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Lone Wolves


The Witchling led the wounded聽black-white man at a steady pace for a few days, coming upon a late evening scarlet sky by the time they reached the Woods.聽

Tilting her head back, she stopped and聽called for Rowan briefly before continuing to lead the way to a space where she was planning to fully dedicate as a medic space. It was already stacked with herbs, just didn't look too fancy right now.

"Sit." She instructed gently to Santiago, slipping into the stone-edged site to prepare some herbs.

May 03, 2021, 05:27 PM
Santiago Arcos
Lone Wolves

Santi had followed this woman the entire way back to her home. Taking note of all the twists and turns it took them to get there. The forest is magnificent yet eerie, just like the home of the Nightwalkers was.聽

When they make it there she calls for someone, certainly her alpha, before they continue further into the forest. Only then do they make it to her den site full of herbs of all kinds. He doesn鈥檛 know what any of them do or what any of them are for so he remains quiet. When she tells him to sit he promptly does so, plopping his haunches down in a way that seems surprisingly obedient. He will wait for her to treat him.

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May 04, 2021, 01:02 PM
Lone Wolves

Allana had finished much of her scouting mission to the Herbalists Cache to the east of the pack some time ago and had brought a lot of herbs back. She hoped the contribution to the cache would help the pack for quite some time, even if she had to make regular trips for fresh greens. Upon her travels, Allana met good folk and mapped out the nearby landscapes. While the pack would never travel that far, Allana at least became familiar with the different areas she went to. Once she made more of a mental map, she would be able to navigate it as if it were on the back of her paw.聽

A jaunt around the pack borders revealed to Allana Eldritch and a loner that was wounded. "Morning Eldritch." Allana called out as the woman slipped into her cave. Allana imagined that Eldritch had already called for Rowan, so she kept her distance for now. "Let me know if you need assistance." she said with a smile, wanting to remain helpful if she was deemed that way.

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May 07, 2021, 11:05 PM
Lone Wolves

The beta perked her ears as another joined them.聽

Popping her head out, Eldritch looked to Allana with some relief.聽
"Ah, Allana! Good morning. I'm getting some herbs ready in case our guest here needs them." She nodded to Santiago for reference, then returned to the fellow female.聽
"He's been wounded pretty bad, but hopefully I can tend to any injuries before infection sets in." She mused, ducking back into her stores to try and find something of use.聽
Poppy seeds...not yet.聽
Yarrow...? No. He wasn't poisoned.聽

The Seer growled with irritation.

May 08, 2021, 10:47 AM
Santiago Arcos
Lone Wolves

Santi seems to have a permanent scowl on his face. Especially since his wounds are affecting him the way they are right now. So painful and now they鈥檙e becoming itchy as fuck. Santi is聽quickly on a one track mind to losing his shit. What with being escorted by this woman, helped by this woman, whatever whatever by so and so; he鈥檚 pretty over it and he鈥檚 tired.

So he grumbles when he hears the voice of another wolf. Looking over to her with his silvery, half-lidded eyes his lip twitches so subtly she probably wouldn鈥檛 be able to tell. Yet the deathly stare the reaper聽gives is too obvious to ignore. He tries to remind himself that he鈥檚 in their territory and they鈥檙e helping him not die here. So his eyes soften and he averts them from this new female that offers to help.聽

He sits and listens as they speak to one another, looking down between his paws in an attempt to stay as polite as possible. It鈥檚 taking every once of being he has not to snap out and be an asshole, but he doesn鈥檛. She鈥檚 supposed聽to be helping him, so he allows her to help. Along with the other agouti wolf as well.

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