brushed over it聽with her nose. But a more intense wave of pain moved through her abdomen, and she tensed and closed her eyes.

She couldn't scent anything over the smell of birth, so she didn't know who all sat outside鈥攕he was certain her mate's聽call woke the entire pack. The first healer to arrive was Vein, and he spoke of a聽tea that would help,聽but that was all she heard before pain stole her ability to pay attention. She huffed out a heavy breath as she felt the need to push again. Then Arlette was there, and she felt instant relief. She placed plants down in front of her and explained what they were for. Simmik had just started to chew the terrible-tasting lavender when the healer ordered Ky from the den. She quickly swallowed and shook her head. I want him to stay, she said in huffs. She turned to her husband, her eyes full of pain and fear. I want you to stay, she repeated to him. She was clearly upset over the idea of him leaving.聽His presence was soothing, and she trusted him more than anyone鈥攕he needed him here with her. As for how she was feeling: It's painful, but tolerable, she answered, glancing to the healer.

But that was all she managed to say before she was pushing again, doing so when she felt pain just as her friend had instructed. Her arduous effort was rewarded once more with the delivery of a second, equally large puppy (Tulok). Knowing what to do this time, she hurried her teeth over the strange sac and pulled and cleaned it away from their second born. As she finished cleaning the puppy and pulled him close next to his brother, she noticed聽the black of his fur was interrupted by large areas of white and he also sported a curly tail like her husband.聽

Her tired gaze searched for Ky and Arlette, but her energy was draining alarmingly fast, and she didn't have any to put towards聽interacting much with them. She rested her head on her paws and tried to steady her breathing as she waited for the next round of pain鈥攊f there was going to be one. Maybe this was it, she didn't know. She'd certainly take advantage of the break regardless.

April 01, 2021, 01:48 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
His world had been safe and warm鈥easy. He wanted for nothing, he never felt hunger or pain, or any kind of discomfort. Soft rumbles soothed him from somewhere far away, making the constant darkness surrounding him seem cozy and secure. He had no plans to move from his spot ever, but that was not how the world worked鈥攁 lesson he would learn first this very day and continue to see proof of as he grew.

It started with a shifting around him. He was used to some kind of moving around him, but this was different. This shifting gradually turned into pressure all around him and the strange feeling of falling. He wriggled as much as was possible against his cocoon and became startled as he landed on something hard. He felt more pressure against his back and then suddenly he was freezing. A soft squeak moved from his tiny chest as he felt discomfort for the first time in his new life. He wriggled more as he was picked up and moved, but he stopped once he felt warmth again鈥攖his warmth seemed comfortingly familiar, and then his nose was filled with a rich scent. His velvety muzzle聽rooted around the warmth until he found the source. Something guided him to open his mouth and attach himself to the soft piece of flesh, and then his mouth filled with the warm, comforting liquid. He pulled it into his stomach until he could take in no more and then promptly fell asleep while still attached, no longer caring about the sudden change in his world. For now he felt safe and warm again.
April 01, 2021, 03:37 PM
Kynareth Deagon
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There鈥檚 so much shit going on at once Kynareth, for the first time in his life, feels intimidated by it all. He鈥檚 not afraid of battle, he鈥檚 not afraid of death or injury, but his wife 鈥 his children 鈥 are overwhelming him. The sheer number of people gathering at the entrance of the den and then the healers bombarding them with this and that.聽

The first to show is Vein and Kynareth offers a tight but comfortable smile to the large, snowy male. He thanks him for the tea he painstakingly prepared for his wife. He knows Simmik is preoccupied, but the brindle male will press her to drink when she鈥檚 able to. He鈥檚 content at the offering Vein has given then and he鈥檇 prove it to him later with a gift. Probably a deer or fawn for one of his freaky rituals. Hell, if he鈥檚 in the mood he might even聽stay to partake just for the fun of it.

Then another wolf draped in white is approaching. Arlette鈥檚 beautiful, scarred face shows itself through the darkness of the den. He鈥檚 comforted by her presence just as much as he was by Vein鈥檚. He can tell the other woman does the same, if not more, to Simmik as well. She鈥檚 straight to business, Kyn likes that, all the better to help Simmik through her birth.聽

Yet, when she鈥檚 looking to him and ordering him out in a terse voice his ears fall back against his skull. He doesn鈥檛 question her. She knows what she鈥檚 doing. So with his massive head level to his shoulders her listens to Arlette speak of other things as his paws move him out of the den.聽

Then Simmik is protesting his departure and he might just cry. His ears perk up and shift on his crown as he looks back to her. Awkwardly shuffling back to sit beside her in a way that seems much too eager of him. Lowering himself to lap a dark tongue to the top of her head in silent encouragement. He doesn鈥檛 speak for once. He doesn鈥檛 have much to say and doesn鈥檛 want to ruins her concentration. He would be her silent guardian as she births their children, only giving her reassurance through touch.聽

Then she鈥檚 pushing again. Another pup comes out and Simmik is much quicker to releasing him of that wretched sack of flesh. When he鈥檚 falling from it, Simmik quickly cleans him off and his colors become clearer. Dark splotches of fur cover his face as well as his tail and butt, align with a little foot too. Kynareth鈥檚 in love. He reaches down to nose it鈥檚 butt in the air a bit, revealing his gender.聽It鈥檚 another boy and Kynareth can鈥檛 help but smile again. Still he backs up closer to Simmik鈥檚 face once more and gives her another bout of soft, comforting licks.

鈥淒arling,鈥 He hums softly, lowering his head to her. He pushes the skull cap of tea that Vein brought and tries to softly urge her to drink. 鈥渄rink. This will help with the pain along with what Arlette has brought you.鈥 He trusts Vein and the man has been nothing but good to the pack. A very good medic and healer as well.
April 01, 2021, 03:52 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
She had given up on sleeping at this point. All Leigh wanted was a little rest, but the commotion was far too loud and she instead opted to see what all the fuss was about. Rising to her paws she followed towards the direction of the distraction.

Upon arriving, everything was a mess. Some wolves, like Nyra, mostly standing around. The woman hadn't been able to catch a glimpse of Kynareth quite yet, but she could only assume that he was an absolute mess.

Today was supposed to be beautiful and a celebration. New pups. And yet Leigh sat there, a look of disgust and hurt painted across her face. She felt completely and utterly betrayed by the tiger she once thought cared for her. The she-wolf couldn't bring herself to dislike Simmik. The white wolf was innocent in this situation. But Kynareth could have at least been nicer about the whole thing. Instead, he dumped Leigh as soon as another pair, the original pair of orange eyes wandered in.

He had once told her that he loved Simmik because she had been the first kind smile to greet him when he awoke in this new world. Had it ever occurred to the tiger that he had been Leigh's "Simmik"? That he had been the same for her? Could he really blame the dragon for feeling abandoned?

That could have been her. Did she want to be in Simmik's position? Not really. The woman remembered what it was like having even just a single pup. It wasn't fun. But still, that could have been her.

Maybe if Leigh had just kept quite, Kynareth wouldn't have rejected her. He may have not been afraid of rejection, but he failed to realize that she was.
April 04, 2021, 09:50 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The pale H-meno鈥檕b did not bring such a direct course of pain control, He worried over much of the effect that kind of pain control would have on the milk and then the pups as they nursed. Since the pain of child birth was fleeting despite the fact it was overly intense. At least that was his experience as a watcher and not a participant of the process.

He also compartmentalized the experience, since all the wolves birthing he聽 had ever attended were only patients to him, deserving of his full attention but not someone he had an emotional attachment too. He was glad the Grandmaster asked the birthing mother to drink, her body was getting tired and the aid he had provided needed time to work. She needed lots of fluid too, since her own fluid intake would be going to the pups first before entertaining her own body鈥檚 needs.

He remained reclined on ground nearby and quiet, barely glancing at the scared white female who came boiling in shouting orders again, like she was someone of rank and worth within the pack hierarchy. He didn鈥檛 listen to her orders nor recognize them as necessary, Though when Simmik began to react negatively to the order鈥檚 spouted by the little female, His sharp golden eyes moved to Arlette, He almost went to say something,聽 but Kynareth was quick to soothe the birthing mother and pale shaman calmed too.

The over large brute turned his gaze away pointedly and exhaled his annoyance silently, every healer was different, though this one acted like she needed control, he鈥檇 give her that if only because he had no desire to interfere in things that did not directly effect him or those in need of his help.
He felt this young healer needed to learn how to soothe with words not put a patients back up with unnecessary orders. A healers job was to give the patient the illusion聽 of control, and still treat them as necessary, not rip away just one more thing like control, from a hurting wolf.

He reminded himself this was why he offered explanations of his treatments and usually over explained himself, He was attempting to soothe a hurting wolf with his voice and let them choose a treatment option if there was more then one available to them. Wolves loved to control things even if the only thing they could control was their pain.

He found his gaze fall upon a new spectator to the fray, a wolfess he had never met before now, he鈥檇 didn鈥檛 know Leigh by name but he smiled gently and offered her a respectful nod of his large head, glad to have something new to focus upon. When the time was right he鈥檇 attempt to strike up a conversation with her, she seemed like she was in some sort of distress though she was hiding it well. He wanted to get to know her anyway, a stroll with someone could often lift spirits that one didn鈥檛 even know were down.
April 05, 2021, 07:16 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Arlette glanced from Simmik to Kynareth. She was almost a bit surprised he listened, but then Simmik said she wanted him here. That was perhaps where they were very different. She nodded quietly. "If you wish so," she commented. "It looks like you are doing just fine, Simmik. I will be outside the den if you need me, just call for me," she spoke and then pulled her head from the den. She then noticed Vein who was looking away but sighing, clearly annoyed with something. She just brushed it off. He was probably just salty because he wasn't allowed to come close.

Arlette lied down next to the entrance. She wondered why Simmik wanted the brutish mate of her close while giving birth. She could think of many reasons for not wanting any men around her. Arlette respected her wishes though, and Kynareth seemed happy as well with the verdict so who was she to judge. She noticed more of the pack had come to guard and watch. Then she saw Leigh. Her expression turned a bit worried, she had talked to the female, and her want for a family. Here she was torturing herself by watching one give birth and being in the presence of 2 other pregnant ladies. She hoped that it wouldn't cause any effects on her later.
April 05, 2021, 03:41 PM
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Derg, sleepy and not awfully cheerful about the situation. But he kept at Arelette's side, brushing against her as they moved.
She moved ahead while Derg sat back. He wasn't one to crowd the den, nor was he very useful here aside from being a bodyguard.
He watched his mate enter and didn't hear too much about it. He was busy keeping tabs on the grumbling Vein and watchful Leigh.
He felt like going to the large male medic and making him grovel for forgiveness for disrespecting Arlette.
Strike one, he settled on for now.

Leigh glared. She was probably thinking of every way she could punt those kids into a new dimension.
He watched her most, a silent warning in his gaze. He felt sorry for her, of course, but that wasn't an excuse for innocent children.
Deagon's Curse.

When Arlette exited, she too looked to Leigh longingly. They needed to plot something.
He grinned to Arlette as he settled down beside her. "Everything ok I assume?" Otherwise she'd be barking orders at him and probably Vein to find what she needed. He pressed a couple kissed to her nape, then tilted his eyes on the lingering male. Strike one.

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April 07, 2021, 06:26 PM
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Whrist's belly was just barely showing her own pregnancy, in fact she was in complete denial that she was pregnant at all. She glanced in the den and saw Simmik eating something by the looks of it. That was likely after birth but she did not care to look upon the bitch a second longer then she had to.

Whrist was only here because of the collection of wolves had promised some sort of activity.
Her gaze roamed over the Grandmaster as he cuddled next to the white witch. She had to work hard to school her expression into indifference. In this moment he belonged to the pack, not hers. She鈥檇 have him to herself again but for this moment鈥 She looked away and caught the hurt look in Leigh鈥檚 eyes.

The black wraith had no idea why that one looked the way she herself felt.聽 So she turned her back to the den, to the Grandmaster and his captive turned more鈥 she鈥檇 not call it what is was not even to herself.

She walked to Leigh and offered her quiet emotional support. She鈥檇 bump her head against Leigh鈥檚 shoulder in solidarity if she was allowed, before trotting away to do rounds, if everyone was near here then the borders were unprotected.

Take your time, [Image: cd8fe6534b017c725839ace0d9b274b3_w200.webp] Just don't waste mine
April 08, 2021, 10:58 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
She could see Derg in the corner of her eye. Him, watching her.

It was only until a faint bump hit her shoulder when she was聽shaken from her thoughts. The dragon caught a brief glance of聽midnight fur before it vanished. She didn't bother to turn around and search for its owner.

So many emotions bubbled in her chest. Happiness, sadness. Jealousy and rage. Hatred and yet joyfulness. Today, there was new life. But was there聽really? Or had Kynareth taken the lives of the woman's family just so he could give it to his own? Was that the trade he made?

There was a certain strain of聽resentment for Simmik. Leigh hardly knew the she-wolf, but she could help but feel robbed of potential love. It was true that her relationship with Kynareth was a mess far before he kidnapped the white wolf. But because of the now brand new mother, Leigh's chance at fixing said relationship was tossed in the garbage. Kynareth would, could never love her now despite of any protest saying otherwise.

Rising to her paws, she decided to pay Derg a visit. And finally throw a hint at Arlette regarding the mystery of her "missing" family. Trotting over to the pair with a casual gait, she only paused for a moment to speak some choice words.

"Don't look at me like that Derg. As if I'd do something as awful as killing an innocent child, regardless of how much I may hate them. I'd never choose to be as bad as Kynareth."

Leigh didn't know where the tiger was, she was too upset to care. And yet she glanced towards a random direction as if hoping to see him there.

"He's the one who kills a mother's family only to proceed to try to fuck said woman at any chance he gets. He's a lucky fucking bastard that I won't murder his wife and daughter when he's out hunting and can't do anything about it."

With that, she left.
April 09, 2021, 12:11 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
She gave Ky a tired smile as he offered her affectionate kisses, her gaze shifting to the skull as he urged her to drink some of what was inside. He said it would help with the pain. She sluggishly raised her head and lapped up some of the liquid, wincing a little in response to the strange taste. Then she rested her head on her paws again, glad to have her mate nearby.

She offered the same tired smile to Arlette as she stated she was going to wait outside and to call her if she was needed. Thank you, she murmured. She was glad to have her friend near too, in case anything went wrong. For that matter, she was glad for the other healer's presence too. She did notice she hadn't seen Aerin yet, which was kind of strange. But she didn't have much time to dwell on it as the pain started again.

She lifted her head and closed her eyes, eventually lifting up on her front paws as the pain grew more intense. Once again, as instructed, she pushed each time the cramping moved through her abdomen. It was obvious that she struggled more with the third one as her energy diminished even more with each attempt to deliver the newest pup. With great effort, she finally brought their third born into the world (@Atka), and she fought against the exhaustion to remove the sac around him and clean him off before pulling him beside his brothers. He was also very large and聽looked similar to the one born just before him, except his spots were brown. He too had a little curly tail, but she couldn't admire it for long before she slumped over on her side, her eyes so heavy she wasn't sure she could keep them open. She would only offer the same tired smile to any words or affection offered.

There wasn't much time before the pain started again, and she slowly pushed herself back up. Her struggle was even greater with the fourth puppy, and she worried she wouldn't be able to deliver it. But she was persistent, even more so now with so much depending on her. She wouldn't let Ky or their children down. it took twice as long, but she finally managed to deliver their fourth. The pup was much smaller than three before her, and there was no wriggling as she cleaned away the sac. In fact, the puppy didn't move at all. Simmik cleaned her dark fur, but nothing happened. She suddenly began to feel dizzy and with a panicked look to her husband she teetered a few times before collapsing on her side and falling into darkness. Blood pooled near her tail鈥攖oo much blood. But she was out cold, their lifeless daughter laying weirdly askew near her rear paws.

April 09, 2021, 11:22 AM
Approved Members

Whrist and Leigh was a dangerous combination, but it seemed one-sided. For now.
Where Leigh hated Kynareth, Whrist lusted for him just a little bit. Someone had made her pregnant and it sure as hell wasn't Derg. Once was enough.

He looked up again and saw Leigh approaching. He couldn't help the gritting of his teeth, but his tail waved softly and the softest of smiles perked his lips. It probably looked very forced, or at worst a grimace.
It was probably more like an accidental grimace.

"It's not what you'd do to them that I'm worried about."
Leigh was in a dark place, with a dark storm raging in her heart, consuming her inside-out.
He sucked his tongue, keeping his words firmly in his mouth.
Arlette would probably be just confused, and he'd update her later.
She stormed off. "I need to talk to her," he mused to Arlette, reaching down to kiss her head. He'll be back to take her back to the den, but until then he'd be trying to talk to Leigh.
He followed the dragon, leaving behind the scene before Simmik's final push.

|聽鈥 聽鈥 |
April 09, 2021, 01:17 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Boom, boom.聽All he knew was warmth. Inky shadows moved behind blind eyes as he laid safe inside his welcome prison. The pup could not hear and yet there was a steady rhythm coming from deep inside his chest.聽Boom, boom.聽He had never felt the painful pangs of hunger. Life was flawless. Somehow he knew this right here was exactly where the whelp was meant to be.聽Boom, boom. Somewhere nearby was more rhythms, his tiny brain could not fathom how many or what they were. Maybe they were more of him? A strange thought. One of the only ones he had ever perceived.聽Boom-
The shifting was the first sign of doomsday, one beating heart聽lost, and then another. Where were they聽going?聽Next, there was a pulling, gravity dragging him unwilling down...down...down.聽
And just like that, he was forcibly ejected from his promised land. So many things happened at once, freezing air hit his small form followed by something large and hot and聽wet.聽Now he was screaming, tiny maw lifted as he howled his fury to whatever cruel gods had taken paradise from him. The broken whining of a newborn聽babe.
There was a scent close by, one he instinctively trusted without a doubt. His mother of course, though he knew this not. The pup's nose may be weak and his legs small, but by the gods did he haul ass towards that delicious scent as soon as he was placed down. No pause, just him latching on to suckle greedily, paws striking out at the warm bodies beside him. This was much better. Somehow his whimpering did not stop as he continued to suckle, his mother's ailment unknown to him.聽
April 09, 2021, 01:30 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Much was happening.聽
Nyra watched idly as more appeared, and some left. Whrist, Leigh, Derg following Leigh...
The Overseer continued to guard, until she smelled blood. A lot of blood.
With a whirl, Nyra looked with wide eyes into the den. A fourth had been born, but it seems the runt did not make it. And Simmik, from what Nyra could tell, was now passed out. She only heard the whines of three pups.聽
Three was good. Three meant more numbers later on.
Slowly, Nyra approached and made her presence known.聽
"Is she alright?" Her voice carried, yet it was gentled with concern.聽

The newborn children would not survive if Simmik died. Not while the other mothers-to-be were still pregnant and not nursing.

April 10, 2021, 10:29 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Vein lurched up and rumbled there was something wrong, he smelled blood, way to much. He moved closer to the den and peered in he spoke in low respectful tones 鈥Grand Master Kynareth, please remove the last pup. Make sure the other鈥檚 nurse, their nursing will help her body put out hormones to help stop bleeding. But that might not be enough, I will be right back she needs more help

The Healer was off and running, he should have brought this with him, the first visit to Gaia鈥檚 alter, he was berating himself now, he hated more then anything to waste energy and doing this trip twice was definitely the definition of wasted energy. He leapt into the caves and clawed through his supplies. Pulling out cobwebs and mugs, then he trotted to the hot springs where he scented the line of bowls for specific tinctures 鈥Blue Cohosh, blue cohosh, blue cohosh鈥 He muttered, the blue cohosh was a natural oxytocin herb that would help the uterus contract and clamp down, the mistress of the saints needed it and Motherwort he had learned helped to slow heart rates,聽 and the vitamin K that the alfalfa provided for it鈥檚 natural coagulating.

He had put many different herbs into many different bowls of his specially prepared alcohol to create the tinctures he carried his selections it to the altar

He grabbed up cobwebs and set them across the new clean mug and strained the blue cohosh tincture into the mug then he added a motherwort tincture and then he and added the tincture of alfalfa this was all he had time for, a collection of three tinctures in one; a more potent one he left the remainders of the tincture鈥檚 on the alter he had not the time to clean up

There!!鈥 He crowed as he grabbed the bowl of his emergency after birthing hemorrhage tincture and he was off again his gait was smooth so as to not spill the precious liquid.

The healer returned to the den,聽 He had to avoid Nyra on the return and scoot around her he then set the mug and a stick close by Kynareth. 鈥Mi鈥檒ord you need to open her maw and put 8-10 drops of this tincture on her tongue and keep doing so every 5 minutes or so until her bleeding stops. Use the stick just coat that in the tincture and place that on her tongue I think that will be easier

He stepped back to give space and to allow the other healer to add anything, the more healer鈥檚 attending the distressed mother the better. He looked to Nyra and frowned, Worry in his eyes,聽however he refrained from saying anything more, Getting everyone worked up would not help in this instance
April 13, 2021, 02:15 AM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Kyn is worried as he watches Simmik struggle with another puppy, their last boy. He watches her push valiantly, desperately trying her best to deliver all of the pups safely and efficiently despite her bone deep tiredness. When she鈥檚 cleaning the last pup, Kyn wants to do it for her if just to lesson her responsibilities. Yet, unsure if she鈥檇 appreciate it, he settles closer to her and nuzzles her affectionately. The purest of emotion in his golden eyes as he watches her. He鈥檚 silently telling her how much he loves her, how good she鈥檚 doing at delivering their children.

When finally he looks down to his third-born, he notices the curly tail and the brown spot just so like his brother. They鈥檙e all so big and healthy and Ky can help but preen at how well they look.

It鈥檚 at this point that he suspects it鈥檚 over; until it鈥檚 not. Simmik raises her upper half before collapsing. Ky聽stands up from his sitting position聽in pure聽worry as she鈥檚 struggling to birth what聽appears to be another one. This time though there鈥檚 something wrong, so,聽so wrong. His eyes flick around near her rear and widen at the amount of blood he finds pooling at her pale hocks.聽

Another pup falls. This one is motionless.

Kyn approaches haphazardly, nosing the last one and rolling it about to help it get that first breath in and out. Even lapping a dark tongue at its lifeless body. He shares one horrid glance with Simmik as it seems she has passed out, exhausted from the strain of childbirth.聽

Then he鈥檚 shaken from his thoughts when Nyra is popping her head through the den asking is she鈥檚 okay. He meets her gaze and one could tell he鈥檚 absolutely stunted on what to say. 鈥淚鈥檓...not sure.鈥 He hums looking down at Simmik and then immediately looking for one of their medics. Only to be thankfully greeted by Veins face.聽

He鈥檚 never been so happy to see his face before and he tilts his ears towards him like saucers to listen to his instructions. He nods once at his comment to remove the pup and Vein is running off in a rush. Kyn does exactly as he鈥檚 told, grabbing the pup in his jaws and moving it away from the rest of the scene. He would consume her later. As per family tradition of the Saints.聽

Then the man in white is running back and setting down a few things. Which Kyn easily listens to what he鈥檚 being ordered to do and does just that. It鈥檚 difficult to get the聽right amount in, but he鈥檚 able to do it. He will聽do it as long as he needs to make sure Simmik will pull through. He doesn鈥檛 know the seriousness of the situation, due to him being completely blind considering childbirth, but judging by his pack mates reactions it鈥檚 not too good. So he drops the droplets into her mouth and awaits her to wake up. He knows she will, she鈥檚 strong after all. So,聽very strong.
April 14, 2021, 05:47 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
Arlette wasn't paying attention much to the wolves around the den that were gathering. She did look up when Leigh did say something to Derg about not wanting to hurt them. She looked from her mate to her friend. Then she rushed off, and Derg with it. She leaned on the kiss on top of her head and then focussed back on Simmik.

The female delivered another pup. She smiled, thinking all would be well. But the birth continued, as she was sitting by the den entrance she was starting to smell more blood. She grew worried. Then Simmik passed out. Kynareth seemed worried, and Nyra asked as well if things were alright. Arlette peeked in the den. Simmik was passed out, and there was also a dead pup. She reached in to nudge her. "Simmik!" But there was no response.

Vein seemed to jolt into action and rush to get something. Arlette was eager to help as well. Though she had no clue what he was getting. The male had some valuable input last time with the yarrow powder. She wondered if he was getting more of it. She tried to make sure that everyone stayed calm and back to give more breathing room.

Vein came running back and Arlette looked at him curiously. He told Kynareth to drip something in her mouth and she wondered what the heck he was giving to her. Arlette turned to Vein. "What are you giving her? What is that mixture? Can you explain it to me?," she asked. Arlette secretly hated it, she felt like she wasn't good enough, not good enough to help. She wanted to change that and if she had to learn it from Vein of all wolves she would.
April 18, 2021, 11:12 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Harbinger
Simmik lay there, unconscious, her chest rising and falling with the slow but steady rhythm of her breathing. She didn't yet know the fate of their last puppy鈥攖heir daughter. She didn't hear the frenzied voices of the healers or feel the drops of liquid as her husband let them drip from a聽stick into her mouth. She felt like she was in a fog as hazy memories flew by her. But she couldn't remember if they were her memories. She was like a stranger, peeking into to someone's private thoughts. Then she was falling slowly, drifting gently down into the bright light below her; there was something warm and comforting there, she could feel it with all her being.聽

Her eyes slowly blinked聽open. It had been hours, though it felt like only minutes to her. Immediately, she tried to sit up but her movements were sluggish and she felt weak. It was then that she felt the mound of puppies sleeping against her chest. Propping herself against the wall, she looked down at them and sighed in relief. Everything came slamming back and her eyes widened. She looked frantically around for Ky. Where is she? Simmik asked. Where was their fourth born?

April 18, 2021, 04:58 PM
Kynareth Deagon
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Grandmaster*
Kynareth wait and wait for her to come back to them. Though, he鈥檚 not quite sure what to do with the stillborn pup he has before his paws and he takes a long minute to stare at her. The dark fur of the female that never got to see the light or live life like her brothers. He decides the only thing to do is consume her. It鈥檚 necessary. Give her life force back to the one who had聽given her life.聽

Kyn would grab her in his jaws and move out of the den, looking around to all that would surely meet his eyes. He would give them a single look that would tell them everything. Though it would not be one of sadness, he would go a little ways away and drop her gently before him and stare more. For some reason, he鈥檚 having a harder time doing this than he expected. He鈥檇 seen his father kill his late brothers even when they were healthy and聽have already lived some of their short lives, but this seems different somehow. Mehrunes would chastise his if he saw his hesitation; would call him weak and order him to get it over with. So he does.聽

He takes her small form in his maw and when his teeth make the first bite he winces at the sickening crunch that meets his ears and the blood that fills his mouth. This is sick. Sure, he has no problem killing puppies, something he shouldn鈥檛 really be proud of, but still it being his own makes his stomach turn. He does it anyway. Crunch after sickening crunch he consumes the flesh he and Simmik had made as one. It鈥檚 over sooner rather than later, he doesn鈥檛 try to savor it. He just needs it to be over.聽

He didn鈥檛 go too far away so surely the other pack members see him consuming the poor pup that never got the chance to live. Finally it鈥檚 over and he laps at his whiskered lips and tries to get the taste out of his mouth. As he saunters back, his expression would be settled in one of discomfort, but still fairly emotionless. He would move to stand by his wife once more with the grim news in mind that he would have to tell her what happened when she wakes.

It鈥檚 only some time that when she finally does. She moves and lifts her head, looking about her belly and hocks for their only daughter. She asks him the question of the hour and his golden eyes flick up to her with a聽soft look in his eyes. Almost apologetic. It was necessary though.

鈥淪he didn鈥檛 make it, darling.鈥 He whispers back moving closer to her. How the hell is he supposed to eloquently say that he fucking ate her? 鈥淚 had to...consume her. Take back her life.鈥 He says softly. Hoping Simmik would understand why he did so.聽鈥淚-鈥 he begins. 鈥淚 named her Meridia.鈥 He says. It was dishonorable not to name an unborn pup in his family.