01. Quick Start
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Ooc — Admins
WOLF is a roleplaying community that strives to be simple, casual, and fun. Our game is intermediate, which means that we target a mature audience (young adults and adults) who can write with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It is also semi-realistic, which essentially means that anything that's possible for a real wolf can be done by your character.

Although the game has a "3-1-3" rating, we do require mature content to be marked and tagged appropriately. This can be achieved by putting an (M) at the start of the thread’s title and by utilizing the [mature] code within the initial post.

By participating in WOLF's community, you agree that you are 18 or over or have consent from your legal guardian.

Code of Conduct

In joining WOLF, you are agreeing to abide by the following expectations.  If these do not fit with your play or communication styles, this community may not be the place for you.  Be sure to read them in full before registering.

Be courteous in all spaces

This rule includes IC posts, OOC forum discussions, discord servers (official or no) and private correspondences.  We realize that members will not always get along, but this does not excuse outright insults or personal remarks.  The following are some examples of unacceptable behavior:
  • Insulting another member or character in any OOC capacity.
  • Offering unsolicited critique of a member’s writing style or characters
  • Targeting another member with undue IC/OOC aggression. (If you dislike a player, avoid them - do not take your feelings out on them via roleplay.)
This list is not exhaustive, but does offer a good starting point.

Be conscientious of fellow writers

This means keeping the roleplay basics in mind.
  • No powerplay/god-modeling
  • No killing or injuring a character without the player’s consent (exception: characters can be injured via pack trespassing guidelines )
  • Adhere to post order unless otherwise agreed
If these are unfamiliar to you, this resource serves as a good reference.

Embrace IC events and consequences

When something happens in game, it happens.  CMs may step in when powerplay, metagaming, or other blatant infringements occur, but otherwise it is between thread partners to work out an outcome.  Always be collaborative - recognize and acknowledge that your thread partners have character goals as well.

If you feel a thread is causing too much tension, we suggest choosing one of the following:
  • Archive the thread as is.
  • Come to a vague agreement and summarize the outcome before archiving.
  • Write your character an exit from the thread.

Practice open communication

We expect members to communicate with one another when they encounter issues.  CMs are fully open to conversations about anything, anytime, but we will not speak to another member for you unless they have violated one of our conduct rules.  This is a community aimed at adults; members should be mature and direct in their dealings with one another.  You may request that a CM or Mod sit in on a conversation with you and another player as a neutral third party. 

Nudges were introduced to help facilitate this communication between players.  Only you and the CMs can see them - they are not meant to be a punishment.  CMs will only reference nudges when it is clear that a pattern of conduct violations has occurred.

Respect boundaries

Members are expected to abide by any boundaries set forth by other members.  However, if you feel that a boundary is being unfairly exploited, reach out to the CMs and let us know. Members must communicate boundaries clearly if they elect to impose them, and boundaries must be reasonable (eg: cease OOC communication and/or avoid entering a player’s threads).

Do not steal artwork

Art theft is STRICTLY prohibited on Wolf.  Unless you commissioned the piece or have permission to use it, do not display artwork on your wolf’s profile or avatar.  This includes work from third party sites (such as Wolvden). Doing so will result in an automatic strike.  All artwork and photography used in profiles or Pawprints topics requires clear, visible attribution. If you do not know who took a photograph, please at least give credit for where you found it.

Due to the possibility of AI programs using stolen assets to generate art, we prohibit the use of AI artwork on Wolf unless it was generated by Adobe Firefly. AI artwork without an intact Adobe Firefly watermark will be treated the same as art theft.

Idea Sharing and Copyright

When creating characters and packs for Wolf, members are welcome to reference works of fiction for light inspiration. Direct copying or heavy referencing will result in a character being denied or delays during pack formation. Names, light background inspiration, and "face claims" are fine. Identical backstories or personalities, copied directly from another source, are not. If you have any questions about what an acceptable level of reference is, feel free to reach out to the CM team.

Characters and profile artwork belong to the member who plays the character, be it adopted or otherwise. Packs and pack artwork, once introduced ICly, belong to the Wolf community. This ensures that packs can organically continue, develop, and change as time goes on and pack membership shifts. Despite this shared ownership, our rules on metagaming still stand — highly specific cultural aspects of a pack would not be known to those who were never exposed to it.

Joining WOLF

If you are a first time joiner, you will need to:
  1. Register an account with a correctly capitalized name and only alphabetic characters (regardless of OOC/IC use).
  2. Fill out the prompts to the best of your ability, writing as if you were responding to another player.
  3. Enter the following phrase into the Code of Conduct confirmation: “Understood & Acknowledged”

If you are a returning player, you can skip step 2 and instead paste a link to an approved IC character within the prompts.

If you run into difficulties getting an account approved, try reading the following guidelines:
Accounts that are registered via a proxy-flagged IP address will no longer be accepted on WOLF. If you wish to register an anonymous account, we do allow this, but in order to uphold bans and keep the community safe, we cannot allow accounts that are anonymous from a CM standpoint.


If you happen to fall inactive, you will need to rejoin the Lone Wolf group to start posting again. You can do this by heading to the Manage Groups page in your User CP and click "Join Group" next to the Loner user group. This requires approval, so it may be a little while before we reactivate your account.

Strike System

Strikes require full unanimous agreement from the CM team and are our warning system; they are given when someone has demonstrated behavior counter to our Guidebook and that the team feels is harmful to the community/game.

Members who accumulate three strikes are banned from WOLF. If you need clarification, feel free to reach out to the team and we will discuss it with you.  The goal of strikes is to make members aware of things we do not tolerate so that they can avoid such things going forward.