03. Characters & Progression
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Ooc — Admins
Characters brought in to Wolf must be 1 year or older unless they were born in-game.  Wolves in Teekon Wilds can live up to 10 years old.
Within this range:
  • Characters may breed (conceive) when they are 22+ months of age (regardless of species)
These are the only restrictions characters have with regards to age.  Wolves of any age may become leaders if others ICly accept them as such - we do not enforce age-related health declines or any other realistic progression.  Just keep in mind that no character with an age exceeding 10 years can exist within the IC setting (with the potential exception of certain Wild Fauna).

For information on permissible character appearances, refer to Setting and Semi-Realism.

Site Longevity

Wolf is meant to be a creative outlet for adults with busy schedules, but it also is meant to be a space where characters are able to move forward.  To meet this balance, we require that each character make 1 post every 2 weeks to remain active.

Falling inactive is nothing to be ashamed of and, if you communicate with your fellow players, it can often occur without consequence.  That is, however, up to the PMs and players involved.  There is an NPC rank that can be requested to avoid removal from your pack -  but using it does not prevent your character from being marked as “inactive”.

Trades & Specialties

Character development is mostly an IC affair.  Alongside this, Wolf does offer an optional system of trades and specialties to allow characters to prove their dedication and prowess in their chosen craft. Trades have no official bearing within the game, but they can optionally be used in a variety of ways.  (Eg: advantage/disadvantage in combat, pack ranking, etc).

More information on Trades can be found here.