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@Tzila was an easier wolf to catch alone, now that her kids were a little older and more able to be left to their own devices. Lane smiled as she approached the alphess, although the expression would look a little tight to the trained eye. Tzila was a friend, but unfortunately this was not a social call. 

"Beautiful afternoon, hmm?" Lane greeted her. After a brief hesitation, she dropped the faux-cheeriness with a heavy sigh. "Tzila... it's.. it's Veteran. I'm sure you've seen his wounds by now." The boy still sported lingering bite-wounds on his scalp and shoulder. "He says it was Makatza.. and he also says that she did it on purpose, and she enjoyed hurting him." Lane switched her tail, conflicted. "I.. kept it quiet initially because I thought I might be able to heal the wounds, but now I can see that they're going to scar. People are going to wonder.." And they would ask questions. What was Lane supposed to say?

Lane's Pregnancy Timeline
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As of June 25th, Lane has given birth. Happy birthday, Wayfarer and Veteran!
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Tzila had grown weary lately. Mostly in part due to the trouble her daughter was causing within the pack. More specifically, the other pups. She was not in the least bit surprised when Lane approached her, grave concern written all over her face. Her own features in turn, were tired.

"I know, I know." She sighed guiltily, brows pinched. "And it pains me beyond words, knowing what Veteran went through." Surely, Lane knew well of the strong, mother like bond between her child and the Shadow Queen. It made her sick that she wasn't there to protect him that day, against her own daughter.

"I should have been there to do something. But Makatza...she's out of control." Pausing, she struggled to consider some options. "I will be speaking directly with Wintersbane on this, that I promise you. I also have been thinking of finding some more...productive outlets for her, to release her aggression. That, or I am afraid she might have to be under adult supervision until her attitude settles. If at all."