Bearclaw Valley lionizing
Challenge  April 08, 2021, 10:29 AM
set near dusk today

as the sun sinks, so, too, does Avicus's heart into darkness. the night will bring with it more nightmares of the bear, and more visions of her brother lying broken at the white woman's paws.

except, ever more frequently, she is standing in the Saint's place, hovering above Aventus, blood in her mouth.

she cannot bide any longer. from birth, she has been the stronger, the swifter, the steadier. his head is in the clouds with his bear-god while hers is here upon earth, feeding her family, defending her land. she has always been his better—

but now, if some arbitrary title says otherwise? well, then, the only thing left to do is to seize the title.

standing near the rendezvous, she calls for @Aventus, a challenge in her voice. she is fed up, anger having mounted from their last confrontation, then still more when he'd shown her his teeth at the elk-feast. her fur bristles like the proverbial burning bush. her eyes are full of steel.

if her parents refuse to see and recognize her merit, she will show them herself.

and if they continue to elevate her brother—then to hell with them all.

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April 08, 2021, 11:19 AM
Aventus did not hate his sister.

The feelings he held toward her were vastly complex, moreso than he was capable of untangling on his own. Before Nyra, Avicus was the ying to his yang; he thought their blood beat in tandem in their veins, demonstrated in the way they corralled the younger pups and tormented them, and though he had deferred to her in their earliest days, he had come to view her as his equal in all things. They could have stood strong and united before Ursus, together. Before Nyra.

His life was divided neatly in the middle by the white-furred Saint. Before Nyra, things were good. After Nyra, things were not. In the time since his attack, after the chilling encounter with his sister where she revealed that she wished him dead, or at least he thought so, Aventus could have benefited greatly from some form of therapy. He had never sought it, and his parents had never advised it, so he had never recieved help. Paranoia festered and rooted in him, growing alongside ambition, strangling him until, in desperation, he seized Evien's rank by praying to the bear to kill the gentle doctor.

Love for his sister turned to fear, turned to defiance, turned to threats. Quiet wishes for her demise, so that she would not threaten his own life. Prayers that his parents would see and recognize his loyalty, and not allow her to overturn him and send him from his home. Becoming Bruin-jaw had assured him, but now her howl thundered over Ursus and turned his blood to ice, knotted his stomach.

Aventus did not hate his sister, despite his spite toward her, but he wasn't sure how much longer that would hold true.

Both were capable, whatever she might think of him, or he of her. The son and daughter of Astara and Merrick were evenly matched by virtue of their birth. While Avicus spent her days slaying beasts and tasting blood, Avicus spent his studying the ways their parents operated, their tactics in battle, the way they moved. Each had their merits, and they would have operated excellently as a team, but there was a rift between them, and within, seething lava.

Aventus did not shy from her challenge. He approached with danger in his eyes and his voice, throat rattling with the force of his snarl, tail flung high over his narrow hips, hackles raised in a serrated ridge down the entire line of his spine. His tongue flashed over his teeth, threatening violence if she did not back down. Perhaps things could have been mended between them, but not like this. He stamped one forepaw and stood his ground, lashing his tail, pinning her with the heat of every betrayal against him curling in his iron eyes.

He suspected only one of them would remain to Ursus by the end, the other driven away by the teeth of the victor, unless sire or dam intervened.
April 08, 2021, 11:39 AM
he comes, the wretched shadow, posture held high as befit his rank. well, he wouldn't be standing so proud for long. Avicus returns his snarl, puffing out her chest and marching toward him with all the unbridled fury of a wildfire. their eyes lock, indigo into silver, a magnetic pull into each other. wonderfully compelling, violent.

bruin-jaw, she greets, but it lacks the subdued, obedient intonation from their previous meeting. it is two mocking syllables, slipping from her curled lips. it is a declaration of what she means to take—

yes, she means to take it. she does not want Aventus dead; she just wants him underneath her, where he belongs.

without another word, she lifts her head and aims, snakelike, for his muzzle, hoping to seize it between slavering jaws. should he move from his position—and he surely will—her mouth will connect painfully with his skull.

for now, though, the fight is all potential, and she will accept nothing less than total victory—even at the cost of her own life.
April 08, 2021, 03:43 PM
Ashlar heard the challenge but did not understand it.  A brother and a sister.  He did not know why they would fight, why they could not stand fast together and both have equal part of the bear.  Why did Avicus call?

With his tail tucked, Ashlar arrived late, sneaking hesitantly to observe with his eyes wide and worried. He had almost not come but something turned in his stomach.  They should stop.  This wasn't right.

But just as was true so many times before, Ashlar was frozen.  He could not force himself to move forward.  His throat was closed over and he couldn't call out and plead for them to  stop this.  All he could do, at the moment, was watch.

feel free to skip him if you wish!