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for @Oceane when you have time, this is just a thread to get them on the road for more inland travel! anyone else is welcome to pop in, but please allow for oceane to respond first! :)

they have started to pull themselves away from the ocean water and cold morning sea salt for the search inland. gracious has seen many parts of the wilds, but not on this side. this area is foreign, new, perhaps a distant and hazy memory from her early days when she encountered the land. the roar of the water is gone, now the day is filled with bird songs while nights have crickets and even a few firefly shows. for now, the duo enter the plains, a flat grassy area full of growth.

gracious turns to look towards the young girl. "are you hungry? there is plenty to hunt here." birds and rodents and many other animals are present in the fields with them, the ground nearly buzzes with life and the thrill of the hunt. slowly, the older woman observes the horizon in search for anything moving the grass blades around. "you can hunt, i assume?" any individual on their own hopefully knows how to snag their own meal when necessary. though, oceane's nature throws gracious through a loop -- she does not seem always focused and understanding of how important things are in order to survive.
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