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@Vein some slight pp of domestic life lol (forward dated for 04/04/2021 - 04/06/2021) also

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In the fortnight that had passed since she and Vein had spoken of what would happen when the halfling went into heat, she had begun preparing their den for the eventuality of raising children within. The floor was cool, hard-packed earth, sheltered from the elements. She'd since moved the pelts from her bed in the Chambers to their private dwelling, lining the earthen floor and padding it with the pile of furs and skins with painstaking care. 

A dark niche along the back was where she had taken to organizing Vein's assortment of rocks and bones neatly, arranging cairns for the dried herbs the bloodletter and the midwife alike had stashed for their work. The secluded home was set in the southern depths of the Strath, in an idyllic, mossy glen nearly halfway between the Fireflower Glen and Twilight Hollow. Already it had begun to feel like home, more so even than the sleeping place she'd taken up near Gaia's Altar only weeks ago. 

The milkmother could not be certain when her heat would strike but she knew it wasn't far off as her scope of focus shrunk -- restricting itself to the tiny haven that The Priestess and her pale consort had built for themselves. She had missed the birth of @Kynareth's sons (reference) and regretted that she could not be there to help @Simmik (reference) with her delivery. Already her scent had begun to change and she did not think it wise to come close to the birthing mother, nor did she desire to distract anyone with her pheromones -- however faint they might be at that moment. Vein had gone to tend to the monarch-eyed Mercenary and had returned with reports of a veritable crowd outside the whelping den to receive the news of the youngest Deagons to enter the world. Aerin surmised then that it may have been for the best, given that she might have been one packmate too many smothering the whelping mother. 

After a few more days, the medic's skin began to shrink too -- or so it felt -- and crawl along her bones as if it were too tight, too hot. Already the fur along her underbelly began to shed as if in response to the simmering beneath her flesh, pale clumps of the silky wisps tucked in amongst their bed furs as the dove preened them free diligently. She withdrew into the privacy of the den's darkness and did her best to entice Vein into staying with her as much as was possible with an overabundance of affection -- growing anxious whenever he felt the need to leave her side. At these times, the acolyte remained curled resolutely against the far wall of their home and waited fearfully for her mentor and mate to return. 

The day had not quite broken when the sighthound woke, becoming faintly aware of a new sensation humming through her veins before she had fully awoken. Lashes of snowfall peeled back from bleary moonstones as the swan blinked herself groggily into the present, head lifting from Vein's shoulder where she'd pillowed it the night before. The shaman still dozed, she noted in some absent corner of her mind as her brow furrowed -- not yet able to pinpoint what had caused her to rise before the sun or her husband did. 

As her mind cleared, the once-druid became aware of a fluttering in her lower abdomen muscles -- a clenching, cramping nestled in the high peak above her pelvis. It was not so intense or painful yet but the urge was there, every breath of Vein's rich and earthy scent drawing her in and making the world shrink to the blue-heather shadows around them even more tightly than before. 

The Saints didn't exist in that moment. Her once-love, only so recently buried, for Kynareth didn't exist. Aliroth didn't exist. All that existed was the curious, drunken warmth spilling through her veins as her breaths quickened, taking greedy lungfuls of the icebear's cologne. 

A soft murmuring sound escaped her throat as the Saluki pressed closer to the cleric, tremoring as she buried her muzzle in his plush ruff of ice. The usually shy wolfdog couldn't be bothered with the notion that she might disturb his rest. The instinct driving her slackened her inhibitions, giving her the confidence to lap at the brumal brute's ears and the sensitive spots of his neck -- trailing teasing nibbles along his nape as hushed whines spilled from her lips between her ministrations. Her plume of pale fluff wagged fiercely at her hindquarters, spreading the perfume of her heat scent further as it cloyed thickly in the damp spring air that crept into the stone walls of their abode -- promising to coat the world behind in a layer of  dew as the sun rose.
April 04, 2021, 11:43 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The joy he had felt upon realizing his own true feelings then learning almost in the same moment that those feeling were returned had not faded, not even this many days later. He and she had gone about picking a denning site, to him this was usually just a site where he slept almost exposed to the elements while his tools got the safety of shelter, because those things mattered to him where his own well being beyond a full belly barely registered. He had assumed it was be like it had been before, a place patient’s would come so that his tools could be close at paw.

He could not be more wrong, It did not take long for Aerin, keeper of his heart, dare he say it His Wife, to take a sleeping spot and turn it into something more. Something so much more. He had never had a home before… not like this. Embarrassed as he was, he had admittedly left now and again to tend to the garden or gather tools and to tend to those in need most recently Simmik in her birthing, his healer’s ruff had been flustered by Arlette yet again, but he left that part out when he spoke of the birthing to Aerin. If not just because he didn’t know how to deal with his emotions of the matter then to pass it off as insignificant. He would not admit he was jealous of another healer in his territory, it was good for a pack to have more then one. Especially capable healers and though the scared female rubbed him the wrong way, he’d eventually have to speak with her and figure out how to work with her if not around her.

He took to sleeping inside a den for the first time in a very long time and the fact the den was filled with the scent of his pale angel made it all the more welcoming, he found very quickly that he preferred to sleep next to her and vowed that if he could help it, he would be at her side where ever they denned as long as the gods willed it so. He noticed the subtle changes in her scent and he became excited and worried, he had never taken another before, he was as some would say, a virgin, though he’d never admitted that aloud. From time to time he’d hide that under flirtatious looks, though now only the wispy white saluki wolfess would get those from him. He had found he desired none but her. Every other wolf he had seen male or female since that day that felt a life time ago before the unfinished garden but was in truth only a fortnight, he had looked upon with a eye towards the clinical rather then anything else.

He slept soundly as a new scent surrounded them, his body responded to her touches unconsciously, only she could could touch him in this manner and with her scent surrounding them, so potent and heady, His mortal coil did not need his brain to shift and open himself up, exposing his throat to her like he’d do for no other, trusting her completely.

He awoke with a soft groan as if to beg for more sleep, his sun hued orbs peeking out beneath lowered short eyelashes. That sound though, also drew sweet air into his lungs, Air that had his anatomy waking up faster then his brain could manage and he had to shift his hips to accommodate himself, he might not know in his head what to do but his body knew.

Morning” Deep sleep rich tones rumbled from his chest, a warm smile upon his maw. He returned her nuzzles and kisses allowing his teeth to comb through her silken threads under her jaw and along her chest teasingly, he remained stubbornly reclined upon the furs, forcing a calm his body did not want, because he wanted to touch her until she could bare it no more and only then would he stand and give the same attention to her nape and shoulder’s working his way along her back to her flanks offering teasing gentle nips drawing in deep lungfuls of the scent that was hers alone. She smelled of spruce, soil, clover, blood, more then enough to wrap himself up and loose himself in. He’d give her what ever she asked, only when she asked, he never pushed for more then she wanted to give. He’d work his way back up her side exploring her body huffing warm kisses into sensitive areas until his lips caressed her ear, his husky voice barely audible “Aerin…” He was asking permission and in the same word voicing his need of her
April 05, 2021, 08:54 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Priestess
If he was frightened, then he was not alone in this. She was as much a virgin as Vein, though she understood the mechanics of it well enough. Perhaps it was worse for her, having only the memories of Aliroth and the men he had shared her amongst to flicker through her mind's eye as a guide for what they were about to do. Despite the past rapes and assaults The Priestess had endured, she struggled against the vivid reel of violent recollections that her mind wanted to trigger her with -- forcing her moonlit optics to remain open as Vein awakened and almost immediately responded to her scent. His own musk thickened in the air between them, the midwife biting back a groan as the odor caused her lower regions to cramp again -- more fiercely than before.

They wanted to drift close as the shaman peppered her with kisses, remaining stubbornly reclined as he groomed his way down her neck and over her sternum. The Saluki's head weaved the tiniest bit, lashes fluttering as fire streaked along her flesh in the wake of his gentle teeth but her moonstone eyes opened again, centering on the pallid shaman resolutely -- almost fixated. She was trying hard not to be a victim anymore, to bury what had happened with her first mate so she could truly enjoy making love with her husband now. It was her hopes that if she kept her eyes open and focused on the sensations Vein was inspiring, then perhaps it might help her to stay in the moment and keep from panicking as they copulated. 

There was no panic to be found now, only a tiny thread of trepidation murmuring somewhere deep beneath her flesh. This though was outweighed immensely by the pleasure prickling along her skin like gooseflesh, the healer's head hanging as she began to pant softly -- shivering with the same intense need that lent Vein to stand over her, investigating her body familiarly. They'd never gone quite this far before but she was glad now for all the times they'd tangled together -- breathless and lavishing each other with affection. It enabled her to relax beneath him, shifting into an optimal position as he moved into place over her smaller body. Her tail curled higher against her back naturally, the botanist practically pushing her flanks up towards Vein's hips as she silently begged him to erase the horrid touches she had known before him -- to burn away everything but the evidence that she belonged to him and him alone. Maybe neither of them knew what to do for sure but instinct had taken over and she had not a single doubt. She wanted this, wanted him -- her mate. All of him. 

A keen of a whine escaped her between quickened breaths, the seelie turning and reaching up to nuzzle at his chest when he purred her name so enticingly, hoping to urge him into action with her gentle encouragement. Words were almost impossible with the intoxicating warmth that had filled her but she managed to rasp an unashamed plea of: "Please, Vein.."

we can do a fade to black with your next post if you'd prefer not to write out any details (or just keep it sort of vague like this if you wanted to write it out in your next post) just whatever you're comfortable with. :) We can just pick up after they 'do the deed' lol if you want. (I try to avoid writing "wolf porn" XD especially with younger audiences being on site but I'd be fine with a vague sex scene.)
April 07, 2021, 10:35 PM
Saints Of The Dying Light
He inhaled sharply her pleading tones almost undoing him where he stood, his gaze met hers, his eyes soft inviting her in, giving her his soul through twin windows of golden harmony. His maw parted slightly and his breaths huffed softly as he collected himself willing control back. His brain quit working there was nothing bu the here and now, the sensations he could give her and the sweet passion she returned ten fold

Gentle nibbles across her shoulders and then his muzzle warming her skin with his breath before his foreleg moved over her shoulders. Though his leg rested across her it’s touch was feather light, he did not push her down or grab her, He may not know her past but he was able to read her body she wanted his touch but didn’t need to held. This was something he would provide her for as long as they both could stand it, exploring each other bodies thoroughly

He shifted his body slowly over her, though his bulk could swallow her whole, he did not, all his weight was held in his hind legs leaving any touch along her body butterfly soft, the slide of her fur along his was enticing, the hint of a caress rather then a push or pull. His chest slid over her back her tail in a sweet spot sliding along the flesh on his inner thighs. His encouraging murmurs tasted the edge of her ears as Husband and Wife became one and whole.  

Fade to black...
April 09, 2021, 11:05 AM
Saints Of The Dying Light
The Priestess
She'd expected the Daykeeper to grab her, either with his forepaws or by taking hold of her scruff, but was pleasantly surprised when he did not. She practically melted beneath him, pliant and finally allowing her eyes to drift shut in relaxed bliss beneath the feather's brush of her mate's touch. She was beyond words by now, though she drank in his -- turning her face to Vein to swallow his murmurs with whispering adoration.

-- fade -- 

Afterwards, the prickling burn beneath her skin had abated though not completely. It would linger for some days, the midwife knew. But for now the inferno in her veins had dwindled to the coals of a banked fire, her energy depleted for the moment as she shifted onto her side on the ground -- moving carefully. She snuggled into her mate's embrace, brushing her muzzle idly over one of his ivory forelegs as she caught her breath. 

A lazy, overjoyed smile found its way to her lips as her moonstone gems moved down to the flat expanse of her underbelly -- where the wolfdog still retained a small fold of fat from her first pregnancy. Even now, there might be pups forming in there -- their pups -- a thought that filled her with a warm swell of emotion. She couldn't help it; she twisted towards Vein and nuzzled at his jaw, his ruff, his ears. Wherever she could reach to slather him with kisses.