04. Pack Management
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Ooc — Admins
Any character can create a pack at any time as long as they are able to gain the support of a few other wolves! Here are some things to know if you wish to play a leader at Wolf.

OOC Forming Process

The only requirement to begin forming a pack on WOLF is that the character forming it must be active in the game setting. Any member can form a pack at any time. In order for a pack to officially form, the following criteria must be met:
  • Pack concept does not borrow too heavily from other works of fiction
  • Four or more characters pledged to the pack, including the founding leader(s)
  • Ten completed and archived threads depicting the process of forming the pack, such as:
    • Marking and patrolling the territory borders
    • Exploring the territory you intend to claim
    • Recruiting members to the forming pack
    • Establishing a home by filling caches, digging dens, creating medicine stores, et cetera
    • Discussing the pack with other characters
To submit your pack for creation, post a new thread in Contact The Staff with the pack name as the title and the following form filled out:

[b]Territory:[/b] (include region)
[b]Colors:[/b] (replace XXXXXX in the URL with your color code, must score 3.0 or higher for contrast)
Light mode: https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/?fcolor=XXXXXX&bcolor=FFFFFF
Dark mode: https://webaim.org/resources/contrastchecker/?fcolor=XXXXXX&bcolor=444444
[b]Pack Leaders:[/b]
[b]Pack Ranks:[/b] (if using custom ranks, please list in the following format)
1. Tier Name
1. Rank name — Tier
[b]Link 10 Threads:[/b]
[b]Discord handles for PM role:[/b]
[b]Emoji for Discord reaction role:[/b]

A CM will verify your submission and set up the pack if all criteria are met!

OOC Pack Management

Once a pack has been formed, there are certain duties pack managers must fulfill. Pack leaders are only required to meet the sitewide 2 week activity period to maintain their rank, but because leaders are such integral parts of their pack, we recommend that all leaders post at least once per week.

Life happens, but we encourage PMs to communicate with their pack in the event that they are unable to post within the 2 week window. If a pack has no remaining PMs, it is up to the remaining members to choose who will lead. They can choose to re-promote the demoted leader or allow another to step up.

Current PMs of a pack have full control over the following:
  • Pack name/colors/hierarchy/etc.
  • Ranking members
  • Adding new members to the ranks
  • Removing members from the pack
  • Trespassing guidelines for your territory (and enforcing injury)
  • Approving trade requests
Because territories are shared resources within Wolf and claims are expected to change hands, we do not allow any member to destroy or significantly alter a territory. This includes PMs. If a member has an idea for a plot that involves the destruction of a territory, they should reach out to the CMs.

Rebranding & Relocation

At any point in time, PMs may choose to relocate or rebrand their pack.  Rebranding any aspect of your pack requires nothing more than a request within maintenance.

For a relocation, you must submit the following:
  • The territory you wish to relocate to
  • 3 archived threads claiming (and set within) the new territory


A pack will be disbanded when it hits 3 active members. Sometimes CM availability will allow for grace periods, but if we are online and catch a pack below minimum, the pack will be disbanded.

A pack whose last remaining leader falls inactive, dies, or decides to step down will not be disbanded. Instead, members will be allowed to ICly continue the pack and a new leader can be chosen. The only way a pack can be disbanded, outside of hitting the limit, is if all members agree or no replacement leader is found.