Wheeling Gull Isle die for a man
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Not long after catching up with her dad, Meerkat decided she needed a little breather from this entire situation. Truthfully, she could use a vacation from her own life. And where better to seek some respite than the beach? She only intended to take a day or two to herself, to reassess and recharge.

She headed for the shore, specifically the island which had always struck her as a little slice of paradise. Instead of meditating or whatever exactly she had in mind for her sabbatical, she bumped into a handsome stranger there. He called himself Finley and he flirted shamelessly with her. He made Meerkat laugh. She honestly enjoyed the attention. It was a welcome distraction and she let herself get swept up in it.

When she woke the morning after, the yearling blushed deeply and left him asleep in a grove to walk along the beach. A strong wind whipped along the sands, though Meerkat ignored it as she wrestled with both delight and shame over her actions. It had been so long, yet she caught herself thinking of Atlas.

She drifted back to the grove to find Finley awake. He said he had to get going soon but would she like some breakfast? Meerkat nodded, taking a seat beneath the shade of the trees. While he went off to hunt, she looked upward to watch the trees swaying heavily. The skies looked clear but she wondered if a storm was coming.

About an hour passed by the time Finley reappeared with a fish in his mouth. By the smell, it wasn't fresh. He made some quip about despising seafood, welcoming her to eat the whole thing. While Meerkat nibbled at the fish, he told her he was sorry, he really had to go and catch up with his sister, Wildfire.

Her eyes lifted, then her head. "Wildfire?" Meerkat repeated, wiping a paw at her mouth. Finley bobbed his head and explained about her namesake, as well as his own. Taking her stare as captivation, he told her more about his family... which, as it turned out, was also her family.

She said nothing, though she dropped the food as she fought with an urge to throw up. Sensing nothing amiss, Finley said his goodbyes and left, not without a playful nip to her hip that made her skin prickle as she thought of what they'd done the night before.

As soon as he was gone, Meerkat ran to the surf and tossed her cookies. She then flung herself into the water, hoping to wash away some of this filthy feeling. She wanted to scream, so she pushed her head underwater and let loose. She surfaced with a gasp, the wind stinging her face. Meerkat could feel the water's strong pull at her and she put up no resistance. Let the tide take her.