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Lone Wolves

In his jaws did her pale聽bones rattle.聽

For many long聽nights she had聽called out to him in聽fevered聽dreams - though聽they were not longing cries. They were howls of pain -- a somber wail of anguished聽sorrow that told the tale of a life cut short. It was an imperfect croon that drew him in, an otherworldly聽song only sirens sung. He knew聽even then that she had passed on. He could not shake her, nor the unwelcome feeling of dread that consumed him (it was actually聽guilt,聽not that he could ever recognize that).聽What lingered of her presence was something that聽both embraced and cursed聽every step he dared to take.聽Such was the way聽their complicated relationship solidified,聽perfectly聽tumultuous聽in life and in death.聽

Vaati did not realise聽that to experience great聽loss聽came at such an emotional聽cost聽until the deliverance of her bones, after many moons of searching and idle waiting. It illicited a reaction聽from him聽unlike anything the brute聽had expressed聽before, the closest thing to remorse he would ever produce.聽A hollow stab to the soul,聽pouring out what little humanity Cassiopeia had filled within him.聽Perhaps it was only in that moment could聽he聽recognize his faults; how he had locked her away and shackled聽her spirit for so long. The brutality of it all was undeserving, and never would he have the chance to grovel at her feet and beg for forgiveness as he should have all those years before. But would he have?聽His actions, he ultimately聽could not bring himself to聽regret, but the victim... he had聽robbed himself of her. Perhaps if he had been more kind, they could have had more time. Perhaps not.聽

Nevertheless, Cassiopeia聽deserved to rest among those who came before her, among warriors and priestesses. Among women just as strong as her on the grounds that forged her fire. He owed it to her.聽

However, upon nearing the territory,聽Vaati聽is halted聽by the distinct scent of another groups claim within his ancestral home --聽a strange聽and rancid taste intruding his senses. It caused him a great deal of confusion, enough for him to pause entirely a few聽yards away from the unfamiliar borders.聽Scylla had not informed聽him of this unwelcome聽development聽upon retrieving her mother's bones, but yet the interaction had been wordless and swift.聽Had Maegi willingly聽relinquished聽their families' claim to the dark woods? Or had she, too, perished?聽Though he had once garnered a distain for Blackfeather itself, the idea that an outsider had聽marked聽its vile piss聽over land that was Vaati's聽by blood did not sit right with the warlord.聽

He inspects the scents for any sign of his brethren, entertaining the idea of simply entering even聽if none of his blood still resided in within the hallowed grounds. There was very little sense of critical thought to persuade him otherwise, for any potential consequences were ultimately, inconsequential to him. It was the same catastrophic ego that started wars, the overwhelming side of the scar-ridden man that would bend to nobody's will but his own. That聽part of Vaati had not changed and never would.

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Lone Wolves

omfg HII CUZZINN!! (are they cousins?? I actually have no idea how they would be related lmao)

Perhaps as the Woods had once drawn her, leading her to the night-sister she had found in Eldritch, the man too pulled to some part of her. Aerenys could not have determined a singular cause for why she might head for the borders, except that she had lost the scent trail she was tracking and had come to an impasse of what to do with herself. In the end, she decided she fancied a patrol and off the witchling skulked through the blackened morass of tangled woodland.聽

At the borders, she paused to level the pale, scarred stranger with an appraising look when she came across him looking into the depths of Blackfeather as she had once done with Aphelion looped about her neck so long ago. The snap of his wintry gaze should have chilled Mambo to the bone. The sight of him should have sent her snarling into defensive action but the corvid only watched him silently for a moment, a curious glint to her mismatched jaspers of blue and purple as they flickered over the man who was unwittingly聽her kin, landing for a moment on the assortment of bones.聽

"Peace be," the Priestess rasped, silently offering him the chance to explain his presence.

"you said she's scared of me?"

"but maybe it's because I'm wearing your c o l o g n e."
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She had watched him from within the trees, a silent Sentinel with white eyes peering out from the dark.聽
And she continued to do so as he sniffed around.聽

Eventually though, the Seer grew restless and drew forth silently as Mati intercepted him, unphased entirely by the brute聽as Eldritch stepped in front of him with an inquisitive gaze.聽

"Welcome to Ivory Rose, stranger." She purled beside Aerenys, though inwardly she labeled him a trespasser, for the moment at least.聽
She wouldn't give her name unless he gave his, either. Blood-bound to the woods or not, this was no longer his claim unless he joined the ranks of Ivory Rose.

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hiii somehow-related-cousin聽*waves*

"Peace be."

The stranger greets, though Vaati is unrelenting in his critical gaze. Muscles churn under his thick arctic coat as he lays Cassiopeia's partial skull at his feet, and returning聽to his聽tall dominant聽stance. The brute recognizes neither the woman before him nor the one lingering just a few paces behind, and his lip turns up slightly聽as the words 'Ivory Rose'聽tumble from聽her聽mouth. What the fuck was an Ivory Rose?聽It was neither Blackfeather Woods nor The Melonii, but something else entirely. Disgusting.聽

"Who are you?" He inquires聽curtly, a sour hint in his tone as if they had聽offended him in some way. But he聽does not wait for an answer.聽"Where is Maegi?"聽Came the聽next question, though Vaati聽did not expect the answer to be revealed to him so easy. He supposes that to them, he is a stranger with unknown ties to the forest they inhabited. Yet, they stood on his ground. Whatever claim they thought they had was easily washed away by the Melonii's聽presence. The forest was his by blood and by birthright -- or so the man聽tells himself as his steely optics survey over their heads and into the shadowed woods.聽

He does not pick up any indication that his estranged sister had been anywhere near the woods --聽at least recently --聽as her scent as he recalled it did not linger. Perhaps she had abandoned the woods, or flat-out died. He could not tell which would be聽more disappointing. Vaati's eyes return to rest upon the one who's rank holds superior, "Tell me, who leads you..聽stranger?" It comes out in a mocking hiss, making no effort to hide his distain. Vaati聽does not believe he聽owes them any courtesy,聽for their presence聽intrudes聽upon land he bled聽for, and where聽he still intended to bury what remained of聽his wife.

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must be baptized in blood & fear
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Lone Wolves

Aerenys met his ire with a similar silence of composure to her night-sister, restraining the urge to quirk the muscles along her brow at his less than friendly attitude. Still, the darkling had faced worse. "I be Mati Aerenys Melonii. Ya might call me Mati or Aerenys, you. It make no difference ta me, no," the Bayou queen murmured softly, tail swishing once. "Who you be, hmm?"聽

"I do not know dis Maegi,"
the witch answered, soothing tones urging him to calm. To Mambo, there didn't seem to be any reason that they should fight. Her gaze moved to her night-sister, as if silently wondering if this was some resident that had once belonged to Ivory Rose -- unaware that this was another unfamiliar relative of hers.聽

Even so, her lip curled faintly in warning as he spit venom towards her superior, black tongue sweeping over her fangs as a hushed boof聽聽left her lips. Only a whisper of what was to come if the man threatened Eldritch's safety.聽

"you said she's scared of me?"

"but maybe it's because I'm wearing your c o l o g n e."
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-- insert the Oh No song here--

Eldritch stared at him exactly equivalent to an Empress looking down upon an ill-mannered child.
To the brute's disdain and obvious little-dick syndrome, the Seer mirrored him in a fully dominant stance, entirely silent until he addressed her mockingly.

"You get what you give." Eldritch stated with her usual calm, though there was a slight firmness tinting the edges of her words.
"If you lived here before, it's not anybody's fault except yours聽that you left. Whatever claim you had here is therefore聽forfeited." She furthered with that same haunting calm.聽
Silently though, Eldritch was thinking far darker than she was speaking.

Take one more step, and your life is forfeit too.

The Beta briefly met Mati's glance, a blip of mental reach she willed her night-sister to catch: he will know his place, by force if need be.聽
Before her mercurial hues returned to spearing through the stranger before them.

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Lone Wolves

it was聽evidently clear that the聽present interaction would not result in him getting what he wanted. maegi was not amongst them, and thus聽she could not deliver cassiopeia to her grave. however, no sooner does聽the other find her voice, and with silent disbelief does vaati listen聽to her assertion.聽

as the last syllable passes her lips,聽vaati cannot help the snort that escapes him, humoured by the gall the woman beheld. but聽the wry sentiment聽quickly dissipates, and the behemoth suddenly stomps聽forward a fraction, pushing the boundaries of distance that separated them. his pelage ruffles upwards to boast his size, a display of authority that would not acknowledge nor concede to the other's beg of submission. eldtrich did not frighten him, the brute聽had fought bigger fish and survived.聽

with a calm malice on his tongue, the man returns the sour affection.聽"do not be mistaken,聽my blood runs through聽these woods. it is my birthplace, my ancestral home, and the resting place of my mother and her mother before.聽it was mine聽before you arrived and will remain so聽after you leave." the woods did not forget. it knew where its聽allegiance聽lied. perhaps not in his hands, but certainly not in the grasps of this outsider.聽perhaps what bothered him most was that聽she spoke out of turn -- it was not her place to determine the status of his claim for聽she was an outsider, trampling across land and history聽she knew nothing of. though he understood she did not fully grasp the meaning of his return nor the value of his families claim to the woods... she insulted him by suggesting it was worthless in her presence.聽

vaati takes a pace backwards before turning to the woman who claims herself to be a聽melonii. "iks膩 melonii se ao rual bisa outsider naejot colonize 墨lva tegun?" his tone reeks of bitter disappointment, unable to hide his distain for the perceived lack of loyalty. however, he begins to think of what he is to do now that he has near made an enemy of these creatures, and plans to make an uninterrupted departure... unless his words had struck a nerve.

for the sins of the unworthy
must be baptized in blood & fear
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Lone Wolves

Allana had smelled the grouping before she came across it. The voices that echoed about was enough for Allana to make a presence. As Allana approached, a frown was for the spit towards Eldritch, as well as the rising tension. It had to be slowed somehow, otherwise it could break out into something worse. Allana bowed to the stranger in respect, looking to the skull that laid at his feet.聽

"I offer my condolences to the one you cared for." Allana said softly. "I am sure they were聽important to you."

Allana watched as Vaati spoke another language to Aerenys that she couldn't understand. Allana spoke Gaelic, but this was hardly such from its vowels and speech pattern. Waiting for a moment to speak again, Allana lifted her head from the sympathetic bow.聽

Her body displayed a neutral language, nothing aggressive nor submissive. It spoke confidence and the truth. There was no sense in that really, especially when it came to death. It could be seen that Allana was taking this situation seriously, and was not judging based on the actions that Vaati currently displayed, but instead was open minded and wanting to understand the background he came from. Not to make friends or allies, but to simply understand and communicate.

"Ivory Rose is a pack that recently moved to these lands, paying respects to the ones before. Not only do we offer homes to wolves not wanting to wander, but also to help those that seek help. I offer my respects to the land and the ancestors you say reside here, in hopes to appease them." Allana lifted her head to the canopy a bit, briefly closing her eyes to feel the winds before looking to Vaati again. "Please know we mean no disrespect to those before you by being here. Our leader brought us here to establish a place for us to call home."

Whether or not she was considered "too nice", her intention was to show respect to Vaati and his arrival, and the one he carried with him. Losing someone important was always rough, as Allana had gone through it before. But to also lose your home and find someone else living there after such an important person is lost? It was destructive. While Allana sensed the tension and would react as necessary, she hoped that what she spoke would help to soften it. Fighting wouldn't resolve anything if Vaati wasn't here to start a fight, since to Allana it was clear that things had changed since he was last to the lands Ivory Rose now lived in.

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Aerenys' two-toned optics flickered between the scarred stranger and her dark counterpart, reminded of the situation in the mires of the swamp when they'd dueled with the pale shaman. She felt a pinch of tension, a forming headache, between her temples as crimson sparks flew from the he-wolf's jaws with each word -- chartreuse聽with Eldritch's. El was a proud woman and Mati didn't blame her for the wrath that had been invoked in the hellhound. This was their land. Regardless of who had once lived here, Ivory Rose now laid claim to the territory.

The witch's dark auds lifted suddenly, mismatched gaze of Melonii indigo and amethyst snapping to meet the聽 pale wash of freezing blue as he spoke in her tongue. "These woods sytil墨bagon naejot se s墨montan.聽 Daor a艒ha morghe kin -- g墨da lo p艒nta issi 帽uhon tol墨.聽 Mirre tolie claim emagon issare forsaken. Bisa tegon iksos se Blackfeather's." If he thought he would find an ally in Mati simply because they shared a surname, he was gravely mistaken. The only Melonii she'd ever come across this far south had been Midar and even then, she'd never quite seen the Woods until coming across Eldritch in the past winter -- by that time the forest had already been seized by Ivory Rose. The darkling couldn't be expected to feel an affinity for a tribe of cousins she had never met, never even known called this place home.聽

Her ears splayed back as Allana appeared, lips wrinkling back in disdain. Not for her packmate particularly but for the simpering words that left the girl's maw. Words seemed pointless at this point and she refused to deign to begging the stranger to act appropriately on their doorstep. Instead, the she-panther tipped back her head and let loose a howl for the wolves who currently claimed the Woods. The man could get over whatever had irked him so in the beginning of their meeting or if he insisted on claiming their land, or even dared to trespass over their borders, she would (hopefully) have the ranks of Ivory Rose to help back up that this was their home now.聽

@Zephyr @Rowan @Takiyok @Taikon
translation: "These woods belong to the Rose. Not to your dead kin -- even if they are mine too. Any other claim has been forsaken. This land is the Blackfeather's." (meaning Rowan's)

"you said she's scared of me?"

"but maybe it's because I'm wearing your c o l o g n e."
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Lone Wolves

--insert the Oh No song getting louder lmao--

Eldritch only mirrored him further, as if she was his dark reflection,聽as he bristled and spoke more.聽
She kept her stare evenly -聽an Empress looking down upon a spoiled brat. That's exactly what he was in her mind.聽
Vaati was no more frightening to her as she was to him, and it showed.

As he addressed Mati, Eldritch would listen to her Night-Kin's response with a growing, impish smirk聽before answering him in his own language with steel-melting acid in her eerie voice.聽

"Ao stain a艒ha own lentor br艒zi l膿da a艒ha insolence.聽 膧nogar bound聽i膩 daor, bisa iksis daor longer a艒ha lenton.聽 Iks膩 i膩 mittys naejot ignore 帽uha warnings.聽 Henujagon a艒ha skull se ji艒ragon hen."聽
She held her pose, a full display of dominance that held crystal clear warning to reconsider if picking a fight on claimed land was actually smart, seeing he's already outnumbered.聽

By this time, Allana had already tried to settle the rising ire in the air.聽
And as Mati called for the remaining members of Ivory Rose, El felt the electricity of battle rising in her veins. Numbers or not, if this pompous brat wanted a fight, the Seer would most definitely give him a fight for his life.聽

Her white eyes speared into Vaati's own like hell if hell was a frozen land - your move, imbecile.

Translation cuz idk how to do the hover-for-translation thing R.I.P:聽You stain your own family name with your insolence. Blood bound or not, this is no longer your home. You are a fool to ignore my warnings. Leave your skull and Get out.