Duskfire Glacier Duskfire Glacier
April 11, 2021, 02:30 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: Duskfire Glacier
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Location: Snowforest Taiga
Acronym: DFG
Founded: April 11, 2021
Pack Colours: Moccaccino & Regent Grey



Wintersbane: Alpha (4/11/2021 鈥 present)


Past Leader 1: Past Rank (Start Date 鈥 End Date)


In the wake of the damage to Moonspear and their invetible disbandment, Wintersbane, still hopelessly searching for a place to make a home with the hopes of starting a family turns to the Taiga for solace.

Together with the wolves that would begin to build the foundation of the pack: Iana, Imaq, Rye, Tzila & Lane; Wintersbane build the beginnings of the Glacier's legacy.


A rugged glacier located between two mountain peaks is the main provider of Duskfire's lands. A lake of meltwater was formed years and years ago at the bottom of Duskfire Glacier. Each time the temperature rises in the summer more ice melts and gathers into a meltwater lake, while in the winter the water lowers. In harsh winters this lake even tends to freeze over. This water source brings life to the pine and maple woods around it, and provides a fresh water drinking source to all the animals inhabiting the forest.

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